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23 CFR 200; 49 CFR 21
The Department Rail Program manages and coordinates intercity rail passenger
services in California. The Rail Program directly administers two State-supported
routes, the San Joaquin running from the Bay Area to Bakersfield via Stockton (with
one train operating between Sacramento and Stockton to Bakersfield) and the
Pacific Surfliners (formerly the San Diegans) running from San Diego to Los Angeles
and San Luis Obispo. These routes are supplemented by dedicated feeder bus service
connecting outlying communities with intercity rail stations along each of the
corridors. Amtrak operates the rail and bus services under contract with the State.
The Rail Program also provides funding and oversight to the Capitol Corridor
Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) which has the responsibility for administering
the Capitols which run from San Jose/Oakland to Sacramento/Auburn. The CCJPA,
in turn, contracts with Amtrak to operate the Capitols and their feeder buses.
Planning and Project Development Process
Refer to the “Requirements for All Programs” and “Emphasis Programs” requirements
sections for guidance. Because Rail is an external program, the focus will be placed
on oversight, monitor and review. Approach the discussions requirements from an
oversight perspective with the exception of the “Contract/Grants/Permits/Loans
Assurances” and “Complaint Handling” sections which may directly apply.

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