California Department of Transportation

Slow for the Cone Zone


2010 "Slow for the Cone Zone" Poster Contest Winners

The “Slow for the Cone Zone” poster contest takes place each year and is open to he children and grandchildren of Caltrans employees. The contest gives the children an opportunity to express their message about the importance of driving safely in or near highway work zones. It also allows them to be part if Caltrans’ education outreach and life-saving message. The contest was open to children and grandchildren 17 years old or younger. The posters were judged on creativity, reflection of highway safety theme, and the use of color.

While the posters may differ greatly in appearance, they all convey the same important message, “Slow for the Cone Zone.”

Overall Winner - Megan Maniago

overall winner poster by Megan ManiagoMegan Maniago and her Dad

Megan Maniago, 13, is from Eagle Rock in Los Angeles County. Her poster idea came when she saw Caltrans employees working while cars drove by at a high speed. Megan has heard the tragic stories of highway workers being injured while on duty, from her father, Ted Maniago, who is a Caltrans Associate Information Systems Analyst in Southern California District 7. Megan is saddened with the stories and wants to share her thoughts in her drawing.

Megan is in advanced classes at Eagle Rock High School. She enjoys drawing, listening to music, and playing video games. She hopes one day to become a freelance illustrator.

15 - 17 years-old

Audrey Yue's PosterAudrey Yue and her Mom

Audrey Yue is a 16 year old from Los Angeles county. She is the daughter of Zoe Yue, a Caltrans Supervising Transportation Engineer. She hopes her poster conveys a simple message to drivers: Real live people work behind the Cone Zone. Audrey's hobbies are art and music. She also likes to play water polo, ski, travel, and enjoys history. She is considering going to college to earn a law degree.

12 - 14 years-old

Kristina's PosterKristina Alvarez and her Dad

Kristina Alvarez, is 14 years old, and is the granddaughter of Dennis Costa, an Equipment Operator with the District 12 Maintenance Sign Crew. Kristina is a well-rounded student who has always been interested in art. She loves to swim, cook, craft, and listen to music.

"The day I was working on the poster, we went for a drive. I was very aware of how cars were driving. We all need to be careful because people's lives are at stake—even ours in the cars."

9 - 11 years-old

Clayton's PosterClayton Galassi and his Dad

Clayton Galassi is 9 years old. He is a 4th grader at Amesti School in Watsonville, CA. "I wanted to draw this picture because my dad (Arrin Galassi, Equipment Operator, District 5) told me about the dangers of working on the highways and the new "Move Over" law. I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it, so my dad and his co-workers will all be safe." Clayton enjoys riding dirt bikes, skateboarding, and playing baseball.

8 years-old and under

Cheryl's PosterCheryl Kuo and her Dad

Cheryl Kuo is a 7-year-old girl from Elk Grove. She has a passion for drawing and wants to use her talent to remind everyone of the importance of safety around the Cone Zone. Her father, Philip Kuo, works in Caltrans Headquarters Division of Engineering Services as a Senior Transportation Engineer. Besides drawing, Cheryl also enjoys playing piano, singing, and dancing. She has an agreement with her pediatrician to become a doctor in the future.