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Last Updated: Friday, February 3, 2012 12:03 PM

Statewide Conformity Working Group
May 23, 2007 Meeting

Draft Agenda

10:30 Welcome; introductions; housekeeping; agenda review

10:40 Public Comment on matters not otherwise on the agenda

10:50 Conformity Rule-Related Issues

  • Rules
    • PM2.5 Implementation (Final Rule) (text)
    • SAFETEA-LU Conformity revisions (Proposed Rule) (text)
  • Guidance: Conformity – 2006 PM2.5 standard (PDF)

11:30 Conformity and Planning

  • Conformity Process under NEPA Delegation
  • Planning Rule finalized – discussion – transition issues
  • Conformity, Modeling, and Planning timeline (handout)

11:45 Lunch Break

1:15 Project-Level Analysis

  • Draft PM hot spot screening procedure – review and discussion (handout)
  • Regions: status of current interagency consultation processes; issues for discussion?
  • CO analysis changes in South Coast? Attainment-maintenance status effective in June. (CO Protocol) (Final Rule)

2:15 EMFAC 2007

  • Conformity use vs. other project- or plan-level use
    • Which version for what studies?
    • Transition period(s)

2:30 Status of Transportation and Air Quality Planning in California

  • Near Term Air Quality Plans – Area Representatives
  • Conformity SIPs
  • RTP and TIP Updates and Amendments – Area Representatives
  • RTP/TIP effects of Bond projects

3:00 Information sharing

3:30 Adjournment