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Clark Paulsen, Division Chief

Travel Exceptions
Short-Term Subsistence Beyond 30 Days

References: California Code of Regulations (CCR) 599.619 and Bargaining Unit Contracts

Required approvals: Appointing power and the Division of Accounting (Travel Policy Section).

Short-term subsistence (per diem) will be discontinued after the 30th consecutive day assigned to one location unless an extension has been previously documented and approved by the Division of Accounting's Travel Policy Section.

Returning to the home or headquarters location on days off or weekends does not interrupt the continuity of the assignment and does not exempt the travel from long-term assignment requirements.

Travel expense claims without an exception approval will be reimbursed in accordance with the applicable long-term rates cited by the bargaining unit contract and CCR section 599.619 (1). For information on long-term reimbursement rates, see Long-Term Assignment.

Efforts to secure lodging at an establishment that offers long-term, extended stay or monthly rates catering to the long-term visitor must be documented prior to filing an extension request.

All requests must include the following information:

  1. Name and job classification of employee.

  2. Beginning date and anticipated ending date of assignment. Consideration will be given to remaining length of the travel assignment.

  3. The business need and circumstances which justify an extension of the short-term rate.

  4. A description of efforts that were made to secure long-term accommodations including documentation of contact with establishments catering to the long-term visitor.

  5. Attach a completed and approved Form FA1350, "Long-Term Assignment Information Certification of Subsistence Rates".

Submit requests to the Travel Policy Section.

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