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NATIVE AMERICANS Table of Contents

The Department’s Division of Transportation Planning, Office of Regional and
Interagency Planning, Native American Liaison Branch has prepared the California
Transportation Guide for Native Americans. This document was developed to serve
as a tool to assist transportation entities within California—Native American and
non-Native American—in understanding the requirements (statutes, regulations,
policies) that govern the funding and planning of transportation projects. The guide
is specifically designed towards the issues and concerns of federally recognized
tribal governments.
A review of the table of contents included in this appendix serves as an overview.
For a complete copy of the guide, contact the Native American Liaison Branch at
(916) 653-3175 or go to their web address at:
The Department’s Director’s Policy on Working with Native American Communities
is also included. This policy states: “When working on issues affecting Native American
communities, the Department acts consistently, respectfully and sensitively. When
there are regulatory, statutory and/or procedural impediments limiting the
Department’s ability to work effectively and consistently with Native American
communities, the Department seeks to resolve such impediments.”
Refer to the following guidance documents for direction when working with Native
American communities.

For individuals with Limited English Proficiency and sensory disabilities, this information is available in various languages, Braille, large print, on audio-cassette, or computer disk. To obtain a copy in one of these alternate formats, please call or write to the California Department of Transportation, Office of Business & Economic Opportunity - MS #79, 1823 14th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 324-1700, toll free 1-866-810-6346, FAX (916) 324-1949.