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Applicants Called for Interview

References: California Code of Regulations, Administration, Title 2, Section 599.634, Department of Human Resources (CalHR), PML 93-28 and SAM 0725


Applies only to persons who are not currently employed by the State.

Required approvals: Appointing power and Division of Accounting (Travel Policy Section).

Reimbursement may be allowed for expenses of professional and technically trained applicants for State employment who are called for employment interviews.

Allows the appointing power to request payment of actual transportation expenses not to exceed ground transportation to and from the nearest airport and one round trip air coach fare, plus applicable tax, between the location from which the applicant is called and the location where the interview is held. However, if an applicant is called from outside the boundaries of the United States, reimbursement shall only apply to that portion of fare for travel within the United States.

The appointing power may also request all or part of lodging and meal expenses in the place where the interview is held, when the appointing power has demonstrated the following:

  1. Reasonable efforts were made to coordinate applicant’s transportation and interview schedule;
  2. Available transportation options were explored with regard to timeliness and convenience; and
  3. Resulting interview and transportation arrangements reasonably required the applicant to incur the cost for which reimbursement is being claimed.

Reimbursement for meal and lodging expenses may not exceed the rates provided in CCR 599.619. See Chapter 3.

Exception Criteria

The criteria for this exception are as follows:

  • The applicant must have been called to interview for a classification for which it has been determined that the expenditure is necessary in order to recruit qualified persons needed by the State.
  • The determination and certification for the position must be made in writing and the request for approval to pay expenses must be submitted before the applicant is called for the interview.
  • Reimbursement for these expenses shall be limited to the time period that is directly related to the candidate's scheduled interview.
  • Reimbursement shall not be authorized for time spent at the interview location resulting from the candidate's decision to remain for personal reasons.

Requests made by the appointing authority must be in writing and submitted in advance or as soon as circumstances are known. Submit requests to the Travel Policy Section and include the following information:

  1. Name and address of the applicant and the site of the interview.
  2. Title or classification of open position and justification to pay for expenses.
  3. Dates of requested travel expenses and estimated amount of per diem expenses, including tax.

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