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Transit Incentives

References:  California Code of Regulations, Administration, Title 2, Section 599.936, Bargaining Unit Contracts, and Department of Human Resources (CalHR) PML 92-100


A transportation incentive program was developed to encourage employees to use alternate means of transportation when commuting to and from work. This program promotes air quality, reduces traffic congestion, and conserves energy by reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road.

Employees using an authorized transportation method, which includes public transportation and vanpools, may receive a subsidy to apply toward their monthly transportation cost. Transportation subsidies are currently not taxable to the employee.

When purchasing transit passes, employees are certifying they are the sole recipient and user of the passes. Transit passes are not to be given or sold to other parties, including family members or friends.

Transit Incentives

Employees working in areas served by mass transit, including rail, bus, or other commercial transportation licensed for public conveyance shall be eligible for a 75% discount on monthly public transit passes up to a maximum of $65 per month.

A transit incentive is available in one of two ways:

  1. Discounted transit passes/tickets are available for purchase at local Caltrans cashiering offices. These passes are discounted 75% of the full cost up to a maximum of $65 at the time of purchase; therefore, reimbursement through the TEC process is prohibited. For detailed information regarding discounted transit passes, contact the local cashiering office.
  1. Employees purchasing transit passes/tickets* from local transit agencies at regular price shall be eligible for a 75% discount, up to a maximum of $65 per month. Employees can submit the receipt on a travel expense claim (TEC) for reimbursement. *Note: Employees are encouraged to purchase a full month of tickets at the beginning of the month for ease of reimbursement at the full allowable amount.
    • Reimbursement for passes/tickets (e.g. RT, BART) will be based on the date of receipt. If the employee purchased the passes/tickets in the current month of incentive reimbursement, he/she can request transit reimbursement for the current month or future month. Employee cannot be reimbursed for prior months if the date of receipt is current month of reimbursement.
    For example:
    • If an employee bought tickets on April 25th, he/she can claim for the month of April or May. The employee cannot claim reimbursement for the month of March. No reimbursement for prior month with current month receipt.
    • If an employee hasn't claimed the maximum on his/her transit reimbursement for the month up to 75% and maximum of $65, he/she can claim the difference if the receipt shows within the month that the employee hasn't claimed the maximum amount.


Employees purchasing transit passes from local transit agencies at regular price shall be eligible for a 75% discount, up to a maximum of $65 per month. To claim a transit subsidy submit the following:

  • A Travel Expense Claim , Form FA0302, approved by the supervisor. The transit subsidy expenditures should be charged to:
    Unit Your new Unit Code
    Object 9134
    Sub Object 8152
    Amount Up to allowable reimbursement amount

  • A valid receipt that includes:
    • Month, day, and year of payment.
    • Printed name of employee.
    • Amount of payment.

  • Send the complete TEC package, original plus one copy, to the Division of Accounting, Travel Payments Section.

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