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Clark Paulsen, Division Chief

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What Browser is best for viewing this site?
The Department of Transportation selected Microsoft's Internet Explorer as the authorized browser for department workstations. Users should find that other major browsers (Firefox, Safari and Opera) should work as well. Internet Explorer is available free of charge. To get it, click here.




Can I go to another detail page without returning to the map or listing pages?
Unfortunately we are limited by restrictions and must answer no. However if you click on Reports near the top, you will be taken back to the main reports page where you can begin another search.




How do I return to the Map page?
Click on Reports near the top, you will be taken back to the main reports page.






How do I view detailed reimbursement information on a specific project?
Click on the Reports button on the left hand side of the screen. From here you have three options:
1)You may enter the EA number in the box to go directly to the desired detailed reimbursement information.

2)You may click on the View District List and Map link. This will display a map of Caltrans Districts and a corresponding list. Click on the district in which your project is located. This will present a list of all EA's for that District. Click on the desired project to view detailed reimbursement information.

3)You may click on the View County List link. This will display a list of all California Counties. Click on the county in which your project is located. This will present you with a list of all projects for the district. Select your desired project to view detailed reimbursement information.




How do I use the Contributor Project Cost Information report?
There are two ways of accessing the data. The most direct method is to enter the expediture authorization number (EA) in the text box in the blue menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Format your EA as district number and EA (i.e. 01-234567, where 01 is the district in which your EA was originated and 234567 is your EA number). This method will take you directly to your information. Using the second method, You first must determine your district. From the list on the left determine which district includes the county of the project. Select that district. Note: if you can determine your location better from the map on the right, you may also select your district directly from the map. In either case, you will be forwarded to a list of Expenditure Authorization (EA) numbers for that district. From the list, select the EA that you wish to view.




What is a District?
Caltrans is divided into 12 Districts throughout the State. Our District Map provides a breakdown of each county and its respective Caltrans District.




What is an EA?
The term EA stands for Expenditure Authorization. It is Caltrans' way of identifying individual projects in its accounting system. Each agreement or cooperative agreement is assigned an EA number for each phase of the work being performed. Detailed project information on this website is grouped by EA, so this number is necessary for project look-up.




How often is the Financial information on the Contributor Project Cost Information report updated?
The Contributor Project Cost Information report financial Information is updated monthly with the prior month's data on approximately the 25th each month.




I am a Transportation Authority, how do I know which district our projects are with?
It depends on the county the Transportation Authority represents. Consult the District map which lists the counties in each district. If you still need assistance, please consult the contacts page and call any ASC District Contact for help.




How can I identify which projects I'm interested in?
Caltrans uses a 6 digit Expenditure Authorization (EA) for every project. The EA is identified on the cooperative agreement that is signed by each party. It is referenced on all invoices and on all expenditure reports provided to the contributor. In some instances your EA number may be preceded by a two (2) digit prefix. This prefix represents the district in which the EA originated.






Who do I contact if I have questions regarding financial information for a project?
You should contact your Division of Accounting District Contact. A list of contacts can be found in the Contacts section of our site.




Where can I send correspondence?
Caltrans Division of Accounting
ATTN: Reimbursement Receivables, MS:33
P.O. Box 168043
Sacramento, CA 95816-8043




Where can I send my payments?
ATTN: Headquarters Cashier
P.O. Box 168019
Sacramento, CA 95816-8019




I pay my invoices by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). What are the EFT due dates for the year?
Our site contains a Payment Date Schedule listing these dates.




Why did nothing happen when I clicked on the contact person's email address?
If you clicked on the email address link and nothing happened your browser has not been configured to send out email.

For instructions on setting these configurations see your browser's Help section However it is suggested that you contact your help desk, system administrator or other IT/MIS personnel for help since the majority of users of these pages will be government or corporate network users.