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Last Updated: Friday, March 9, 2018 9:58 AM

Monitoring & Research and Applied Studies

Monitoring & Research and Applied Studies and projects help refine the framework of the Stormwater Program, Caltrans is conducting a number of studies and projects. These are described briefly here:

  • Gross Solids Removal Device Pilot Studies - Project Completion date: 2010
    • This study is being conducted to evaluate the performance of selected non-proprietary devices that can capture gross solids and that can be incorporated into existing highway drainage systems.
  • State Route 73 Pilot Studies - Project Completion date: 2010
    • Caltrans is evaluating the performance of various stormwater treatment technology Best Management Practices (BMPs) along State Route 73 in Southern California.
  • Soil Stabilization Projects - Project Completion date: 2010
    • These studies are aimed at reducing the potential for sediment in storm water runoff.
  • Stormwater Treatment Pilot Studies Lake Tahoe - Project Completion date: 2010
    • At Lake Tahoe, Caltrans is testing alternative methods of treating stormwater runoff to meet stringent standards for water quality that become effective in 2008.
  • Stormwater Monitoring - Project Completion date: Completed
    • Water quality data from monitoring responds to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements, and guides the development of BMPs.
  • Stormwater Data Management - Project Completion date: Completed
    • Caltrans has created a system to manage and use the stormwater data. The system includes protocols for monitoring activities, standardizing and checking the data, data reporting, and a database for storage and access.
  • First Flush Study - Project Completion date: 2004
    • This study is jointly conducted with UC Davis and UC Los Angeles to investigate the pollutant variations in highways throughout the entire storm event with special emphasis in early portion of the runoff.
  • North Coast Studies - Project Completion date: Completed
    • Four studies conducted jointly with UC Davis along the North Coast to see how aquatic life and riparian habitat may be affected by polluted stormwater runoff.
  • Stormwater & Monitoring Applied Research - Project Completion date: Indefinite
    • Describes the overall Stormwater Program and the major ongoing studies.
  • Pathogens in Storm Drain Discharge - Project Completion date: 2007
    • A joint study with UC Davis being conducted to improve and develop methods to detect pathogens and to determine the correlation between indicator organisms and pathogens.
  • Litter Research Program - Project Completion date: 2010
    • Ongoing programs and litter research to evaluate litter management practices related to stormwater pollution.
  • BMP Retrofit Pilot Studies - Project Completion date: Completed
    • A five-year program to evaluate retrofitting treatment BMPs and the rest of litigations in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.
  • BMP Retrofit Pilot Studies (Technical Information) - Project Completion date: 2004
    • More detailed information, including photos and site descriptions, of stormwater retrofitting measures in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.
  • San Diego Water Quality Control Study - Project Completion date: Complete
    • A two-year study to determine the most effective combination of best management practices (BMPs) for stormwater discharges in the San Diego region.
  • Compliance Program - Project Completion date: Indefinite
    • A program providing monitoring and feedback for construction and maintenance activities to meet permit requirements.

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