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Clark Paulsen, Division Chief

Long-Term Assignments
Transportation Expenses

References: California Code of Regulations, Administration, Title 2, Sections 599.626 and 599.626.1, Department of Human Resources (CalHR) PML 88-10, Vehicle Home Storage Permit Guidelines


Qualifying employees: All bargaining units and excluded employees.

Department policy requires an employee to use the method of transportation that is in the best interest of the State, considering both direct expenses as well as employee time. Employees using a State owned (or leased) vehicle must report personal use via Form PM0041 Personal Use of State Vehicle.

Transportation expenses will be allowed in the following instances:

  • Between living accommodations at the long-term assignment (LTA) location and restaurants to obtain meals.
  • Between living accommodations at the LTA location and the job site.
  • Between the employee's primary/permanent residence and the LTA location at the start and end of the assignment.
  • In the conduct of official State business.
  • To and from a common carrier when authorized to return to the employee's primary/permanent location.
  • To commute daily to and from the LTA job site when no subsistence expenses are claimed and with the appointing authority's approval.
  • When the appointing authority approves the employee's return to headquarters.
  • When the appointing authority has given prior approval to the employee to return to his or her primary/permanent residence on regularly scheduled day(s) off.

No transportation expenses are allowed when the employee leaves the LTA location for personal business.

See Chapter 11 for detailed information regarding automobile transportation.


Commute Mileage in Lieu of Subsistence

When commuting daily to the LTA location in lieu of subsistence (per diem) reimbursement, mileage is reimbursed from the employee's primary/permanent residence or headquarters, whichever is less. The appointing authority must authorize the payment of commute mileage on the Long-Term Assignment Information and Certification of Subsistence Rates, Form FA1350. The form must indicate "Commute mileage in lieu of subsistence."

Bridge and road tolls are not reimbursable when claiming commute mileage in lieu of subsistence.


Private Vehicles

An employee may claim transportation expenses within the following guidelines:

  • Actual mileage up to 25 miles per day for obtaining meals during regularly scheduled days off (weekends and holidays) provided the employee does not return to his or her primary/permanent residence or headquarters, but remains at the LTA location.

  • Actual private car mileage up to 25 miles per day for travel between the employee's living accommodations at the LTA location, the LTA job site, and to obtain meals.

  • Appropriate transportation expenses (including bridge and road tolls) when returning with supervisor's approval to the primary/permanent residence or headquarters on days off. An employee should review the cost comparison criteria within Chapter 11, Cost Comparison when driving in lieu of flying.

An employee who uses his or her private vehicle on State business and who claims actual daily mileage up to 25 miles per day must separate the mileage reported on the travel expense claim from any additional business mileage incurred during regular work hours.

Supervisors are required to review claims for reasonableness of mileage claimed.



All employees on an Long Term Assignment are required to complete and submit a "Personal Use of State Vehicle", Form PM0041, for personal use of all State-owned (or leased) vehicles to his or her supervisor on the last day of each month. The form is required when using a state owned (or leased) vehicle for daily commutes from the LTA residence to the LTA job site, miscellaneous non-business trips, etc. Employees assigned a Home Storage Permit (HSP) must submit the Form PM0041 via the Division of Equipment’s HSP database.

See the policy on the use of State-owned or leased vehicles here: Vehicle Home Storage Permit Guidelines.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy when approving the Form PM0041.

Employees without an approved HSP that have personal use to report must fax or mail the PM0041 to the Division of Accounting, Travel Policy Section no later than the third (3rd) calendar day of the subsequent month Fax number (916) 227-9357.

Mail to the Division of Accounting's Travel Policy Section:

  • Inter-office mail: Mail Station 25.
  • U.S. mail: PO Box 168018, Sacramento, CA 95816-8018.
  • Overnight courier: Available at District cashiering offices.

Parking and Tolls

Parking and tolls are not reimbursable while at the LTA location, except to and from a common carrier when authorized by the supervisor to return to the employee's primary/permanent residence or headquarters.

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