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IT -- Approved Software List

Last Updated: October 5, 2009    
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Added 9/3/09 - D08 IT Request. >
Name of Software Product Product Description Available for Acquisition For Test Purposes Only No Longer Available for Acquisition Denied Requests
210 monitor checker, Western Pacific Product used to check 210 signal monitors X      
Abacus Law - Classic   X      
Able2Extract Professional 3.0 Converts PDF files into writeable documents X      
Abbyy Software House PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro Creates and transforms pdf files into Microsoft Office documents X      
ACD v3.60 Imports collision data and plots them on a diagram X      
ACDSee Photo Editor Allows text and arrows to be added to a JPEG File X      
ACD or ACDSEE VS XI Fixes and organizes photos, compatible with Oracle software X      
Acresso Admin Studio Professional v9 Allows IT to quickly prepare reliable virtual and MSI packages for software deployment X      
Acresso Admin Studio v8.0 Allows IT to quickly prepare reliable virtual and MSI packages for software deployment X      
Adaptec Avid Media Composer Digital Non-linear video editing software, post-production refinement of video and audio plus creation and integration of motion graphics X      
ADINA v8.4   X      
Adjust and Utilities Performs least square adjustment on horizontal, vertical angle, and or GPS observations. Data checking included X      
Adobe Acrobat v9.x Standard, Pro, and Pro Extended
current version
Creates and allows editing of PDF files X      
Adobe Captivate CS4 Creates scenario-based training/process documentation X      
Adobe Contribute CS4 HTML Editor X      
Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium CS4 For developing/designing and maintaining Web pages X      
Adobe Creative Suite Design Standard CS4 For developing/designing and maintaining Web pages X      
Adobe Creative Suite Naster Collection CS4 For developing/designing and maintaining Web pages X      
Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium CS4 For developing/designing and maintaining Web pages X      
Adobe CS 3, 4 for MacOS         X
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Website Authoring/managing X   X  
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Website authoring/managing X      
Adobe Encore CS4 included in Premiere Pro CS4 and Production Premium CS4   X      
Adobe Fireworks CS4 Web Image Tool X      
Adobe Flash Player v10.x Develop website posted videos X      
Adobe Flash Professional CS4 Develop website posted videos X      
Adobe Flash Streaming Video ServerMultimedia Streaming Content Server X      
Adobe Flex Builder CS4 Open Source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and OS's X      
Adobe Illustrator CS4 Graphics for Print & Web X      
Adobe InDesign CS4 Design Page Layouts X      
Adobe LiveCycle Form Developer Forms Management X      
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Image Manipulation software X      
Adobe Photoshop Elements v7 Photo editing X      
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Graphics/Multimedia X      
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4) Digital Video Graphics X      
Adobe Reader 9.x
(including Windows, Mac, Linux, PDA, etc.)
current version
PDF Reader X      
Adobe Shockwave
(current version)
Interactive product demo's and online learning applications. Displays Web content created by Adobe Director X      
Advanced Cutting Systems - Flexi 8.5 Sign Software Makes State Highway signs that meets Fed Standards X      
Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS) Version 2 Transportation Management System X      
AERMOD Incorporates air disperision based on planetary boundary layer turbulence structure and scaling concepts X      
Agrian         X
aiSquared ~ Zoom Text Magnifier 9.x or current Screen Magnifier for visually impaired X      
aiSquared ~ Zoom Text On USB Flash drive (thumb/USB drive) based portable screen zoom for visually impaired X      
Akcelik SIDRA Performs operational and capacity analysis of roundabout intersections and signalized intersections X      
AllFusion Harvest Change Manager (CCC/Harvest) Change and Configuration Management System X      
Allpile v7   X      
Alternatiff 1.7.3   X      

Altova Mission Kit 2008 (Being tested in conjunction w/ Stylus Studio 2008)

Facilitates mapping of data between different file formats e.g. (Excel, TXT, CSV, XML) etc.   5/1/08-9/30/08    
Altova XML Spy Professional Edition v2009 (Approved for Office Engineer Only) XML editor and development environment for modeling X      
Anabat-AnaLookW v3.3q dated 3 Oct 2006 Help users identity and survey bats by detecting and analyzing their echo-location calls. Can be used for passive detection as well as active monitoring X      
Ansys Structural v11.0 Steel tubular frame design X      
Apache v1.3.12 Web Server X      
Apache JMeter Black-box and performance testing of applications before releasing to users X      
Apile Plus v4 Performs axially loaded driven pile analysis for bridge projects X      
Apile Plus v5 Performs axially loaded driven pile analysis for bridge projects X      
Apple QuickTime Player v7.x (Current Version Recommended) Desktop Media Player X      
Apple QuickTime Server MacOS X Streaming Media X      
Aquire ~ OrgPublisher v8.1 Use OrgPlus       X
ArcGIS,ArcView   X      
ARS-200 Geophysics, Geology X      
Art Explosion 750,000 for MacOS (External Affairs Only) Clip Art X      
Art Explosion 800,000 Clip Art X      
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)   X      
Audacity Open Source audio editing to create training podcasts, etc.
In Testing from 7/27/09 to 10/27/09. Contact: Tom Hicks EEOP, Civil Rights
AutoCADD Lt 2008         X
AutoCAD LT 2009 2D computer aided drafting and design software
Approved for existing license upgrade, only
Autocad Map 3D 2009 Designs, converts and manages a broad variety of geospatial information in CADD X      
Autodesk NavisWorks Freedom v2009.1 View simulations and 3D stream large CAD files X      
Autodesk Navisworks manage 2009 Rreal-time walkthrough of 3D models. Compatible w/ various graphics pkgs, including Bentley Microstation X      
AutoTurn51   X      
Auto Turn v6.0 Transoft Solutions, Inc. Turning radius calculation software for verifying turning radii of different types of vehicles against roadway layouts X      
Aviosoft Mapping Software v6.3 for Windows Control operation of Leica BC3 stereoplotter X      
Axiom (Design)   X      
Axiom MicroStation Productivity Toolkit v8 Make changes to multiple design files X      
Axure RP Pro 4 Gives picture with the screen specs so can program from specs X      
Basin Sizer Water Quality Planning X      
BEA Tuxedo Web Server X      
Bentley ~ Cloudworx v3.03 Allows Laser scanning data inside Microstation X      
Bentley ~ Culvert Master   X      
Bentley ~ Flowmaster   X      
Bentley ~ HECPack   X      
Bentley ~ Inroads Bridge         X
Bentley ~ PondPack   X      
Bentley ~ Redline 2004 Edition   X      
Bentley ~ SewerCAD   X      
Bentley ~ StormCAD   X      
Bentley ~ WaterCAD   X      
Bernardin Lochmueller and Associates NET_BC Post-processor reads regional travel demand model loaded traffic assignment networks and trip tables to compute system-wide user benefits and to calculate benefit-cost measures.       X
Beyond Compare v2 Compares versions of programs, websites and programming code X      
BK ReplaceEM Utility that helps convert old style web pages by removing old markup and replacing with new markup X      
Blackberry Desktop Software OEM   X      
Blaze Software (for use with Dosimeter)   X      
Bob CAD-CAM v22 Programs CNC Machine Tools X      
Boupdate6 Transfers data files from ftp server to Scour monitoring computer X      
Brady Surf and Signs Labeling machine software X      
BR_ALIGN v1.83   X      
Bravo SE Autoprinter Automated robotic CD DVD duplication and full-color direct-to-disc printing X      
Bridge Stream Tube for Alluvial River Sim (BRI-STARS) v2000 Semi two dimensional water and sediment routing computer model X      
Bridge Software Solutions - VBent Design of transportation structures, Bent deisgn for CT Bridge X      
Bundled Encryption OEM, OEM USB Flash Drive, OEM USB External HardDrive, PDA OEM Encryption   X      
Bugzilla v3.0.5AA Defect tracking system allows individual or groups of developers to track outstanding product bugs X
Approved for test purposes only –
11/5/2008 – 2/5/2009
C   X      
C++   X      
CA4PRS (UC) Rapid Rehab Software Schedule and traffic analysis tool helps planners and designers select effective, economical rehabilitiation strategies X      
CalBack (UC) Calculates Stiffness/Deflection Testing   1/1/07-1/1/09    
CaiCE v2000   X      
CaiCE Visual Transportation 10 SP6   X      
CAL3QHC/CAL3QHCR A CALINE3 based CO model with queuing and hot spot calculations and a traffic model to calculate delays and queues that occur at signalized intersections X      
CalBack v.98 (UCPRC) Help engineers design pavements by utilizing deflection data to back calculate layer moduli X      
Caldera ~ CopyShop Raster Image Processor and Scanning Managment Software V7 Integrated color imaging and color scanning of large-format documents X      
California Department of Public Health-TurboSWAP Source water assessment for issuing facility drinking water permits X      
CALINE4 (CL4 User Interface) Standard microscale (near-field) dispersion model for hot-spot air quality analysis near projects X      
Calibrat v1.0 Determines scale and constant corrections for electronic distance measuring instruments by making measurements over previously determined base lines X      
California Transportation Investment System (CTIS)   X      
California National Geographic Topo Digital Topographic map of the State of CA X      
Caltrans Automated Warning System (CAWS)   X      
CalME v.50 (UCPRC) Help design asphalt concrete pavements X      
CALPUFF 5.8 Multi-layer, multi-species non-steady-state puff dispersion model simulates effects of time and space transformation and removal X      
CALROADS View 3.8 Commercial user interface providing access to US EPA's standard project-level dispersion models (AERMOD and ISC3)   05/08-01/09    
Caltrans CalAC v3.1 Design rehabilitation alternatives for flexible pavements X      
Caltrans CTeFile Electronic project filing X      
Caltrans CalFP v1.0 Design new pavement alternatives for flexible pavements X      
Calsense Command Center 4.0 (Riverside) Controls field irrigation X      
Camtasia Studio   X      
CANDE v2007 by FHWA Transportation Research Board (CANDE) Culvert Analysis and Design X      
Canvas v11 ACDSee Draw on and overlay images – compatible w/ BIRIS system software X      
Captivate 2   X      
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Level 2 Presentation X      
Case Pile Wave Analysis Program (CAPWAP) 2000-1 Century Log, Century Display Geophysics, Geology X      
Celebrating Excellence         X
CellManager (an Axiom software program) v8 Allows MicroStation cell libraries to be efficiently edited and organized w/o having to perform multiple routines X      
Centurion Gold (Diamond Traffic)   X      
CiscoWorks LMS v3.0 Manage Cisco equipment throughout a district X      
CISN Display v1.4 Graphically alerts users, in near real-time, of seismicity and vital earthquake hazards X      
Citilabs CUBE v5.0 Travel Demand Forecasting, Traffic Analysis and Studies X      
CKRENAME Renames files in batch or partial batch modes. Can change case, perform string substitutions, sequentially rename files, and change file extensions X      
Click Forms v6.8 Concise collection of appraisal forms to create valuation reports X      
Cliq v1.1 Analysis of soil liquefaction for seismic design of bridges using CPT data X      
COBOL   X      
Cogniview PDF2XL Converts PDF to Excel X      
Coldfusion v8   X      
Coldfusion Server Standards V8.0 Runs dynamic web apps connecting to variety of data sources (MySQL, Access...) X      
Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program v4.0 Computations for rockfall analysis X      
Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling   X      
Common Gateway Interface (CGI) 1.1   X      
CompGB v1.3 Tests consistency and compatibility of Blue Book B and G file X      
Computer Associates Advantage Repository Data Dictionary X      
Computer Associates AllFusion Process Management Suite Modeling Tools X      
Computer Associates ARCservIT 7.x (Backup)   X      
Compvecs v1.2 Used to find differences among redundant vectors in a G file        
Conbox   X      
Concordance FYI v2008 Allows user to collect and manage case history & documents, full text sort and search X      
CongestGPS v2.7 Logs vehicle speed & flags events X      
Consplice   X      
CONTENTdm v5.0 A standards based digital collection management software tool that allows for storage, management, and web delivery of digital collections, regardless of format X      
Contour Design, ShuttleXpress v2.7.5 (External Affairs only) Controller for EZPrompt teleprompter software X      
Control Systems TelePACE Studio Develops ladder logic apps for the Control microsystems SCADAPack controllers X      
Corel ~ Draw Graphics Suite v3   X      
Corel ~ Draw v10   X   X  
Corel ~ Paintshop Pro 12 or X2 Photo editing for presentations and reports X      
CorpsCon v5.x Convert coordinates between Geographic, State Plane and Universal Transverse Mercator systems on the North American Datum of 1927, 1983 and High Accuracy Reference Networks X      
CorpsCon v6.0   X      
CR8 BB v6.1 Reformats GPS project information to fit the requirements of the National Geodetic Survey database X      
CR8 SER v1.3 Extracts data from GPS Blue Book G file to create a station serial number file for GPS observations X      
CREDANT Mobile Guardian Group Edition (PDAs) Third-Party PDA Encryption X      
Crypto SDK 2007   X      
Crystal Ball   X      
Crystal Report Writer 9.0 Reporting Tools X      
Crystal Report XI Developer Creates web reports X      
CT BENT v4.0.2   X      
CT Bridge   X      
CT EMFAC Interpretation of ARBs EMFAC 2007 model and published ARB specification factors for toxic air contaminants to simplify production of composite emission factors X      
CT Flex v2.1.1   X      
CTBC v1.0.1   X      
CTDMPLUS A refiend point source Gaussian air quality model X      
CTNET Transportation Management X      
CTSCREEN Gaussian plume dispersion model designed as a screening technique for regulatory application to plume impaction assessments in complex terrain X      
CUBE v4.2.1 and v5.0   X      
Customer Information Control System (CICS)   X      
CutePDF Writer PDF Creator X      
Cyclone 5.6 Connects to laser scanner to process digital terrain model contours X      
Cyclone II Topo Create products from a laser scanner point cloud X 7/15/08 – 7/15/09    
Database Language Structured Query Language (SQL)   X      
DATAQ Instruments ~ WINDAQ Resource Rev D Mnitors environmental test chamber function, temps, humidity X      
DB 400 Turning Mvt Counter Counters count interestection turning movements X      
DB/TEXT WebPublisher Pro w/5user DB Textworks v10 Integrated method to locate Statute books, periodicals and Law related materials in the Law Library X      
DCAR97 v3.1 Computes deflections of the vertical and Laplace corrections for the Caribbean Sea        
DCSE ~ Maplibrary.Net Not a GIS Standard       X
Debabelizer Pro 6 Windows Single Editing of scanned images       X
DECK_CON v2.81   X      
DEFLEC99 Computes deflections of the vertical and Laplace corrections for the conterminous US, Alaska, Purto Rico, Virigin Islands, and Hawaii X      
Deighton dTims v 8 Pavement Management System Software   9/10/08 – 11/10/08    
DeltaGraph Geophysics, Geology X      
Developer 6I,9I Programming X      
Diamond Edge Access Converter, Java Edition Converts Microsoft Access Databases to Java X      
Diamond Edge Control Suite Converts Microsoft Access Databases to Java X      
DicksonWare data logger v12.4 Record ambient temperatures at Caltrans paving project locations and allows data to be graphed in a computer X 7/31/2008 – 7/31/09    
Digital Globe MapHandler for ArcGIS v6.0 Extension for ArcMap (part of the ArcGIS GIS software suite) that allows aerial photography in Digital Globe’s proprietary format to be added to and viewed in ArcMap X      
Digital Globe PhotoMapper License Manager v3.0 Allows license management for concurrent use of both PhotoMapper and MapHandler X      
Digital Globe Photomapper 5.0   X      
Digital Globe PhotoMapper v6.0 Allows viewing of Digital Globe aerial photography without the need for GIS or other software X      
Dips Spherical Projection v5.0 Plots geotech data on stereo nets to determine adverse bedding, rock stability X      
DigiSUS Geophysics, Geology X      
Digital Globe ~ Photomapper v5 Aerial imagery data w/proprietary image viewer for the "map" format X      
DMEX97 v3.10 Computes deflections of the vertical and Laplace corrections for Mexico X      
D-MOD200 v1.0 Performs dynamic ground response during earthquakes X      
DMMWin 2.5.12 Works with Digitilt Datamate readout, which records data from an inclinometer probe X      
DMV Gateway Security X      
DOCter/VIKING v7.1 Nondestructive investigations of concrete structures X      
Dragon Naturally Speaking v9 Speech Recognition X      
DR2000 Platinum Control of Highway Advisory Radios (HARs) X      
DSFiles v2.09 Manipulating Data Sheet files X      
DSUpdate v1.1 Updating Data Sheet files X      
DSWIN v2.15 Adaptec Data Sheet view and extraction. Xan save data sheet to file or print. Offers filteration by Point Radious, Min/Max Box, Station Name, or PID X      
Dynameq Size 4 v1.3 Traffic analysis mesoscopic simulation tool models equilibrium dynamic traffic assignment for use on large, congested networks X      
Dynamic Systems - CheckMate Web version Document tracking X      
Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Standalone v2.0 SQL Server-based version control software X      
EarthTech-Remedial Action Cost Engineering Requirements System (RACER) Cost estimating software for environmental investigation and cleanup X      
Easy Media Creator - Roxio OEM v7, v8, v9, v10   X      
Easycan 3.41   X      
EasySync Pro 4.2 AT CT, Only Blackberries receive IT support to sccess Lotus Notes Syncs PDA w/Lotus notes X      
ECabinet 4.0 SW for Scanner w/Storage Device X      
Ekko View, Ekko View Deluxe v2 or better Processes and creates 2-D time or depth images of ground penetrating radar (GPR) data. Deluxe is an extended module of View. Allows determination of radar traveltime through interactive processing X      
EMFAC 2007 v2.3 Emission inventory and emission factor model required for use of all except URBEMIS and CT-EMFAC X      
EnCase Enterprise Examiner v6.0 Produce electronic evidence and maintain the chain of custody for the acquisition of the Department’s computer resources X      
EnCase Forensic v6.0 Produce electronic evidence and maintain the chain of custody for the acquisition of the Department’s computer resources X      
Engineered Software ~ Flow of Fluids Premium 2007 Piping Systems Design SW X      
Enhancements v21 Performs field check computations, such as tape standardization, eccentric reduction, datum transformation, triangle, special geodetic computations, solar observation for azimuth, and State plane coordinate system computations on the NAD 27 and NAD 83 datums X      
Enterprise Navigator   X      
Episode Desktop v5.0 Telestream (External Affairs only) Converts Quicktime video programs to Windows Media on MacOS X      
EQSearch/EQFault   X      
ERDAS Imagine v9.3 Used for Digital Image Processing- Spatial and Spectral Analysis, Image Classification, Graphic Feature Extraction, Modeling, Geo-reference/Orthoretification, Re-project , Mosaic, Color Balance, Data Format Conversion X      
ESM-TS Interface for RF personal Monitor v783 2251/90.50 Used for RF Safety data acquisition and processing, the interface software for RF safety monitor X      
ESRI Arcinfo (GIS)   X      
ESRI ArcView 3.x (GIS)   X      
ESRI SDE (Database Enterprise Internet/Intranet Application Tool)   X      
Executive Software Diskeeper 2008 HD Defrag X      
Expressview Browser Plug-In v3.0 View MrSid and JPEG2000 images X      
ExTech Data Acquisition 1.7 Calibrates Extech Dual Input Thermometers X      
Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 Second Ed Presentation X      
EZ-FRISK Site-specific earthquake hazard analysis X      
EZPrompt v6.0 (External Affairs only) Teleprompter software for video productions X      
Falcon 6.5.4   X      
Falcon DMS (DES)          
FastStone Photo Resizer Image editor that adds text images in batch mode X      
Fast Track Scheduler v8,v9 Scheduling multiple projects X      
FHWA ~ RealCost v2.1 LCCA is an engineering economic analysis tool useful in comparing the relative economic merits of competing construction or rehabilitating design alternatives for a single project X      
Filemaker - Server v5 Hosts databases that were developed using Filemaker versions 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0 Approved for existing applications only (upgrades) – No new acquisitions/purchases X      
FileMaker Pro v4, v5, v5.5, v6, v7, v8 Relational database client & workgroup application     X  
FileMaker Pro v8.5, v9 Relational database client & workgroup application X      
Filemaker Pro 9 - Server Hosts databases that were developed using Filemaker versions 7.x - 9.x X      
Filemaker Pro v10.x - Standard & Advanced Relational database client & workgroup application. Supports up to nine FMPro client connections, and five simultaneous web connections. more X    
Filemaker Pro v10.x -
Relational database client & workgroup application. Supports up to 250 FMPro client connections; unlimited web clients to "custom web published" databases. more X    
Filemaker Pro v10.x -
Server Advanced
Relational database client & workgroup application. Unlimited FMPro client connections; up to one-hundred simultaneous web sessions for "Instant Web Publishing" db's; unlimited web clients to "custom web published" databases. more X    
FileZilla v3.09 FTP tool X      
Final Cut Studio 2 Use Adobe Premier for Windows (unless under External Affairs exemption)       X
Fineprint v5 Reduces amount of paper needed when printing documents X      
Firefox v3.x
(current version)
Internet browser X      
FIRSKSPWIN 4.0       X  
First Virtual Communications CUSEEME 6.0 Video Conferencing X      
FishXing v2.2 and v3.0 Assist engineers, hydrologists and fish biologists in the evaluation and design of culverts for fish passasge X      
FLAC v5 Model soil, rock and structural behavior X      
FLAC with Dynamic Option and User-Defined Constitutive Models v.6 Model soil, rock and structural behavior. Perform deformation and stability analysis of soil, rock structure interaction X      
Fleet Anywhere Equipment Management X      
Fluke 9930 Interface It Calibration for Thermometers X      
Fluke Digital Thermometer 50 II Series Calibraiton for Thermometers X      
Fluke One Touch Reporter OEM   X      
Fluke One Touch Series II OEM   X      
FMWebschool IWP export Export records and open in any spreadsheet app X      
ForeSight Dxm   X      
Form Z   X      
Form Z: Sketch Render   X      
Fortran 90 Translates formulas into computer executable code X      
FoSSA v04 Analyzes foundation stress and settlements of freeway/highway embankments X      
Frame Relay   X      
FREQ12 v12 Traffic Analysis Tool X      
FrontRange HEAT v9.0 Service desk management tool X      
FTR Minutes Digitally records meeting proceedings, takes notes, creates and distributes meeting minutes X      
Further Higher-Speed Physical Layer Extension in the 2.4 GHz Band 2003   X      
G99SSS Computes gravimetric, geocenetric geoid undulations relative to the ITRF97/GRS-80 reference ellipsoid in the conterminous US X      
Gadwin PrintScreen Creates screen shots for exact areas X      
Gageview v3.4 Downloads thickness survey data from handheld instrument to spreadsheet   1/1/08-1/1/09    
Garmin City Navigator North Detailed road maps, business locations, and navigation features for Garmin GPS navigation units X      
Garmin ~ Mapsource City Navigator North America 2008 GPS X      
Garmin ~ Topo US Mapsource v6   X      
Garmin ~ USB driver 2.21 Required driver to interface with Garmin GPS 18 antenna/receiver X      
Garmin ~ 760 2008 GPS X      
Gensym G2 v7 (Traffic Operations only) Within the Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) Gensym’s G2 is used as the Knowledge/Rules Based Decision Support System for the Event Management Module X      
Gensym G2 v8.2 Knowledge/rules based decision support system for the Event Management module. G2 uses the rules within to create a response plan to clear incidents X      
Geomagix (Geophysics, Geology)   X      
GeoMotions Suite Seismic site response analysis X      
Geopack Rebar 2001   X      
Geoslope International/Slope W v7 Fast and accurate slope stability analysis for slope failures X      
GIF Version 89a Non-Interfaced/GIF Version 89a Interlaced   X      
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) 2.x Open Source image editing software used for complex image edits X      
gINT v8 Drafting app to produce Log of Test Borings for inclusion in project plans X      
Global Mapper Software Batch editing of raster image files including conversion to Google Earth.kmz format X      
Global Mapper v9.3   X      
GoldNail v3.11 Slip-surface, limit equilibrium slope, stability model X      
Goldtouch keypad, keyboard software (MUST MEET REASONABLE ACCOMODATION REQUIREMENTS) Reasonable Accomodation SW for keyboard X      
GoEngineer SolidWorks 2009,2010 Integrates broad range of mechanical CAD, design validation, product data management, design communication, and CAD productivity tools X
Acquisition only
Google Earth Enterprise Edition Provides virtual 3D globe X      
Google Earth Pro Provides virtual 3D globe X      
Google Earth Pro v4.3 Provides a virtual 3D globe X      
Google Earth Standard Provides a virtual 3D globe X      
Google Picassa
current version
Photo Management X      
Google Sketchup 6.4.112 Modeling allows designers to develop concepts into 3D graphic models X      
Google Toolbar v5 Expedites searches on the Web and completes forms by memorizing frequently used entries       X
Google Web Toolkit (GWT) v1.5.3 (Approved for ITSD Application Developers Only) Modeling software that allows designers to develop concepts into 3D graphic models X      
GPPCGP v2.0 Converts NAD 27 State plane coordinates to NAD 27 geographic positions, latitudes and longitudes and conversely X      
GPR Slice v5.0 Processing and visualization of GPR data for subsurface NDT investigations of foundations and pavement X      
GPR-Slice v6.0 byGeophysical Archaeometry laboratory Creates time or depth plan-view maps of ground penetrating radar (GPR) data used in non destructive testing (NDT) Slice up and down in depth or time range. Overlay images from multiple layers for analysis of dipping features – Automatic horizon detection from user-specified criteria. Output maps in a variety of formats for reports or as layers in GIS systems. Creates 3D views for improved analysis an d visualization X      
GPSBase 2.3 Base functionality for fixed reference station solution X      
GPSGate v2.0 Converts Garmin GPS proprietary format USB bit stream to NMEA-83 format serial RS-232 stream X      
GPSNet/RTKNet Suite v2.6 (GPStream, GPServer, RTKNet, GPSNet, NTRIP Caster) GPS surveying, engineering, construction and data collection X      
GrafNav/GrafNet v8.10 (Photogrammetry) Determines precise location of aircraft GPS antenna at the time of aerial photography X      
Grapher v7.0 Goldensoftware Graphing program for all geotechnical problems X      
Graphpad (Prism5, Statemate 2.0, Instat 3 for Windows) Analytical software bundle that allows for non-linear regression analyses of data X      
Graphtec ~ Scanning Master 21+ Software v5.4 Drives the Graphtec CS500 Pro scanner X      
GRLWEAP 2005 Wave equation analysis of piles, hammer data files, hammer file maintenance, input file generation or medification, graphic and numerical output X      
Groundwater Vistas (GV) v5.0 HEC-HMS v3.3 A sophisticated Windows graphical user interface for 3-D groundwater flow & transport modeling X      
Group 7   X      
GSTABL7 v2.004   X      
GuardianEdge Encryption Plus Hard Disk Computer HD Encryption X      
Heat 8.4 Help Desk Application X      
HEC ~ 2 v4.6 Engineering app for computing water surface profiles to support the design of drainage features for state highway projects X      
HEC ~ 6 v4.2 Moveable boundary sediment transport modeling software X      
HEC ~ DSSVue & Plugins v1.2.10 Java based visual utilities program that manipulates hydrologic hydraulic data X      
HEC ~ HMS v3.1.0 Engineering app for precipitation runoff modeling to support the design of drainage features for state highway projects X      
HEC ~ HMS v3.3 Engineering app for precipitation runoff modeling to support the design of drainage features for state highway projects X      
HEC ~ GeoHMS v1.1 DTM Analysis and Hyrologic modeling X      
HEC ~ GeoRas v4.1 Hydraulic modeling floodplain mapping and ArcGIS X      
HEC ~ GeoRas v4.1.1 Engineering app for GIS analysis to support the design of drainage features for state highway projects X      
HEC ~ Ras v3.1.3 Engineering app for calculating water surface profiles to support the design of drainage features for state highway projects X      
Helio's Text Pad   X      
IHS Global Insight Pricing & Purchasing Service Financial Forcasting X      
Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) ISS Model A55 Message Programmer   X      
Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) ISS Model TR6000 AM Transmitter   X      
Highway Capacity Software - (HCS) v5 Traffic analysis tool calculates Level of Services for all modes of transportation, including pedestrians and bicycles X      
Highway Data Management - (HDM)   X      
Hotspots Analysis Reporting Program (HARP) Standard air toxics hot spot health risk analysis app X      
HOVRS Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing persons can use interpretive services to place phone calls anywhere an Internet-connected computer is available. X      
HP 6200 Documentation and Diagnostics OEM   X      
HP Color LaserJet 8550N Printer (CADD Wide Format Printer/Plotter) OEM   X      
HP Drainage Design   X      
HP Surestore Autochangers (Backup for 100G or less)   X      
HP Unix 11 (Network Operating System)   X      
HST SureChange CPM Schedule Analysis (SureTrak) X      
HumidityB and LabView runtime engine, v7.1 Monitors temp and humidity in cement lab X      
Hummingbird NFS Maestro Client v13 (2008) (Site License) Network Access Tool for NTFS X      
Hummingbird Exceed 2007 v12 (2007), v13 (2008)   X      
Hummingbird Exceed 3D Support of OpenGL on Windows X      
HY-8 v7.0 Engineering app for culvert analysis to support the design of drainage features for state highway projects X      
HY-8 Culvert Hydraulic Analysis Program v7.1 Computerized implementation of FHWA culvert hydraulic approaches and protocols. Automates the design methods described in FHWA publications HDS-5, “Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts”, HEC-14, “Hydraulic Design of Energy Dissipators for Culverts and Channels’, and HEC-19, “Hydrology” X      
Hydraflow Hydrographics v2002 Watershed modeling and detention pond design X      
Hydraflow Storm Sewers v10 Calculates capacity of inlets and pipes in storm drain systems X      
Hydrodata - USGS Peak Values v4.05 (Approved for Design Only) The product is used to supply data necessary for hydrology studies X      
Hydrolic Modeling System; HEC-HMS v3.2 Works stand-alone or in conjunction with WMS 8.0, hydrology software X      
Hyena v7.5 Enterprise Edition, Aurora Enterprises Server/Domain tools and management X      
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 4 (Presentation)   X      
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) v1.1 (Presentation)   X      
IBM AppScan Standard Edition Web application security testing X      
IBM AUX (Network Operating System)   X      
IBM Informix v10.0.4 Relational database app for low-to-medium workloads, features online transaction processing X      
IDF 2000 Engineering app for rainfall intensity calculations to support the design of drainage features for state highway projects X      
IDF 32 Engineering application for rainfall intensity calculations to support the design ofdrainage features for state highway projects X      
Igrds (Engineering Roadway Design)   X      
IMPLAN Professional 2.0 (Minnesota) Estimates and generates reports of economic and job impacts of transportation expenditures in CA X      
Inbit Fullshot for Windows v9.5.1.3 Image capture software       X
InData Corporation Trial Director v5.2 Organizes, manages and presents court related information - The product allows for the “sync” of depositions, video of deposition and cropping of extraneous information from deposition/video X      
Information Imaging Corporation - IIC/NetPlot SW for Precision Plotter System X      
Inno Setup v5.x Creates setup exe’s for workspaces and plotting utils for Microstation and CAiCE X      
INRO EMME Travel/Traffic Forecasting and Modeling X      
Insight M109A PDF Converter         X
Integrated Maintenance management System (IMMS) (Asset Management)   X      
Intel PROset wireless cards (model 3945ABG)   X      
Interactive Graphics Roadway Design System (Igrds) (Engineering Roadway Design)   X      
Intermodal Transportation Management System (ITMS) (Transportation Planning)   X      
International Typeface Corporation (ITC) ~ ITC Library, OpenType Edition (For External Affairs Only) Supplies additional fonts for use in graphic design layouts X      
Internet Explorer v7 Enterprise Standard – Internet Browser X      
Interorb v1.0 Interpolates binary GPS orbit files with a record length of 52 X      
InterPlot Client   X      
InterPlot Client   X      
InterPlot Server 8.05   X      
Intervideo WinDVD (DES)   X      
Inverse/Forward3D v2.0 Comprises four programs: Inverse, Forward, Inverse3D, Forwrd3D X      
Iplot (GIS)   X      
IrfanView   X      
ISC/AERMOD View 5.8 Commercial user interface providing improved access to US EPA's SCREEN3 point-source plume model   5/08-1/09    
ISIS (Interactive Sound Information System)   X      
ISYS Search Software v9.0 Advanced information access tools for rapidly indexing and searching large volumes of “retired” case documents X      
Java™ 2 Platform; Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4.1   X      
Java SDK, JDK 6 Update 6 with NetBeans 6.1 This Java SE Development Kit (JDK) includes NetBeans IDE, which is a powerful integrated development environment for developing applications on the Java platform X      
JavaScript: ECMAScript Language Specification   X      
JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.2   X      
Jboss Eclipse IDE 1.5 J233 Application development and deployment platform X      
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)   X      
Jolt 1.1 (Middleware)   X      
KidderType 1 Transfers data files from Scour monitoring computer to ftp server X      
Komodo Laboratories ~ NEWT Professional v2.5 Allows scan of IT equipment connected to network and not in Zen database, pinpoint location, owner and other info X      
Laplink   X      
LAME Open Source audio editing to create training podcasts, etc.
In Testing from 7/27/09 to 10/27/09. Contact: Tom Hicks EEOP, Civil Rights
LARSA 4D (Eng Svs/Str Design)   X      
Larson Davis Noise Dosimeter Measures noise levels in decibels X      
Larson-Davis Ruggedized 705/706 Dosimeter Kit Used for noise evaluations, allows Safety Office to track noise levels for specific jobs, evaluate and enforce Cal OSHA hearing safety requirements X      
LEAP Bridge Design of Transportation Structures X      
Leica DFC Digital Camera v.6.11.0 Captures images from the DFC line of digital microscope cameras X      
Leica Survey Office v2.21   X      
Leica TPS 1100 Emulator v2.21   X      
Loggernet Patch 3.4.1 Communicates with Cambell Scientific data loggers X      
Life-Cycle/Benefit-Cost Analysis Model (Cal-BC) (Transportation Planning   X      
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)   X      
LiqIt v4.7 Analysis of soil liquefaction during earthquakes using SPT data X      
Liquid Pro   X      
Liquefy Pro 5.0 Evaluates potential for liquification during earthquake X      
Lizard Tech Browser Plug-in for Windows 5.0.0 Natively view MrSID and JPEG2000 images with web browsers. View, magnify, print and save images X      
LizardTech ~ GeoExpress with MrSid v7.0 Compressess digital imagery data X      
Lookout 6.1 Develop and run HMI/SCADA applications to control and monitor manufacturing and process control apps X      
Loop v4.03 Determines the loop misclosures of GPS base lines using the delta x, delta y, delta z vector components computed from a group of observing sessions X      
Lotus Domino Server
6.5.x; 8.x.x
(Enterprise db application development & E-mail)
Lotus Notes (E-Mail) 6.5.x
(7.0.3 for Mac only)
LPILE 5.0   X      
LPILE Plus 5   X      
LVL DH v2.0 Estimates leveled height difference between two bench marks by removing orthometric correction form the differences of published heights X      
MacOS X v10.5x (Leopard) Server Used to efficiently manage airport pavements in CA X      
MacOS X v10.5x (Leopard) (For External Affairs Only) Macintosh OS - See Exemption X      
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Web authoring and management X      
Macromedia Freehand MX v11.0 Meets the needs of the office during the transition from Macromedia Freehand to Adobe Illustrator X      
Macromedia Robohelp (DES, Earthquake Engineering)   X      
McTrans Dynasmart-P v1.3.0 Traffic analysis mesoscopic tool that models transportation corridors X      
Magics RP (Engineering Use Only)   X      
MagMap2000 (Geophysics, Geology)   X      
MagPick (Geophysics, Geology)   X      
MapLibrary.Net Map catalog - Web browser based search/query for maps, graphics, images, presentation graphics/exhibits/documents X      
MapLogic 2.2.1 Fully integrated into ArcMap, creates map book w/ key and locator maps, indexe, etc. X      
MapPoint Use Google EarthPro       X
Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro US Streets Mobile v8   X      
Maptech Terrain Pro v8   X      
Maptext Label-EZ, Label-Edit v5.0 Used for high quality cartographic map label-placement X      
Mathematica v7.0 Wolfram Research Research
(Division of Research and Innovation only)
Mathematical computation and plotting X      
Matlab vR2008b Used for mathematical computation, analysis, visualization and algorithm development X      
Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design
(Div of Design, HQ) Evaluation Period: 8/22/07-8/22/08)
    8/22/07 to 8/22/08    
MEDIAWIKI v1.12 A knowledge management tool that is a collection of web pages designed to enable users to contribute or modify content, using a simplified markup language. A free server-based software that is powerful, scalable and feature rich. Uses PHP scripting to process and display data stored in MySQL databases X      
Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio CD and DVD labeling X      
MDX (Eng Svs/Str Design)   X      
Mercurial Developer tool for code version tracking X      
Mercury Interactive LoadRunner (Testing Tools)   X      
Mercury Interactive TestDirector (Testing Tools)   X      
Mercury Interactive WinRunner (Testing Tools)   X      
Micropath (Pathanal) 2001
Office of IT Engineers & Support (Redding)
MicroPAVER Efficiently manage airport pavements X      
Midas Advanced Civil Engineering for complex bridge design X      
MIDAS FEA v2.8 Sophisticated bridge analysis to construct larger more technically advanced bridge models X      
Mindjet Mind Manager Pro 7 Creates interactive visual maps to capture, organize and communicate ideas and info X      
Microsoft Access 2000 (Database Workgroup and Single User) Access Workgroups are generally considered to be 10 or less clients X      
Microsoft C++ 3.0 for test scripts (Programming Tools)   X      
Microsoft Live Meeting (Also see WebEx) Video Conferencing X      
Microsoft Importer v8 (Axiom)   X      
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP 2 Internet Browser X      
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Server X      
Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats v3.0 Allows users of Office 2003 the ability to open, edit, and save files using the file formats new to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 X      
Microsoft Office 2003 Professional (Enterprise licensed) current standard - call your local Help Desk to have it installed Desktop Automation Suite     X  
Microsoft Office 2004 for MacOS (Enterprise Licensed) current standard - call your local Help Desk to have it installed          
Microsoft Office 2008 for MacOS (Approved for External Affairs Only) Current Microsoft Office version for MacOS X X      
Microsoft Office Project Standard 2007 (Enterprise Licensed -- contact local Help Desk for installation) This product is used for project management and scheduling X      
Microsoft OneNote 2007 Gathers, organzies text, pictures, digital handwriting, audio, video recording and more into one notebook X      
Microsoft Outlook Express 6 (OE6) v6.xx e-Mail client (POP3)       X
Microsoft Server 2008 Datacenter Edition Unlimited Windows server licensing in virtual environment X      
Microsoft Silverlight Approved for use as multi-media browser plug-in X      
Microsoft Snapshot Viewer v1.0 View report snapshots without having the standard run-time versions of MS Access 97 through Access 2007 X      
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Manages databases X      
Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007   X      
Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 Mapping for finding streets for routing trucks X      
Microsoft Virtual PC for MacOS
(For External Affairs Only)
See Exemption X      
Microsoft Visio 2000 Professional - Diagramming Tool       X  
Microsoft Visio Pro v2007 Illustrating/diagramming software X      
Microsoft Visio 2007 Viewer (Free) Microsoft Visio document reader X      
Microsoft Visio 2003 Professional - Diagramming Tool (Enterprise Licensed) current standard - call your local Help Desk to have it installed       X  
Microsoft Visio 2000 Standard -Diagramming Tool       X  
Microsoft Visual Basic 6   X      
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition Used to develop Windows software with Visual C++ X      
Microsoft Visual FoxPro (all versions) Database Workgroup and Single User     X  
Microsoft Visual Studio 05, 08 Development Tool X      
Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro
PC Operating System
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Network Operating System X      
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 PC Operating System     X  
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Manages sever hardware resources X      
Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Operating System Software       X
Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2   X      
Microsoft Windows XP v64bit   X      
MicroStation and Descartes v7.1   X      
MicroStation and Descartes v8 2004 Edition   X      
MicroStation v8 2004 Edition   X      
Microstation SE (Engineering Drawing)   X      
Microtrans Trip Generation v6 Estimate future traffic volumes upon which transportation projects and improvements are based X      
Miradi v2.0 Develops a conceptual model to evaluate potential convservation sites X      
ModSecurity v2.5 An Apache module that provides Web Application Firewall features X      
MSEW 3.0 Aids in design of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining structures X      
MSEW 12.0       X  
MSEW 2.0       X  
MTEN4 v21 Computes and verifies classical horizontal field observations, and formats this data to conform to Blue Book specifications X      
MultiCool v3.0 Calculate the temperature profile of multilayer hot mix asphalt X      
MultiPro IQexpressPRO v6.0 Calibrates multipro monitors and certifies proper function X      
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)   X      
MWSnap/all       X  
MySQL 3.23 (Database Workgroup and Single User)   X      
NA2VBBK v1.7 Program na2vbbk performs file format conversion form a Leica/Wild NA2000/3000 series digital level output file format to a NGS vertical bluebook format X      
Nadcon v2.1 Transforms geographic coordinates between the NAD 27, Old Hawaiian, Puerto Rico, or Alaska Island datums and NAD 83 values X      

Nagios Ent. LLC, Nagios
(Open Source)
Monitor, schedule and alert DBA and App server Admins of computer resources and availability X      
National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP)   X      
NGS DSWorld Plots NGS network points in Google Earth X      
NGS GCGC Computation Software Computes path azimuths in statute mi., km., etc. X      
NGS GEOID Computes hybrid GEOID undulations. Use to convert between NAD83 GPS derived ellipsoid heights and NAVD88 orthometric heights X      
NGS HTDP This horizontal time dependent positioning software program allows users to predict horizontal displacements and/or velocities at locations throughout the US and its territories X      
NGS Translev Editing, formatting, and checking digital leveling observation data for NGS submission X      
NGS WinDESC Creates geodetic mark descriptions for NGS submission X      
NET 8 8.0.5 (Database Enterprise Internet/Intranet Application Tools)   X      
Netc (standard edition barcode software)       X  
NetMeeting Denied due to security issues use WebEx       X
Netscape Enterprise Server 3.0 (Web Server)   X      
Network Appliance VBase. BR5C (IT/WAN)   X      
Network Associates (McAfee) Netshield 4.5 (Anti-Virus)   X      
Network Associates (McAfee) VirusScan (Anti-Virus)   X      
Nexrev - Mathcad LAN Interprets any math equation X      
NIB Click-less Software Eliminates mouse clicks by the user by detecting the position of the cursor and generating a “click”       X
Nikon View 5 OEM       X  
Niton Data Transfer (NDT) Software for Niton XL3t600 Environmental Analyzer Data management utilities that allow users to produce certificates and reports, and monitor or operate the instrument remotely X      
Novell BorderManager Authentication Services   X      
Novell Client for Windows Network SW Connectivity for Workstations X      
Novell NetWare 5.1; 6.0 (File & Print Server)   X      
Novell NetWare 5.1; 6.0 (Utilizing frame type 802.2 and IP) (Network Operating System)   X      
Novell Zenworks 4.0 for desktop (Network Management)   X      
Numetrics v2.3.2   X      
OEM 2.0 (Repository Only) (Database Enterprise Internet/Intranet Application/Tool)   X      
OFFROAD Emission inventory and emission factor model required for use with offroad mobile emission sources such as construction equipment X      
OmniPage Professional v16.x, v17.x Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert from scanned document to several formats including PDF, HTML, and RTF X      
Onset HOBOware Pro v2.x Used to download rainfall and temperature data from the RG3 Datalogging Rain Gauge X      
OpenSource Trac Enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects X      
OpenSource JUnit Programmer tool. Framework to write repeatable tasks X      
OpenSource Hudson Programmer tool for automated continuous building/testing of projects X      
Opera Browser For testing web pages X      
OptoFace Transports data from a digital measuring device via RS232 interface to MS-Excel or MS-Word without the use of a keyboard   Approved 6/16/08 - 6/16/09    
Oracle 6I;9I Designer (Modeling Tools)   X      
Oracle 8.x; 9.x (Database Enterprise)   X      
Oracle 10.x Gears toward grid computing which extends features introduced in Oracle 9.x X      
Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management Microsoft based suite of analytical tools that includes Monte Carlo simulation, optimization, and forecasting. Allows user to apply advanced analytical techniques to new or existing spreadsheets to create more accurate cost and financial predictions and informed business decisions X      
Oracle Discoverer 6I,9I (Reporting Tools)   X      
Oracle Enterprise Server 8.x9.x (Database Enterprise Internet/Intranet Application/Tool)   X      
Oracle Jdeveloper, 9I (Programming Tools)   X      
Oracle PL/SQL 8.x;9.x (Programming Tools)   X      
Oracle PL/SQL 8.x9.x (Reporting Tools)   X      
Oracle Primavera
Contractor v6.x
Critical Path Management X      
Oracle Primavera P6 Pro Project Mgmt v6.x Critical Path Management X      
Oracle Primavera P3 Critical Path Management X      
Oracle Spatial/SDO (Database Enterprise Internet/Intranet Application Tool)   X      
Oracle SQL Developer Programmer tool provides GUI for database development X      
OrgPlus 6, Standard, Professional Create Organization Charts X      
OrgPlus 7, Standard, Professional Create Organization Charts X      
OrgPlus 8 Pro 100
OrgPlus 8 Pro 5000
(Desktop Version)
Organizes work charts and is compatible with DES Human Resources products X      
Origin 7.0       X  
OSC - Falsework Check and Trenching and Shoring Check software Software developed in house by OSC for checking falsework and shoring designs X         X
Palm Bluetooth Card OEM   X      
Palm Bonus Software OEM   X      
Palm Desktop software & essentials OEM       X  
Palm m500 Installation CD OEM   X      
Panorama 5.0   X      
Parallels Desktop for MacOS         X
Panasonic Document Management System Software PJQMC0348VA December 2007 Document management including Send-to-Email, PC to Fax, Save as PDF, document file sharing and storage – To be used with the Panasonic DP-C405 Digital Color Copier System X      
Patchlink   X      
PCMT-2600 Interface 5.2 Allows PC to interface with the PCMT-2600 Conflict Monitor Tester for mandatory testing of traffic controllers X      
PC Travel for Windows (TSI, D5 Planning, D5 Traffic Ops)   X      
Pconnect v1       X  
PCVOBS v2.1 Simplifies entering vertical observation data records into Blue Book format X      
PDF Convert Pro v3, v4       X  
PDF XChange Viewer v1 (Not Approved)         X
PeakFQ v5.2 (Federal Hwy) Calculates peak flow from stream gage data X      
PDF Creator   X      
Peak Solutions
(DES Bridge, Architecture & Aesthetics)
Peak Traffic v3.7 Alows for downloading of traffic data from counters X      
PenMap (GIS)   X      
People Tools 7.x (Programming Tools)   X      
Percent View     5/08-1/09    
Performance Measures System (PEMS) (Transportation Management)   X      
PERL 5.8.0 Practical Extraction and Report Language   X      
Pesa CLICKCONTROL USER SOFTWARE, Questream Corp. Software control for LARTMC video swith. LARTMC has Pesa video switch, software will allow operators to select video remotely X      
(TSI, D5 Planning, D5 Traffic Ops)
PHP 4.3.1 Hypertext Preprocessor   X      
Pile Dynamic Analyzer-windows (aka PDA)       X  
PitStop Pro PDF Utility v8.0 Allows DTP-style edits & additions to and manipulations of Acrobat PDF documents X      
Pix Lab (Sharp Camera) OEM       X  
PKFQ Win v5.2 Estimates annual maximum peak flows for a range of recurrence intervals X      
Plaxis v.8 and dynamics module A finite element package for 2D and 3D analysis of deformation, stability and groundwater flow in geotechnical engineering. Geotechnical applications requiring advanced constitutive models for the simulation of the non-linear and time-dependent behavior of soils X      
Plaxis v8.5 and dynamics module A finite element package for 2D analysis of deformation, stability and groundwater flow in geotechnical engineering X      
Plaxis v8.6 and dynamics module A finite element package for 2D analysis of deformation, stability and groundwater flow in geotechnical engineering X      
PL/SQL   X      
Plaxis       X  
PlotUtility v1.05   X      
Pontis v5.1 Bridge Mgmt SW that is used to collect and store all National Bridge Inventory and bridge condition assessment info X      
PostGIS v1.3 Allows GIS objects to be sotred in the object relation PostgreSQL database X      
PostgreSQL v8.3 Relational database system X      
PostScript Adobe PostScript 3; 1999   X      
Primavera Claim Digger 3.0   X      
Primavera Contractor - Standard Edition with 750 activities Creates Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedules for Construction Projects X      
Primavera Suretrack Project Managers SW for construction work day scheduling X      
PrintMaster Platinum 11 Creates Banners, Newsletters, Flyers, Certificates X      
Pro/Engineer Foundation XW V (Parametric Technology) v3.0 Design and Analysis for specialty structures X      
ProEstimate Heavy (Bid Tabs Pro) v4   X      
Project Review   X      
Prompter v1.0 Creates horizontal control point records in Blue Book format with geodetic positions in geographic coordinates, state plane coordinates, or Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates X      
Property Analysis Record, PAR3 Calculates the initial and ongoing cost and endowment amount to manage specific project mitigation parcels in perpetuity using the most up-to-date management cost estimates X      
ProShake s/w       X  
Prosoft Netware v2.x
for MacOS X
Connectivity from MacOS based computers to Novell resources X      
Portable Document Format (PDF)   X      
PS Beam (Engineering Svcs/Structure Design)   X      
PS Girder v1.0.2   X      
PSLat (Geophysics, Geology)   X      
PSSEC v3.0.0   X      
PSSuper and PGSplice Analysis of precast girders joined by closure pour (splice). The two programs work w/each other   11/07 to 3/08    
Psync   X      
PTV Vision (Planning/Travel Forecasting)   X      
PulseEKKO Pro (Ekko Mapper) v3 Processing and visualization of GPR data for subsurface NDT investigations of foundations and pavement X      
PurePay for Windows XP Remedial and preventative hardware maintenance and software support coverage for the automated remittance processing system X      
PuTTY Terminal emulation X      
Quadstone Paramics v3, v4, v5, v6 Microsimulation modules providing powerful, integrated platform for modeling a complete range of real world traffic and transportation problems X      
Quantum ATL M2500 Tape Library for Novell (backup for 100 GB or less)   X      
QUEO   X      
Quickzone v.99 Provide traffic delay impact analysis and estimation   Approved thru 9/30/2008    
Quite Imposing Plus Production-oriented manipulation of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents X      
RadiCal v.50 (UCPRC) Help design concrete pavements X      
RandMcnally Thomas Brothers Map Displays roadmaps through out California and zooms in and out on demand X      
RapidTyping – Typing Tutor v2.4.1 Improves typing skills, provides onscreen feedback X      
Rarefind v3 California Department of Fish and Game Allows access and querying of the California Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB) X      
RAS-24 OS (Geophysics, Geology)   X      
RC _Pier
(Engineering Use Only
RealNetworks Real Server (Any Platform) (Streaming Media)   X      
RealPlayer 8.x updates (Desktop Media Player)   X      
RefManager v8 (Axiom)   X      
RES2DINV, RES3DINV (Geophysics, Geology)   X      
ReSSAa 1.0       X  
ReSSA 3.0 Design reinforced earth retaining walls and reinforced soil slopes X      
ReSSA 11.0       X  
Restore Plus (DES)   X      
Restructured Extended Executor Language (REXX)   X      
RetainWall v1.26 Engineering calculations for type of retaining wall X      
Retina 23040 IP Pack X      
Retrospect Express (DES)          
RFCAD v2.4.5 Generate maps, contour, sites propositions, terrain average studies, and train profiles in radio communications projects X      
Rich Text Format (RTF)   X      
RM2006 (Engineering Svcs/Structure Design)   X      
RoadMap Analysis v1.0 Automated interpretation and processing of larger radar data sets collected for pavement evaluation X      
RocData 4.0 Fast and accurate computations of rock strength   5/1/08-12/1-08    
RockPack III Analyzes field data collected from various rock bodies X   X  
RockWorks 2004 uupgrade (10)       X  
Roxio Toast Titanium Pro v10 (External Affairs Only) Authors and burns CDs and DVDs X      
RSMeans CostWorks   X      
RULES2 Modeling software that predicts long-term average annual erosion by water X      
S Wedge       X  
SAMwin Evaluates erosion, entrainment, transportation and deposition in alluvial streams X      
San Diego Ramp Metering System (SDRMS) (Transportation Management)   X      
SAP2000 v11 Client (Engineering Svcs/Structure Design)   X      
SAS g.1 Fata manipulation/statistical analysis to run the Travel Demand model X      
SAT 10 Nor. Cal       X  
SAT 10 So. Cal       X  
Satellite Operation Center Command System (SOCCS) (Transportation Management)   X      
SATMS (Transportation Management)   X      
SCADAAlarm 5.02       X  
SCADAlarm v6.0 Wonderware An alarm and event notification software X      
Scan Soft Paper Port Approved for Test Only   5/1/08-1/01/09    
Scanning Master 21+ Software - Graphtec Software required to drive the Graphtec CS500-Pro scanner - Includes both twain driver and control/editing software X      
Schedule Analyzer Pro / Enterprise CPM (Critical Path Management)
Schedule Analysis -
Note: Supports P3 and P6.
Does not support "Sure Track."
SCOUR2008A Monitors the performance of scour critical bridges during high flows X      
Screen3 a single source Gaussian plume model which provides maximum ground-level concentrations for point, area, flare, and volume sources X      
ScreenHunter 4.0       X  
ScreenView Commercial software providing improved interface for US EPA's wind rose plotting software   5/08-1/09    
SecureCRT v6.2 Emulation with strong encryption, data integrity, and authentication options of the Secure Shell Protocol- provides secure remote access, file transfer, and data tunneling X      
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Subpart B 1194.22 (Useability and Accessibility)   X      
SeisOpt Pro       X  
SeisOpt Pro v5.0   X      
SeisOpt ReMi   X      
Select Server 8   X      
Select Server 8.05 and XM   X      
Sentinel Protection Drivers v.Newest   X      
Serena Dimensions RM Requirement management tool for TMS projects X      
Settle-3D v1.006 3D program to perform consolidation and settlement analysis under foundations and embankments X      
SGI Mediabase Server;OS:SGI IRIX 6.4 (Streaming Media)   X      
SGI Mediabase Server; OS:SGI IRIX 6.4 (Streaming Media)   X      
SHAFT for Windows 4.0       X  
Shaft v5   X      
ShapeBuilder v4.0 Calculates geometric section properties, like area, moment of inertia, etc. for Bridge Structures X      
Sharpdesk Document Management Software v3.2 SW goest with Digital Copier is used for desktop-based personal document management applcation X      
Sherrill-Lubinski Java Webmap Runtime v4 SL-GMS Java Web map provides browser-based applications with extremely fast and compact Java classes that can be integrated into an applet or application X      
Shoring Suite v8 Aids the design and review of temporary earth retaining systems X      
Sigma Plot 2000       X  
SignCAD   X      
Signview (Transportation Management)   X      
SIMILE Exhibit
(Open Source Freeware)
Open Source JavaScript library that creates web data repository pages with advanced text search and filtering functions X      
SIMILE Timeline
(Open Source Freeware)
Visualize temporal information on an interactive drag-able timeline X      
SIMILE Timeplot
(Open Source Freeware)
Plot time series and overlay temporal events X      
SIMILE Exhibit
(Open Source Freeware)
Display images in a Coverflow-like visualization X      
Simtech Mindmapper Pro 2008 Brainstorm or collaborate thoughts into Mind Maps and turn them into MS-Office documents       X
Sketchup Pro 6 (Project Development)   X      
Slide v.5   X      
Slope/W       X  
Slope/W 2004 standalone perpetual license       X  
SmartDraw 2008 Create presentation-quality business graphics such as flowcharts, organizational charts, Gantt charts, timelines, floor plans, etc.       X
Smartsocket   X      
SnagIt - Subset of Camtasia   X      
SnailZ Use GoldNail     X  
SnailzWin Perform soil nail wall design X      
Sniffer - Total Network Visibility   X      
Sniffer Basic   X      
Software995, PDF995 Suite Creates PDFs       X
Solaris 9 - Network Operating System   X      
Sony Clie OS       X  
Sorenson Media Squeeze v5.0 Processes/Converts raw/uncompressed video and motion graphics into standardized formats for distribution by External Affairs using Caltrans’ web dissemination standard, or distribution by Toll Bridge Construction to recipients within California State government, partner agencies or consultants X Pocket Controller Pro Device emulator for training, etc. X      
SpinRite v6.0 Gibson Research Corporation Hard drive sector analysis and recovery X      
SoundPLAN 6.4 Noise and Air Pollution Modeling X      
SPCS83 v2.1 Converts NAD 83 state plane coordinates to NAD 83 geographic positions and conversely X      
Spectrum Z510 3D Software for a 3D Printer X      
Sprint - PCS Vision (DTS)   X      
SQLPLUX 8.x - Database Enterprise Internet/Intranet Application Tool   X      
SQRIBE 8.x -Database Enterprise Internet/Intranet Application Tool   X      
SSR Viewer 3.1 Slope analysis of data collected by the SSR field unit X      
Standard TransCad Software   X      
Starnet Pro v6.0.31   X      
Starplus Software STAR*DINI Conversion Utility v1.0 Conversion utility that enables users of the Trimble DiNi level to extract the raw data from the level and convert it into the Star*Net format X      
Starplus – Star*TopDL Downloading of the Topcon Digital Levels data for input to Starnet X      
Statistical Analysis System - SAS   X      
Statistical Analysis System - SAS Base v9.1.3 Data manipulation/Statistical Analysis X      
Storage Tek library for Unix - Backup for more than 100 GB   X      
StorEdge vL10 and Accompanying suite Operating system software for StorEdge file Storage device X      
StormCAD Provides comprehensive modeling for the design and analysis of storm sewer system X      
Street Atlas Export information from Oracle and plot locations X      
Structured Query Language (SQL)   X      

Stylus Studio 2008 (Being tested in conjunction w/ Altova Mission Kit 2008)

Facilitates mapping of data between different file formats e.g. (Excel, TXT, CSV, XML) etc.   5/1/08-9/30/08    
Sun iPlanet4.0 - Formally Netscape Enterprise Server - Web Server   X      
Sun Microsystems MySQL v5.1 Open Source Database Management System X      
Sun Java Development Kit for Java 2 Std 1.3 - Programming Tools   X      
Sun tape library for Unix - Backup for more than 100 GB   X      
SuperContainer 360Works SuperContainer v2.1.6 Upload, view, and download images and files from the Web server X      
Surface Water Modeling System v10 Engineering app for surface water modeling to support the design of drainage systems for state highway projects X      
Surfer       X  
Surfer 7.0 (Geophysics, Geology)   X      
Surfer v8.0 Goldensoftware Contouring and 3D surface mapping. Converts data into contour, surface, wireframe, vector, image, shaded relief, and post maps X      
Surprise Simple Journal v1.1 Activity tracking journal with separate activity books, searchable and time stamps X      
Survey Monkey   X      
Surveylink   X      
SWIFD/all (Geophysics, Geology)   X      
Symantec Ghost (Image Management)       X  
Synchro 6
Approved for D-03 Traffic Ops use only. Licensing: must concurrent load w/ Synchro 7
Intersection traffic analysis for signal timing plans. X      
Synchro/Simtraffic 7.0 Intersection Analysis
(Traffic Ops)
Intersection traffic analysis for signal timing plans X      
Synchro/Simtraffic 7/3D Viewer   X      
Synchronous Data Link Control   X      
System Network Architecture - SNA   X      
Tagged Image File Format for Image Technology -TIFF/IT   X      
TealLock Standard -Palm OS PDAs 3rd Party PDA Encryption X      
Team mate EWP vR8-SP2 Audit Mgmt Software   6/1/08-6/1/09    
Telelogic System Architect -Data Dictionary/Modeling   X      
Terrain Navigator Pro Aerial Photo   X      
TerraSync Pro   X      
TextPad Text editor for capturing html and other code X      
The VR Worx - VR Toolbox 2.0       X  
Thomas F. Blake - FRISKSP 4.0 Provides probabilistic seismic hazard analysis X      
Thomas Guides       X  
Thomas Guides 2006, LA, Orange, Sacto, Solano, Ventura       X  
Tidy Cleans up messy html pages X      
Timberline Office Estimating Extended (DES)   X      
TMCI HVAC SERVICE WebCTRL v4.1 Controls automation for HVAC (Heat, Ventilating, and Air Unit) for building X      
ToggleActive Synce   X      
Toladd v1.0 Adds a user specified shift in seconds to each input latitude and longitude X      
Thompson-West LiveNote Real-time court deposition access X      
Thompson-West Legal Solutions – Judicial Forms Creator (aka Pro Doc California Litigation) Creates case specific jury instructions and related pleadings X      
Thompson-West BAJI/CACI (West) Jury Instructions Allows for search, edit, select, and print of BAJI/CACI civil jury instructions X      
Tool for Oracle Application Develpers - TOAD -Programming Tools   X      
Topconlink   X      
TopoFlight 3D Flight Planning Software X      
TOPO USA       X  
TOS 2.0 (Transportation Management)   X      
Traffic Software 7.9 for CEQA Act
(Traffic Ops)
Traffic Software Integrated System (TSIS) aka Corsim v6.0 Traffic analysis microsimulation tool that models transportation corridors X      
TransCAD (Planning)   X      
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol - TCP/IP   X      
TransModeler v2.0 Microsimulation modeling - traffic analysis X      
Transoft Solutions TORUS Roundabouts v1.0 Software specific to the design and evaluation of Roundabout intersections X      
Transportation Accounting and Management System -TRAMS- Financial Management   X      
Transportation Operations and Project  Support System (TOPSS) (Human Resources)   X      
Traverse PC         X
TRAXPro (TSI, D5 Planning, D5 Traffic Ops)   X      
Trend Micro - Anti-Virus   X      
Trial Director (Legal)   X      
Trimble Business Center v1.10   X      
Trimble Business Center v2.00 Surveying Office software which transfers GNSS field data into the office for data processing X      
Trimble Geomatics Office   X      
Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office   X      
Trimble Navigation Planning v2.x Trimble Navigation Engineering Application Plug-In X      
Trimble Navigation RWS Advanced Register, visualize, explore and manipulate as-built or scene point cloud data collected with a Trimble Spatial Imaging Sensor X      
Trimble PointScape v4 Control unit SW for Trimble 3D scanners X      
Trimble RealWorks v6 Register, visualize, explore, and manipulate as-built or scene point cloud data to export into CaiCE or Microstation. Interfaces with Trimble VX Spatial Station X      
Trimble RealWorks v6 Viewer View data from the Trimble v.X Spatial Station, and from RealWorkds data X      
Trimble Station Integrity Manager Replacing old rover and base station RTK land surveying method X      
Trimble Survey Controller v.Newest   X      
Troxler - Calibration Suite 2000 Calibrates Nuclear Density gauges X      
TS4000 Configuration Program v5.32 Configure Teledesign TS4000 radio modems X      
Turbo Architecture v1.0, v3.1, v4.0 (USDOT) Architecture SW that provies a common framework for planning, defining, and integrating intelligent transportation systems X      
Turbo C++ Programming Software X      
Tzpile 2.0       X  
Uleade Photo Impact v.X3 Allows for quick changes to TIF files to simple raster files X      
Ultra Edit Text Editor   X      
United Systems Software Company ~ Appraisal Studio v.HighPerForm Residential Appraisal SW X      
URBEMIS (Environmental/Planning)   X      
USDA NRCS Soil Data Viewer Creates soil-based thematic maps X      
USGG2003 Update of the G99SSS model. USGG2003 covers only the coterminous U.S. X      
USNG v2.1 Converts between USNG, UTM and geodetic lat/long X      
Utimaco SafeGuard PDA Personal Edition for Windows Mobile 3rd Party Encryption for Windows PDAs X      
UTMS v1.1 Converts geographic coordinates lat and long on the Clarke 1866, GRS 80/WGS 84, International, WGS 72, or any user defined re ellipsoid to Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates and vice versa X      
Vangarde v1.7
(RW Office of Land Surveys)
VDatum Under development as part of the joint NOAA/USGS Bathymetric Topgraphic Demonstration Project and is a tool for the conversion of elevation data among 28 diff vertical datums X      
VectorWorks 8.5.1       X  
Veritas Backup Exec for NetWare Server 8.5 - Backup   X      
Vertcon v2.1 Computes the modeled difference in orthometric height between the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 and the National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 for a given location spec by latitude and longitude X      
VFPROC v3.33 Computes and verifies vertical field observations (leveling data) and formats this data to conform to Blue Book specifications X      
Viewseis (Geophysics & Geology)   X      
Virtis v5.2 (AASHTO) Bridge load rating software X      
Virtual Reality Modeling Language - VRML - Presentation   X      
Vision Suite (VISUM and VISSIM) Micro/Macrosimulation modeling for traffic analysis X      
Visual Analysis 6.0 Graphic interface computer modeling of structures X      
Visual Basic (Microsoft)   X      
Visual Basic 6.0 (Microsoft)       X  
Visual Processional - Acuity
Visual Thesaurus 3 Electronic Thesaurus X      
Visual Urban HY22 Pertforms tasks in metric for urban drainage design X      
VMware Infrastructure Enterprise v3.5 Host multiple virtual servers on a single physical host X      
VMware Workstation Host multiple virtual servers on a single physical host X      
Voxler v.1 or better, Golden Software Create 3-D time or depth images of ground penetrating radar data produced by Ekko Mapper v.3, used in non destructive testing X      
W3C WAI-WEbcoNTENT-19990505 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 - Useability and Accessibility   X      
Wallace Wireless Information Communicator Enables existing Caltrans Blackberry users to view Traffic Congestion Relief web cameras via their handheld devices X      
WareCentral Printkey 2000 v5.10 Screen capture X      
Warrants 7 Determines whether intersections meet minimum criteria to install new traffic signals at intersections X      
WASP Inventory Control Professional v4 Manages and Tracks non-IT inventory X      
Wasp Labeler       X  
WASP Mobile Inventory       X  
Water Surface Pressure v14.06 WSPGW program computes and plots uniform water surface profiles and pressure gradients in open channels and/or losed conduits with regular or irregular sections X      
Weathermatic Netware 6.30 (San Bernardino) Manages field irrigation controllers X      
Web Browser - Presentation   X      
WebEx (also see Microsoft Live Meeting) Video Conferencing X      
Web ID Server Identity Information Software - Server Software v1.1, Workstation Software v6.5 Facilitates the printing of Photo ID Badges and stores identity information for Caltrans staff and partners X      
WinABUT 1.1.5   X      
WinBAG v3.0.6 (DES/Office of Earthquake Eng)   X      
WinConc v2.0.1   X      
Windows 2000 Dial Up Networking   X      
Windows Desktop Search Utility Assist in finding documents on the LAN or PC X      
Windows Media Player 9.x with security updates - Desktop Media Player   X      
Windows Media Server -NT- Streaming Media   X      
Windows NT Dial Up Networking - (Dial in for Workstations & Laptops)   X      
Windows NT4.0 - Network Operating System       X  
Windows XP Dial Up Networking -(Dial in for Workstations and Laptops)   X      
WinFOOT v3.3.0   X      
WinMagic SecureDoc Mobile Edition -(newer Windows OS PDAs 3rd Party Encryption for Windows PDAs X      
WinMerge Dreamweaver add-on that asssists with fixing bad web pages by comparing them w/good pages and noting differences X      
WinNFOOT V v2.04   X      
WinRAC Plus, RAC Plus Interface v1.1.21 Links electronic POSTmiles and GPS coordinates X      
WinRock   X      
(Open Source)
Secure FTP ~ Alternative to FileZilla X      
WinTR-20 v1.0 Engineering application for hydrology analysis to support the design of drainage features for state highway projects - a storm event surface water hydrologic model applied at a watershed scale X      
WinTR-55 v1.0 Engineering application for hydrology analysis to support the design of drainage features for state highway projects - a single-event rainfall-runoff small watershed hydrologic model X      
WinYield v3.07   X      
WinZip 8.1 and higher (Site License) File Compression Tool     X  
WWirecast v3.0 for Windows Capture live video for web streaming video productions X      
Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) specifications   X      
WMS Hydrologic Analysis Software X      
WRPLOT View Commercial post processor for AERMOD and ISC3 models providing percentile breakdowns of results   5/08-1/09    
Wsim (UC Berkeley) Freeway weaving analysis based on Disruptive Lane Changes (DLC) methodology X      
XAMPP Installer for PHP and MySQL components X      
Xenu Link Sleuth Helps to find broken links on internet pages X      
Xmap 5.2 GIS editor w/USA street level database X      
Xmap v6 GIS editor w/usa street level base data 2009 Provides pavement condition survey with the ability to locate repeatable sample points over the entire state. Supplies navigation software to assist the return to the exact sample location X      
xmCHART v3.2 Adds charting functionality/report generation to existing FileMaker Software X      
Xtools Pro 4.0   X      
XyzWin v2.0 Provides methods for converting between Geodetic Lat and Long Ellipsoid_ht and XYZ on the GRS80 Ellipsoid X      
Yabb (Use Simple Machines Forum)         X
Z/I Mission (Office of Photogrammetry) Use TopoFlight     X