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Last Updated: Thursday, January 18, 2018 10:39 AM


Note: Sound 2000, Sound32 and LEQV2 are outdated models and are no longer supported by Caltrans. Federal code 23 CFR 772 now mandates that Traffic Noise Model(TNM) version 2.5 software is to be used to predict traffic noise impacts. If an old project is being reevaluated, contact HQ to determine if a new noise study is required.

Sound 2000

Sound 2000 can import coordinates from Microstation design files. Use the macro of the Caltrans HQ Noise unit to export user-selected coordinates to a text file. Then, Sound 2000 (version 2.07 and above) can read the file and populate the lane, barrier and receiver tables with the coordinates obtained from the text file. For more detailed instructions of how to use the macro and import the coordinates in Sound 2000, click here. The macro can be downloaded here. In the near future, a tutorial will be posted on this site to provide instructions of how to use Microstation to digitize plan sheets with the aid of a digitizer tablet.

Technical advisories has been issued to address important issues in noise modeling. Noise modelers in the State of California are strongly encouraged to read these advisories.

Sound 2000 is an interface upgrade to the Sound 32 program. Sound 2000 was not intended to modify the modeling code used by Sound 32. Sound 2000 can be downloaded here. The installation is a one step process. Download Sound 2000 and double click Sound2000.exe. After you install the software, read the "Readme First" file . The "Readme First" file is located under the Help menu. For technical information regarding the use of the modeling process, use the Sound 32 user's manual.

Based on users' feedback, updates of Sound 2000 will be posted to fix bugs or provide further enhancements to the interface of Sound 2000. For a list of updates, click on the Update Log.

Click the above link to download the latest upgrade of Sound 2000. Users who have already installed Sound 2000, need to install the new version at the same location they installed the previous version. Sound 2000 will overwrite the old files to update the version, however no data files will be affected. It is important to exit all applications, before you install Sound 2000.

Got questions? Use the contact info provided below, or use the feedback form provided at the Feedback section to provide comments, report bugs, or suggest Sound 2000 enhancements.

If you want to be notified when a new updated version of Sound 2000 is posted on the web, subscribe to the Sound 2000 subscription list, either by sending a request to, or by using the feedback form.

Sound 2000 computer-based training videos are now available for downloading from this site. These videos are executable, meaning that no special software is needed to play the videos. Just download them, and then double click the video files. The Sound 2000 video trainining is a group of a three-part training sesion. The first part introduces the viewer to the Sound 2000 interface. The second part guides the viewer through the process of developing a new input file for noise modeling. During this part, the viewer will watch a short demo of how to import digitized data from a third-party software to the Sound 2000. The third and last part, illustrates the process of how to open an existing input file, to obtain a graphical interpretation of the data by using the Graph and Plot tools, to execute the noise model (Sound 32), and at last, to view the results of the noise modeling run. Voice narration will be added to the videos in the near future. A panel will be visible during the playback of the videos. Through the controls of this panel, the viewers can pause, stop or fast forward the videos. Press the Spacebar of your keyboard to pause the video at any time and Spacebar again to continue.

Sound 2000 - Part 1 video training (12.62 MB)

Sound 2000 - Part 2 video training (13.37 MB)

Sound 2000 - Part 3 video training (20.07 MB)

If you have any comments for the videos, you are more than welcome to do so, by using the feedback form provided at the Feedback section below.

Sound 32

Sound 32 is a 16-bit DOS program. It has been tested in a 32-bit environment (Windows NT & 98) successfully. Sound32 must be installed in the root directory, otherwise it will not work.

The Sound 32 user's manual PDF document (462KB) and Sound 32 Reference Sheet are available for download.

Read the Readme file before you download Sound32.


LEQV2 is a light version of Sound 32. It deals only with flat terrain and limited number of lanes and barriers. The LEQV2 Reference SheetPDF document is available for downloading. LEQV2 can be downloaded here.