California Department of Transportation

2005 Maintenance Customer Survey Results

As a public entity, Caltrans strives to provide the highest quality service to our customers within the constraints of the organization and available resources, and to develop a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. Every year the aging infrastructure requires increased maintenance. At the same time, work windows for Maintenance crews decrease, more stringent environmental requirements are developed, and congestion increases, placing additional demands on the highway maintenance budget. To be more efficient and innovative, Maintenance continuously monitors and evaluates its performance through the Levels of Service (LOS) Bridge and Pavement management systems, and Customer Survey Results.

As part of its efforts to balance the delivery of services, the Maintenance Division conducted this Internet-based survey of California residents during December 2004 and January 2005. The survey was designed to assess satisfaction with and priorities for highway maintenance work and activities.

This survey effort supports Governor Schwarzenegger's goal to achieve optimal cost-effectiveness and efficiency so that the citizens and taxpayers of California and the customers of all departments can be assured they are getting a "high rate of return" on their investment of tax dollars and fees. State agencies should be managed in a business-like, customer-friendly manner that is clear, transparent and accountable to the public. Additionally, the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency (BT&H) has launched a Performance Improvement Initiative to ensure clarity of focus on program outcomes and efficiency of operations. A focused Expert Review Panel (ERP) was established to review operations of the Department of Transportation (Department). Specifically the Transportation ERP was charged with reviewing the Department on clarity of products, deliverables, and outcomes (based on appropriate missions), and measurements of performance. The Panel was instructed to review the appropriateness of the Department's mission and associated operation and not to deliberate or recommend program policy. The Transportation ERP reported their findings to the overall ERP which then reported to Secretary McPeak and the Governor's California Performance Review.

The customer survey results are posted here while the process to identify key areas of improvement and the development of specific solutions are underway.

View Statewide Results

For survey results in your area, please click on the map below:

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Next Steps


The next step for the Maintenance Division is to conduct an in-depth analysis of the responses. This analysis will involve:

  • Acknowledging areas where the Maintenance Division needs to improve
  • Allocating appropriate resources where possible and prudent to the improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Involvement of management and employees at all levels in the development of plans for increased customer satisfaction
  • Clear and frequent communication of what is being done to increase customer satisfaction
  • A timetable implementation targeted for July 2005

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