California Department of Transportation

Pervious Pavement

The guidance and specifications being provided are the result of collaboration between members of the pervious pavement team that included various HQ Functions and Industry.

The goal of developing this guidance was to have consistent methods, siting criteria, and material specification, when considering the use of pervious pavement within Caltrans right of way.  Caltrans now has the ability to install this type of stormwater feature. Currently pervious pavement can only be considered within Caltrans right of way at non-highway facilities (Rest Areas, Park and Rides, etc.) including Maintenance Vehicle Pullouts on highway facilities.

As described in the guidance, approval from HQ Stormwater Management - Design and HQ Maintenance is required before pervious pavement can be included in a contract or constructed within Caltrans right of way.  By requiring these approvals (gate keeper approach), an evaluation can occur related to appropriate feasibility and maintainability.

When a location is approved for use, it will be tracked similar to a pilot project to evaluate construction methods (potential specification improvements) and maintainability (to assure that proposed maintenance procedures will be adequate). 

When pervious pavement is being proposed as a viable BMP the Pervious Pavement Design Guidance will provide the consistency needed for an appropriate evaluation.


This page last updated May 27, 2016