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Last Updated: Thursday, April 7, 2016 9:02 AM

Statewide Conformity Working Group
March 24, 2010 Teleconference


Note: Times are approximate, for general scheduling purposes - they are not "time certain."

10:00 Welcome; introductions; housekeeping; agenda review

10:10 Public Comment on matters not on the agenda

10:20 Federal Updates

12:00 Lunch Break


1:00 Project-Level Analysis

  • PM Hot Spot Procedures (further discussion if needed)
  • Potential for use of CALINE4 for non-CO hot spot analysis (CALINE4 documentation)
    • Not required at this time for conformity analysis
    • Do not use for PM hot spot analysis - EPA expected to require CAL3QHCR or AERMOD Exit Caltrans website
    • NO2 mode available when used from command line (DOS) or commercial interface (not CL4)

1:30 Status of Transportation and Air Quality Planning in California

2:45 Information sharing

  • Next meeting - September 2010

3:00 Adjournment


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