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Monitoring and Characterization Studies

CTSW-TM- Document Size: 929 KB
District 8 Dry Weather Runoff Investigations-Coachella Valley
March 2009
Summarizes dry weather runoff investigation conducted within Coachella Valley for District 8 facilities.

CTSW-RT-05-073.02.6 Document Size: 2,239 KB
Data Appendix Document Size: 65,793 KB
First Flush Phenomenon Characterization Report
August 2005
Study jointly performed by UCLA and UCD. Most of the data presented was collected from three highly urbanized highway sites in west Los Angeles. Much effort went into developing a quantitative way of defining the mass first flush. Other aspects include: variability of water quality during storm events, litter characteristics, correlation among constituents, first flush of organics and particle size distribution, new methods for measuring oil and grease, and grab and composite sampling strategies.

CTSW-RT-05-73-19.7 Document Size: 2,255 KB
Management of Pathogens Associated with Storm Drain Discharge:
Methodology for Quantitative Molecular Determination of Viruses, Bacteria and Protozoa
July 2005
Addresses the development of quantitative molecular methods based on PCR to analyze human viruses present at low concentrations in stormwater and stormwater-impacted locations.

CTSW-RT-08 -167.02.03 Document Size: 372 KB
Monitoring and Research Program Annual Data Summary Report
February 2008
Summary of the monitoring and research program data.

CTSW-RT-03-069.51.42 Document Size: 7363 KB
2002-2003 Annual Data Summary Report
August 2003

CTSW-RT-03-065.51.42 Document Size: 17400 KB
Discharge Characterization Study Report
November 2003
Overview of the Department stormwater characterization activities, descriptions of the methods used to produce and evaluate the data, results of the characterization monitoring and data analysis, and conclusions pertinent to management of stormwater runoff from transportation facilities.

CTSW-RT-03-059.73.15 Document Size: 4323 KB
A Review of the Contaminants and Toxicity Associated with Particles in a Stormwater Runoff
Primary purposes are to (1) document known relationships between particle size, pollutant levels, and toxicity in stormwater runoff from highway facilities, (2) critically examine existing methods for the collection of stormwater samples and subsequent measurements of toxicity, heavy metals, organic pollutants, and particle size distributions, and (3) identify knowledge gaps that currently limit Caltrans ability to mitigate stormwater pollution.

CTSW-RT-03-036 Document Size: 10918 KB
Compost Stormwater Filter System Monitoring Report, State Route 73
June 2003
This report presents the results of two years of monitoring compost strom filters. In general, the CSF system removed some metals and TSS. However, most of the removal was in the equalization basin and not in the filter itself. Additionally, the filters leached nutrients.

CTSW-RT-03-028 Document Size: 569 KB
Roadside Vegetated Treatment Sites (RVTS) Study
November 2003
Study to evaluate the removal of stormwater contaminants by existing vegetated slopes adjacent to freeways.

CTSW-RT-02-055 Document Size: 1814 KB
Caltrans Construction Sites Runoff Characterization Study
September 2002
Results and findings of a 4-year construction site runoff characterization study for over 30 different construction sites.

CTSW-RT-02-040 Document Size: 5211KB
North Coast River Loading Study Road Crossings on Small Streams
July 2002
Volume I. Status of the Salmonids
Volume II. Stressors on Salmonids
Volume III. Impact of Stressors on Salmonids

CTSW-RT-02-039 Document Size: 1828 KB
Herbicide Effects on Fish Reproduction Endocrine Disruption Capabilities of Suflan and Oryzalin.
July 2002
Presents toxicity impacts of selected herbicides on certain fish at two highway sites in District 1, North Coast area.

CTSW-RT-02-025 Document Size: 611KB
Management of Pathogens Associated with Storm Drain Discharge-Results of Investigations of the Presence of Human Pathogens in Urban Storm Drains.
May 2002
Presents results of study to detect pathogens in stormwater runoff from Caltrans facilities in District 7 (Los Angeles) and District 11 (San Diego).

CTSW-RT-00-016 Document Size: 4547KB
Caltrans 1999/2000 First Flush Study Report
June 2000
Presents the results of the first flush characterization study conducted at three highway sites in District 7.


CTSW-RT-05-157.04.02 Document Size: 4,244 KB
Caltrans Lake Tahoe Stormwater Small-Scale Pilot Treatment Project
Phase IV Final Report
April 2006
Presents the results from the fourth year (Phase IV) of the pilot testing program.

Chemical Dosing Studies:

CTSW-RT-06-073.13.1 Document Size: 1,641 KB
Small-Scale Studies on Low Intensity Chemical Dosing (LICD) for Treatment of Highway Runoff
April 2006
Project to determine the feasibiligy of low intensity chemical dosing (LICD) for improving highway stormwater runoff quality in the lake Tahoe Basin.

CTSW-RT-03-063.33.41 Document Size: 51.5 MB
Caltrans Lake Tahoe Stormwater Treatment Pilot Project Jar Test Results and Summary Report
January 2003
Presents the results of jar tests performed on up to 13 coagulants in an effort to identify a promising coagulant for the Tahoe Small-Scale Facility treatment technology tests.

CTSW-RT-05-157.01.2 Document Size: 1,922 KB
Caltrans Highway 267 Filter Fabric Sand Trap Pilot Study, 2004-2005 Interim Report
February 2006
Presents data from the first year of this study, collected during the wet season from Dec. 2004 through May 2005.

CTSW-RT-03-079.51.37 Document Size: 13354 KB
Caltrans Lake Tahoe Stormwater Small-Scale Pilot Treatment Project, phase II report.
December 2003
Project to identify and evaluate stormwater treatment technologies that may be capable of meeting the Tahoe Basin numeric surface water discharge limits for turbidity, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, total iron, and oil/grease. Results and analyses from the second year (Phase II) of the pilot testing program.

CTSW-RT-03-054.36.02 Document Size: 18.8 MB
Caltrans Tahoe Highway Runoff Characterization and Sand Trap Effectiveness Studies, 2000-2003 Monitoring Report.
Revised March 2005
Presents the results of highway runoff characterization in the Tahoe Basin and the effectiveness of sand traps.

CTSW-RT-03-017 Document Size: 10604 KB
Caltrans Tahoe Basin Geotechnical Site Investigations for Large Scale Pilot Systems, Infiltration Basins B101 and B109-Report of Findings
April 2003
This report describes the results of a geotechnical site investigation performed to characterize the subsurface physical and chemical conditions including, but not limited to, seasonal high groundwater elevation, lithology, thickness, infiltration rates, and pollution capture potential in soils underlying two proposed infiltration basin sites (B101 and B109) on Route 50 near Meyers.

CTSW-RT-01-038 Document Size: 6931 KB
Final Report Caltrans Tahoe Basin Stormwater Monitoring Program, Monitoring Season 2000-2001
August 2001
Presents summary results of the stormwater runoff, snowmelt runoff, thunder storm, and precipitation characterizations from three highway sites in Districts 3 (Tahoe Basin) during the 2000/01 monitoring season


CTSW-TM-172.35.1 Document Size: 152 KB
Soil Stabilization BMP Research for Erosion and Sediment Controls
Cost Survey Technical Memorandum

July 2007
A matrix of the average installed costs for soil stabilization Best Management Practices (BMPs) as well as supporting graphics of the distribution of the installed cost information.

CTSW-RT-06-137.20.1 Document Size: 1,474 KB
Cellular Confinement System Research
January 2006
Provides supporting information to construction staff on appropriate uses of Cellular Confinement Systems as a temporary construction site BMP.

CTSW-RT-05-069.06.2 Document:
Native Shrub Germination Relative to Compost Type, Application Method, and Layer Depth
July 2005
Roadside erosion control and management experiments to statistically test for significant differences in water quality and vegetation establishment among existing soil stabilization spcifications to better reduce runoff and sediment transport.

CTSW-RT-04-069.06.1 Document Size:
Performance of Erosion Control Treatments on Reapplied Topsoil
May 2005
During 2003-2004, two experiments were performed that have direct relevance to projected revegetation during phases of the Route 46 Corridor Improvement Project scheduled to begin construction in Summer 2007.

CTSW-RT-05-073.20.1 Document: Link to Landscape Architecture
Soil Resource Evaluation - a stepwise process for regeneration and revegetation of drastically disturbed soils
June 2005
Revegetation fails to establish on many harsh cut and fill sites, mainly because of limitations of soil moisture and long term nitrogen. This report outlines the many reasons for revegetation failure and provides examples of soil regeneration for improved revegetation establishment, and provides information in a computer-based, expert system program.

CTSW-RT-04-069.01.1 Document Size: 2680 KB
Effective Planting Techniques to Minimize Erosion
January 2004
This experiment sought to identify and compare vegetation planting techniques that provide immediate soil surface stability and long-term erosion control to reduce soil loss and improve water quality using native vegetation.

CTSW-RT-03-049 Document Size: 5916 KB
Caltrans Erosion Control New Technology Report
June 2003
An evaluation of erosion control, focusing on practices and products applicable to upland areas

CTSW-RT-03-030 Document Size: 3987 KB
SR-73 1085L GSRD with Sediment Trap- Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring Plan, Monitoring Season 2002-03
January 2003
Provides guidance and all necessary procedures and standards to conduct gross solids monitoring at GSRD pilot sites along SR-73. For the first year, only Basin 1085L was ready for monitoring.

CTSW-RT-02-054 Document Size: 18119 KB
Caltrans Hydraulically Designed (CHD) Biofilter Strip Evaluation Program; Water Quality , Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis Plan
September 2002
The Roadside Vegetated Treatment Sites (RVTS) Study is a two-year water quality monitoring project undertaken to evaluate the removal of stormwater contaminants by existing vegetated slopes adjacent to freeways.

CTSW-RT-02-040 Document Size: 5211 KB
Small Stream Crossing Impact Research Project; North Coast River Loading Project
July 2002
Presents effects of runoff from road crossings on small river streams at highway site in the North Coast area, District 1.

CTSW-RT-02-039 Document Size: 1828 KB
Estrogenicity of Selected Herbicides and Adjuvants
July 2002
Presents toxicity impacts of selected herbicides on certain fish at two highway sites in District 1, North Coast area.

CTSW-RT-02-038 Document Size: 5916 KB
Caltrans Arid Region Non-Vegetative Erosion Control, Study Plan and Experimental Design
July 2002
The purpose of the following is to address the need for non-vegetative erosion control technologies in roadside conditions that are typical of arid regions of California where vegetative systems may not be successful.

CTSW-RT-02-052 Document Size: 6001 KB
Rainfall Simulation: Evaluating Hydroseeding & Plug Planting Techniques for Erosion Control & Improved Water Quality
September 2002
Compares establishment of a native Central Coastal California seeding mix and a non-native seeding mix using hydroseeding versus the existing seed bank for rapid cover and respective effectiveness at controlling sediment transport under intense simulated rainfall at 45 and 70 days, and hydroseeded versus plug-planted California Brome at 70 days. Compares the effects of six erosion control treatments on the germination rates of eight plant species at and inch depths. Also discusses possible causes for heavy metal transport and ways to reduce this transport in runoff water.

CTSW-RT-01-066 Document Size: 2.4 MB
Temporary Non-Vegetative Soil Stabilization Evaluation Study for 2000-2001 Season
February 2002
This report presents the results of a field study designed to evaluate the performance of seven temporary non-vegetative erosion control materials in Orange County, California.

CTSW-RT-01-067 Document Size: 75903 KB
Caltrans Statewide Erosion Control Review
February 2002
Provide a comprehensive, data-rich, and timely review of common Caltrans erosion control problem sites throughout the state. The study included 57 sites statewide.

CTSW-RT-01-078 Document Size: 924 KB
Vegetation Establishment for Erosion Control Under Simulated Rainfall
April 2002
Treatments were conducted in soil test boxes set at a 2:1 (H:V) slope. Erosion control treatments included combinations of five erosion control materials. Boxes were planted with the same native seed mix that included shrubs, forbs, and grasses. Erosion control effectiveness was evaluated.

CTSW-RT-01-079 Document Size: 4228 KB
District 5 Advisory Guide to Plant Species Selection for Erosion Control
November 2001
This guide, and the geographic information system (GIS) in development from which it is derived, are intended as advisory resources in the specification of plant species to aid, district landscape architects, biologists, or other personnel primarily responsible for specifying plant species.

CTSW-RT-00-012 Document Size: 34.3 MB
District 7 Erosion Control Pilot Study
June 2000
Discusses laboratory evaluation of five soil roughness techniques on erosion rate and runoff on bare soil using simulated rainfall; lab and field evaluations of erosion rate and water quality for 15 soil stabilization techniques plus bare soil using simulated and natural rainfall, and irrigated cut and fill highway slope conditions; effect of increasing plant cover; study of runoff for four vegetation types plus bare soil on cut and fill highway slopes. Presents data and comparative testing results.


CTSW-RT-05-73-18.1 Document Size: 9,878 KB
Laboratory Testing of Gross Solids Removal Devices
May 2005
Details the results of tests to assess the performance of three alternative Gross Solids Removal Devices (GSRDs).

CTSW-RT-03-091.51.43 Document Size: KB
Assessment of Drain Inlet Cleaning and Waste Disposal
November 2003
Assesses District 4 Vactor operations and BMPs for drain inlet cleaning, characterizes dry waste at decanting sites, assesses current decanting sites, and recommends placement and configuration of decanting sites and waste management.

CTSW-RT-03-057.36.1 Document Size:3010 KB
Drain Inlet Cleaning Efficacy Study (DICE)
June 2003
Results of a study designed to determine whether drain inlet cleaning is effective as a BMP. Summary of multi-year drain inlet cleaning (DICE), solids transport and deposition study (STDS), and drain inlet and inspection and cleaning program (DIIC).

CTSW-RT-05-130.03.02 Document Size: 11,068 KB
Phase IV Gross Solids Removal Devices Pilot Study: 2004 - 2005
December 2005
Evaluates the performance of non-proprietary devices that can capture gross solids and that can be incorporated into existing highway drainage systems or implemented in future highway drainage systems.

CTSW-RT-05-130.03.01 Document Size: 4503 KB
Phase III Gross Solids Removal Devices Pilot Study: 2002 - 2005
December 2005
Evaluates the performance of non-proprietary devices that can capture gross solids and that can be incorporated into existing highway drainage systems or implemented in future highway drainage systems.

CTSW-RT-03-097.31.22 Document Size: 1010 KB
Phase II Gross Solids Removal Devices Pilot Study: 2001-2003 Final Report
November 2003
Phase II GSRDs pilot study to evaluate the performance of one non-proprietary device that can capture gross solids and that can be retrofitted into existing highway drainage systems.

CTSW-RT-03-072.31.22 Document Size: 3890 KB
Phase I Gross Solids Removal Devices Pilot Study: 2000-2002 Final Report
Phase I Gross Solids Removal Devices (GSRDs) Pilot Study to evaluate the performance of non-proprietary devices than can capture gross solids and can be implemented into highway drainage systems. Three design concepts developed for this pilot study were the Linear Radial, the Inclined Screen, and the Baffle Box.

CTSW-RT-03-044 Document Size: 2.40 MB
Survey of Fresno Area Residents Concerning Litter.
April 2003
Follow-up tp 2001 survey of Fresno, CA residents concerning measure of awareness, attitudes and behaviors relative to littering on roadways and highways.

CTSW-RT-02-021 Document Size: 3517 KB
Caltrans Public Education Litter Monitoring Study 2001-2002
June 2002
Presents raw data and data summary for litter monitoring and characterization efforts during 2001-02 for the Fresno Public Education Litter Monitoring Study.

CTSW-RT-00-013 Document Size: 8,813 KB
Caltrans Litter Management Pilot Study Final Report
June 2000
Summarizes the findings of the Litter Management Pilot Study (LMPS). The LMPS study investigated the effectiveness of structural and non-structural litter Best Management Practices (BMPs).

New Technology

CTSW-RT-01-050 Document Size: 2470 KB
BMP Retrofit Pilot Program - Final Report
January 2004
Pilot program to acquire experience in the installation and operation of a wide range of structural BMPs for treating stormwater runoff from existing Caltrans facilities and to evaluate the performance and costs of these devices.

CTSW-RT-01-05A Document Size: 154 KB
BMP Retrofit Pilot Program - Final Report Appendices
January 2004
Appendices of the BMP Retrofir Pilot Program Final Report

CTSW-RT-09-239-06 Document Size: 258 MB
Caltrans Stormwater Treatment BMP Technology Report
April 2010
Includes assessments of potential permanent BMPs.

CTSW-RT-13-239.15.02 Document Size: 173 KB
Stormwater Monitoring and BMP Development Status Report:
Fiscal Year 2012/13 UPDATE
September 2013
This Status Report summarizes the stormwater treatment technology studies, source control studies (including erosion control studies), and stormwater quality characterization studies conducted by Caltrans during the 2012/13 fiscal year (FY; July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013).

CTSW-RT-03-025 Document Size: 82.8 KB
Infiltration Basin -Site Selection Study, Volumes I,II, and III
June 2003
Presents procedures to select proper sites for infiltration basin as a best management practice to manage of stormwater runoff from Caltrans highway facilities.

CTSW-RT-02-035 Document Size: 2690 KB
Caltrans Hydraulic Application Study
June 2002
This study assesses the performance of seven hydraulically-applied erosion control products applied to soil plots at the San Diego State University Soil Erosion Research Laboratory (SDSU/SERL). A secondary project goal was to identify the erosion control performance and water quality data.

CTSW-RT-02-020 Document Size: 65 KB
Level Spreader Effectiveness Evaluation
May 2002
Presents the results of a study evaluating the performance of level spreaders as a construction BMP.

Public Education

Don't Trash California

Protect Every Drop

CTSW-RT-03-043 Document Size: 11594 KB
Public Education Research Study- Final Report
June 2003
A study conducted in the Fresno Metropolitan Area to determine the effectiveness of public education as a Best Management Practice (BMP) for reducing the volume of pollutants entering the California highway storm drain system.

CTSW-RT-01-045 Document Size: 745 KB
Public Education Research Study Literature Review
August 2001
A review of literature on a variety of litter programs that were developed as anti-litter campaigns.

Stormwater Management Plans, Annual Reports, RWPs, Permit

CTSW-RT-02-008 Document Size: 5575 KB
Statewide Storm Water Management Plan
May 2003
This document describes Caltrans program to reduce the discharge of pollutants associated with the storm water drainage systems that serve highways and highway-related properties, facilities and activities. It identifies how Caltrans will comply with the provisions of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

District Work Plans

Annual Report

CTSW-RT-08-822-03.1 Document Size: 6.94 MB
2008 Year End Performance Report, A Summary of Construction Compliance Inspections
March 2009
A Summary of stormwater task force construction compliance inspections, July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008.

Caltrans NPDES Statewide Stormwater Permit Document Size: 240 KB
Caltrans Statewide Stormwater Permit
September 2012
This permit regulates all municipal stormwater activities by Caltrans in California, including construction that requires a permit under federal regulations.

CTSW-PL-16-999 Construction Compliance Evaluation Plan (CCEP) Document Size: 1.09 MB
Annual Construction Compliance Review Plan
April 2016
Describes the independent quality assurance portion of the self-audit program implemented by Caltrans for reviewing construction field activities as required by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Statewide Stormwater Permit Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) for Caltrans (Order No. 2012-0011-DWQ; NPDES No. CAS000003) (Permit, section E.2.m.2) for construction sites.

CTSW-PL-13-299.02.5 D12 Document Size: 507 KB
Annual Maintenance and Operation Compliance Review Plan
April 2015
Description-This document describes the process for Caltrans to self-audit Maintenance facilities and activities for stormwater compliance with its MS4 Permit and other regulations.

CTSW-OT-03-006 Document Size: 1.56 MB
Department of Finance Review of the Stormwater Program
November 2003

Water Quality Guidelines & Protocols

CTSW-RT-06-171.02.1 Document Size: 2842 KB
BMP Pilot Study Guidance Manual
January 2009
Guidance for a Project Delivery Team to use in planning, performing, evaluating, and reporting Best Management Practices (BMP) pilot studies. Typical BMPs discussed in this Manual include temporary construction BMPs, maintenance BMPs, and source control and treatment BMPs, such as preserving existing vegetation, slope/surface protection systems, biofiltration strips and swales, and detention basins. This manual is intended to be used in conjunction with existing Caltrans guidance manuals and protocols for water quality monitoring, and BMP design and implementation.

CTSW-OT-15-999.43.01 Document Size: 11 MB
Caltrans Stormwater Monitoring Guidance Manual
November 2015
The Manual presents guidance for California Department of Transportation (Department) staff, and consultants to use in the planning and implementation of the Stormwater Monitoring Projects. This guidance supersedes the previous document Caltrans documents (CTSW-RT-03-105.51.42, Nov 2003 and CTSW OT 13 999.43.01, Nov 2013).

In addition the following tools for processing Caltrans stormwater monitoring data are available by emailing .

  1. Hydrologic Utiltiy
  2. Data Analysis Tool

CTSW-RT-03-116.31.30 Document Size: 4.96 MB
Construction Storm Water Quality Sampling Guidance Manual
December 2003
This guidance manual provides information on how to design and evaluate a construction site water quality sampling plan to comply with Caltrans and the General Construction Permit requirements. Included in this guidance manual are model sediment/siltation or turbidity and a non-visible pollutant sampling and analysis plans.

CTSW-RT-03-073.35.17 Document Size: 3528 KB
Guidance for Temporary Soil Stabilization
July 2003
Helps planning, selection, and implementation of temporary soil stabilization BMPs. Review of water quality monitoring of construction sites, and solutions to common soil stabilization problems. Use with Caltrans Stormwater Quality Handbooks.

CTSW-RT-99-082 Document Size: 312 KB
Soil Stabilization for Temporary Slopes
November 1999
The purpose of this document is to provide supporting information to construction staff on appropriate products and techniques for soil stabilization of temporary slopes at construction sites.

CTSW-RT-02-068 Document Size: 749 KB
2002-2003 Litter Data-Reporting Protocols
December 2002
Provides necessary information and protocol for reporting of all litter data with relevant site and event description information.

Statewide Stormwater Quality Practice Guidelines
May 2003
These guidelines describe each approved Best Management Practice (BMP) included in the Statewide Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) for statewide application. The document provides Caltrans staff with instructions on implementing each approved stormwater management practice or BMP.

This document has been superseded by the following three reports:

CTSW-RT-02-057 Document Size: 5.57 MB
Caltrans Stormwater Quality Handbooks- Maintenance Staff Guide
May 2003 with November 2007, October 2009, and September 2012 revisions
A guidance manual prepared for maintenance staff to deal with stormwater quality and to the extend possible to protect the integrity of receiving water.

Caltrans Stormwater Quality Handbooks- Project Planning and Design Guide
Feb 2016
This document provides guidance on the process and procedures for evaluating project scope and site conditions during the planning and project development process to determine the need for and feasibility of incorporating Best Management Practices (BMPs) into the appropriate scoping document and the design of those BMPs..

Construction Site BMP Manual
March 2003
Caltrans Stormwater Quality Handbooks - Construction Site
Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual



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