California Department of Transportation

Project Management

1995 Performance Report



1. Program element 20.10.

2. Program element 20.20.

3. Program element 20.10.400 and 20.20.400.

4. Category of Expenditures 033000.

5. Programmed projects are projects listed in the STIP, SHOPP or TSM programmed documents.

6. "Ready to list" is the date when projects plans and specifications are complete, permits are in hand and the project is ready to advertise in every respect except that funds might not be available. In the event that funds are available, the project is advertised. If funds are not available, the project remains in the "Ready to List" state until funds become available. "Ready to List" signifies that the designers have fulfilled their obligations.

7. actual time = allotted days + Contract Change Order days + weather days + other days + overrun days. Neither the contractor nor Caltrans is responsible for weather days.

8. The Proposed Final Estimate (PFE) is a notice to the contractor of the amount that Caltrans intends to pay to finalize the construction contract. Contractors may submit exceptions to the PFE within 30 calendar days of receipt. These exceptions establish formal claims.