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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 1:17 PM

CALINE4 Manual
(1989 Research Report)

About the Manual

The CALINE4 MANUAL (June 1989) is available for download on this page. Printed copies are no longer available from Caltrans. This report is the only documentation for use of full CALINE4 model without the CL4 user interface. Source code for the program can not be distributed at this time.

Caltrans currently supports use of CALINE4 only through CO Protocol procedures using the CL4 user interface. This document is provided only as a service to those who wish to investigate use of CALINE4 in other ways. As described in the Manual, CALINE4 (the command-line model, not the model with the CL4 user interface) can be used for line-source dispersion analysis of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM), and general inert gases.

DOWNLOAD Searchable PDF File

This PDF file is based on the 1996 MS Word files generated by scanning and optical character recognition of a printed copy of the 1989 report. Source code in Appendix D of the 1989 report is not included. Obvious errors that occurred during the OCR process have been corrected, but there may still be some that were missed. The text is searchable but many figures, tables, and equations could not be converted and remain as images.

CALINE4 1989 Report Searchable PDF file (4.8 MB file)

DOWNLOAD Scanned Image of Printed Report as a PDF File

This is simply a scanned image of the printed report, and is not searchable or accessible for screen readers.

CALINE4 1989 Report PDF File
(at Caltrans Division of Research and Innovation web site - 13.9 MB file)


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