California Department of Transportation

Class IV Bikeway Summit

The following summary report provides the key findings, next steps for Class IV Bikeway Guidance development, and an overview of the Caltrans sponsored Summit that was held on May 27, 2015 in Sacramento, California.

Class IV Bikeway Summit Summary Report


A. Class IV Bikeway Guidance Survey Results

B. Class IV Bikeway Summit Agenda

C. Class IV Bikeway Summit Attendees (External Stakeholders)

D. Class IV Bikeway Summit - Support Team (Caltrans)

E. Class IV Bikeway Summit - Debrief Themes

F. Class IV Bikeway Summit - Participant Feedback Summary (from Lessons Learned Questionnaire)


External Advisory Committee

Caltrans Sponsors:

Tim Craggs,
Division of Design

Tom Hallenbeck,
Division of Traffic Operations

Name Representing
Tony Dang Active Transportation and Livable Communities (ATLC)
Bob Planthold Active Transportation and Livable Communities (ATLC)
Dave Snyder Active Transportation and Livable Communities (ATLC)
Veronica Elsea Caltrans Accessibility Advisory Committee (CtAAC)
Pat Tobin Caltrans Accessibility Advisory Committee (CtAAC)
Jim Baross Caltrans Bicycle Advisory Committee (CBAC)
Alan Wachtel Caltrans Bicycle Advisory Committee (CBAC)
Keith Williams Caltrans Bicycle Advisory Committee (CBAC)
Bryan Jones Caltrans Traffic Control Devices Commiteee (CTCDC)
Dan Gutierrez Caltrans Traffic Control Devices Commiteee (CTCDC)
Mike Sallaberry California City Representative/San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
James Serrano California City Representative/City of Salinas - Public Works Department
Josh Mello California City Representative/City of Palo Alto
Phillip Soares California City Representative/City of Modesto
Daniel Quintana California County Representative/Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

External Advisory Committee Meetings

September 30, 2015: Agenda, Notes

Design and Traffic Operations Guidance (Criteria) for Class IV Bikeways

Design Information Bulletin 89: Class IV Bikeway Guidance (Separated Bikeways/Cycle Tracks)

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Guidance

Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide




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