California Department of Transportation
State of California  
Major Construction Payment & Information System  
Caltrans Construction Projects by Contractor

Contractors are listed in alphabetical order. Please click on the letter below that matchesthe first letter of the Contractor's name, then browse through that list for the Contractor you are seeking.

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3 D Enterprises Incorporated

3D Enterprises Inc

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4-Con Engineering, Inc

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6 Rivers Construction, Inc.

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A A A Solar Electric Inc

A And R Construction Corp

A B Hashmi Inc

A C C U Construction

A C C U Construction Inc

A F A Construction Inc


A G E General Construction

A G E General Construction Inc.

A J Acosta Company Inc

A J Diani Construction Co Inc

A J Diani Construction Co, Inc

A J Diani Construction Co., Inc.

A J Vasconi, Inc.

A P Engineering Corporation

A. Teichert & Son Inc. DBA Teichert Cons

A. Teichert & Son, Inc. dba Teichert Agg

A. Teichert & Son, Inc., DBA Teichert Co

A.M. Concrete, Inc

ABC Construction Co., Inc.

Abhe and Svoboda Inc

ABSL Construction , Inc

Acacia Landscaping & Erosion Control

ACC / Top Grade JV

ACCU Construction Inc.

ACE Engineering Inc

Ace Fence Company

Acme Concrete Paving Inc

Adams & Smith, Inc.

Advanced Remedial Services Inc

Advantage Paving and Excavating Inc

Aegis ITS Inc

Agee Construction Corporation

Aggregate Products Inc

Aggregate Products, Inc.

AIS Construction Company

AIS Construction Company


Alaniz Construction Inc

Alcorn Fence Company

Alcorn Fence Company

All American Asphalt

All American Asphalt

All American Asphalt

All American Asphalt

All American Rentals

All Phase Excavating & Construction Inc

AllClear, Inc.

Allen L Bender Inc

Alliance Contracting, Inc

Alliance Contracting, Inc.

Allied Paving Company

Allied Paving Company

AMCO Builders

AMD Construction Group, Inc

Amerc Inc

America Pacific Construction

America West Landscape Inc

America West Landscape Inc

American Bridge /Fluor Enterprises

American Civil Constructors

American Civil Constructors West Coast I

American Civil Constructors West Coast,

American Electrical Contractor

American Paving Co.

American West Landscape Inc

Ames Construction Inc

Ames Construction, Inc


Amland Corporation

Amland Corporation

Amtek Construction

Andrew Sturgeon Construction

Angus Asphalt Inc.

Anozira Incorporated

Answell Construction Inc

Anvil Builders Inc

Apex Environmental

Apex Fence Co. Inc.

Apply-A-Line Inc.

APW Construction, Inc.


Arborworks Inc

Argonaut Constructors

Argonaut Constructors

Arrow Fencing

Arthurs Contracting Inc

Arthurs Contracting Inc


Ashron Construction & Restoration Inc

Ashron Construction and Restoration Inc

Aspen Developers Corp

Asphalt Construction Co Inc

Atkinson Constractors LP

Atlas Tree Surgery, Inc

Atom Engineering Construction, Inc.

Auburn Gardening & Landscape

Auburn Gardening & Landscape

Autobahn Construction Inc

Autobahn Construction Inc

Aztec Landscape Construction

Aztec Landscaping, Inc.

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B & B Developers

B & H Excavating

B & M Builders Inc.

B A Construction

B And B Concrete Construction Co

B E C Construction Co

Baldwin Contracting Co Inc

Baldwin Contracting Company Inc.

Baldwin Contracting Company Inc

Baldwin Contracting Company Inc dba

Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc

Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc

Balfour Beatty/ Ortiz Enterprises Inc

Balfour Betty Construction Inc

Baltazar Construction, Inc

Banshee Construction Company Inc

Bauman Landscape Incorporated

Bauman Landscape, Inc

Bay Cities Paving And Grading Inc

Bay Cities Paving and Grading, Inc.

Bay Cities/Myers JV

Bay Cities/Myers JV

Bay Line Construction

Bay Line Cutting & Coring Inc.

Bay Line Cutting and Coring Inc

Bayline Cutting and Coring Inc

Beador & Son Construction Company, Inc.

Beador Construction Company Inc

Bear Electrical Solutions Inc

Belaire West Landscape Inc

Belaire West Landscaping Inc.

Bena Company

Benco Contracting And Engineering

Bentancourt Bros. Construction Inc.

Berkeley Engineering Co Inc

Bert W Salas Inc

Bert W Salas Inc

Best Electric

Biondi Paving Inc

Blaisdell Construction Inc

Blaisdell Construction Inc

Blaisdell Construction Inc

Blanco Construction

Bleyco Incorporated

Blois Construction Inc

Blois Construction, Inc.

Blue Diamond Materials

BMC Enterprises, Inc

Bortolussi & Watkin, Inc

Bowe Contractors Inc

Bowman Asphalt Inc

Box Jackin Corp

BRCO Constructors Inc.

Brent Engineering Inc

Brosamer & Wall, Inc

Brosamer Granite A Joint Venture

Brough Construction Inc

Brutoco Engineering & Construction Inc

Brutoco Engineering & Construction Inc

Brutoco Engineering & Construction, Inc

Brutoco Engineering & Construction, Inc

Brutoco Engineering & Construction, Inc

Bud Garman Construction Services, Inc.

Bugler Construction

Bugler Construction

Bugler Construction

Building Consulting Engineers Inc

Burns Pacific Construction

Bush Engineering Inc

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C & W Construction Specialties

C A Rasmussen Inc

C A Rasmussen Inc

C A Rasmussen Inc

C And W Fence Co Inc

C B R Eng Contractor

C C Myers

C C Myers Inc

C C Myers Inc

C C Myers Inc

C F Archibald Paving Inc

C L Concrete Constructors Inc

C S I Electrical Contractors Inc

C S I Electrical Contractors Inc

C T & F, Inc.

C T And F Inc

CA Rasmussen Inc

Cal Electro Inc

Cal Inc

Cal Neva Construction Services Inc

Cal Painting & Brothers, Inc.

Cal Stripe Inc

Cal-Stripe, Inc

Calex Corp

Calex Corp

Calex Engineering Company

California Builders Group Inc

California Engineering & Contracting Inc

California Engineering & Contracting Inc

California Engineering Contractors Inc

California Engineering Contractors Inc /

California Grinding Specialties, Inc.

California Highway Products

California Pavement Maintenance Co., In

California Pavement Maintenance Company

California Professional Electrical Engin

California Professional Engineering, Inc

California Trenchless Inc

Calmex Engineering Inc

Calmex Engineering, Inc.

Calportland Construction

Calportland Construction

Carolino Construction Co.

Cass Construction Inc

Central Fence Company

Central Fence Company

Central Striping Service Inc

Central Striping Service Inc

Central Striping Service, Inc.

Central Valley Engineering & Asphalt Inc

Certified Coatings Company

Certified Coatings of California

Channel Coast Corporation

Charles R Jurin

Charlies Custom Excavating

Chester Bross Construction Company

Chester Bross Construction Company

Choctaw Construction Company Inc.

Chrisp Company

Chrisp Company

Chrisp Company

Chrisp Company

Christie Constructors Inc

Christopher R Morales Inc

Chumo Construction Inc

Chumo Construction, Inc.

Cimarron Inc

Cimarron Inc

Cimarron Inc

Clark Bros Inc

Clayborn Contracting Group Inc

Clayborn Contracting Group, Inc.

Clean Cut Landscape

Coast Construction Inc

Coffman /Parsons A Joint Venture

Coffman Specialties Inc.

Coffman Specialties, Inc


Columbia Electric Inc

Command Performance Constructors, Inc.

Community Electric Inc

Competitive Edge Electric, Inc.

Condon Johnson & Associates, Inc.

Condon Johnson and Associates Inc

Condor, Inc.

Construction Funds Control Services


Contractors Chemical, Inc.

Converse Construction Inc

Cook General Engineering Inc

Cooper / Myers A Joint Venture

Cooper Backhoe And Equipment

Coral Construction Company

Coral Corporation Of Oregon

Courteous Construction Co., Inc .

Cox & Cox Construction Inc.

Creekside Commercial Builders Inc

Crosstown Electric & Data, Inc.

Crown Fence Co

Crown Fence CO

Cruco Construction

Cruco Construction Group Inc

CSI / SJH A Joint Venture

Cullen & Sons Excavators

Cunningham & Sons, Inc.

Custom Crushing Industries Inc

Custom Fence Co

CW Fox Construction Inc.

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D B General Engineering & Site Developme

D C Hubbs Construction

D G Granade Inc

D G Yeager Construction

D G Yeager Construction Company

D H Williams Construction Inc.

D J Miller Inc

D M L Construction

D R P National Inc

D W Peterson

D W Powell Construction Inc

Daley Corp/California Commercial JV

Daley Corporation

Daley Corporation

Dalke and Sons Construction Inc

Damar Construction

Damon Construction Co

Danielson Construction Inc

Danny C Hubbs Constructions

Darren Taylor Construction

Dawson Excavating

Daylen Inc

DB General Engineering and


DBX, Inc

De Silva Gates - Brosmer A Joint

De Silva Gates - Viking JV

De Silva Gates Construction

De Silva Gates Construction

De Silva Gates Construction LP

De Silva Gates FCI A Joint Venture

De Silva Gates MCM A JV of DeSilva Gates

De Silva Gates MCM A JV of DeSilva Gates

DeBruin Construction and Restoration

Debruin Construction Inc.

Decker Landscaping, Inc

Deco Pave, Inc.

Den Boer Engineering and Construction In

Den Boer Engineering and Construction In

Desert Concepts Construction, Inc.

DeSilva Gates - Flatiron West, A Joint

DeSilva Gates Construction

DeSilva Gates Construction, LP

Desilva Gates FCI A Joint Venture of Des

Diablo Contractors, Inc.

Diamond Lane Contractors

Diamond Paving, Inc

Diani Building Corp

Diede Construction Inc

Dietz Hydroseeding Company

Dig It Construction Inc

Dillard Environmental Services

Dillingham Engineering Const

Dirt & Aggregate Interchange, Inc.

Disney Construction Inc

Disney Construction, Inc.

Disney Construction, Inc.

Diversified Concrete Cutting, Inc.

Diversified Landscape Co.

Diversified Landscape Management, Inc

DJM Construction Co Inc

Don Garcia Excavating & Paving Inc

Donald F Gallino Inc General Contractors

Doug Veerkamp General



Dreambuilder Construction Corp

Drexell Equipment Inc.,

Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring

Dual Cal Builders Inc

Dunton Construction Company Inc

DVBE Trucking and Constrction Co


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E L Yeager Construction

E L Yeager Construction Company

E.C. Construction Co.

Eagle Peak Rock & Paving Inc

East Bay Construction Company Inc

Econo Fence Inc

Elam Woods Construction Co

Elevation General Engineering Contractor

Elite Landscaping Inc

Elken Contracting, Inc

Emad Nabih

Emmett's Excavation, Inc.

Empire Landscaping Inc

Engineered Soil Repairs Inc.

Environmental Landscape Solutions

Environmental Landscape Solutions

Erreca's Inc

Errecas Inc.


Excel Paving Company

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F & H Construction

F And H Construction

F B D Vanguard Construction Inc

F C Business Systems Inc

F D Thomas Inc.

F N F Construction Inc

F T R International Inc

Falcon Construction Co

Falcon General Engineering Inc

Fallen Leaf Tree Service Inc

Fanfa Inc.

Farwest Safety, Inc.

FBD Vanguard Construction Inc.

FCI /W R Connelly Inc Joint Venture

FCI Constructors

FCI Constructors Balfour Beatty A JV

FCI Constructors Granite A Joint Venture

FCI Constructors Inc

FCI Constructors Inc

FCI Constructors Inc.

FCI Constructors Inc.

FCI Constructors Inc/Cleveland Bridge C


FEDCO Construction Inc

Ferma Corporation

Fieldstone Construction Company

Figas Construction

Flat Top Grading Inc

Flatiron Electric Group Inc

Flatiron West Sukut Construction A Join

Flatiron West, Inc

Flatiron West, Inc.

Fleming Environmental Incorporated

Fleming Environmental Incorporated


Flintco Pacific, Inc

FNF Construction Inc

Folsom Granite

Fonseca/McElroy Grinding Co., Inc.

Ford Construction Company

Forster & Kroeger Landscape Maintenance

Forster and Kroeger Landscape Maintena

Frank Medina

Franklin Construction Inc

Franklin Construction, Inc.

Freeway Electric

Freeway Electric

Future BD International Inc

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G B A Engineering

G Bortolotto And Company

G I M General Engineering

G S E Construction Co., Inc.

G.D. Nielson Construction, Inc.

Gallagher And Burk Inc

Gansek Construction

Gansek Construction

Garcia Paving Co Inc


GCI Construction Inc

GEMS Environmental Management Services,

Gen Con Environmental Services Group

Genesis Paving and Landscaping

Gentry Brothers Inc

Gentz Construction Company

George Bianchi Constr Inc

George Reed Inc

George Reed Inc

George Reed Inc

George Reed Inc - Myers and Sons Constru

George Reed Inc.

George Reed, Inc.

Ghilotti Brothers Construction Inc

Ghilotti Brothers, Inc.

Ghilotti Brothers/ RM Harris JV

Ghilotti Construction Company Inc

Ghilotti-Myers, JV

Gifford Construction Inc

Gold Valley Construction Inc

Golden Bay Construction Inc

Golden State Bridge Inc

Golden State Bridge Inc

Golden State Utility Co.

Goodfellow Harris Joint Venture

Goodfellow Top Grade Construction, LLC

Goodwin Construction Inc

Goodwin Construction Inc

Gordon N Ball Inc

GR Sundberg, Inc.

Gradetech Inc

Graham Contractors, Inc.

Grand Pacific Contractors Inc

Grand Pacific Contractors Inc

Granite Construction Company
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Granite Construction Company

Granite Construction Company

Granite Construction Company

Granite Construction Company

Granite Construction Company

Granite Construction Company

Granite Construction Company

Granite Construction Company

Granite Construction Company

Granite Construction Company

Granite Rock Company

Granite Rock Company

Granite Rock Company


Grant Equipment

Green Right O' Way Construction, Inc.

Griffith Company

Griffith Company

Griffith Company

Griffith Company

Griffith Company

Griffith Company

Griffith/Coffman Joint Venture

Griffith/Coffman Joint Venture

Griggs Corporation

Ground Zero Demolition Company

Guiton & Son Construction Inc

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H M Byars Construction Co

H M S Construction

H Max Lee Inc


Hal Hays Construction Inc.

Half Moon Bay Grading & Paving Inc

Hamon Overhead Door Co., Inc

Hanford Applied Restoration & Conservati

Hansen Bros Enterprises

Hanson SJH Construction

Harber Companies Inc.

Harris Electric

Harvey's Excavating & Hauling Inc

Harvey's Excavating & Hauling Inc.

Hat Creek Construction and Materials In

Hauschild Construction Inc

Hauschild Construction, Inc.

Hayes & Sons Inc

Hazard Construction Co

Hazard Construction Company

Hazard Construction Company

Hemmingsen Contracting, Inc.

Herback General Engineering

Heritage Engineering Construction Inc

Hi Tech Rockfall Cosntruction Inc

High Light Electric, Inc.

HighLand Construction, Inc.

Hilbers Inc

Hillside Contractors

Hillside Retaining Walls Company

Honeywell Building Solutions


Hutchins Paving & Engineering Inc

Hydrosprout Inc

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I M R Contractor Corporation

ICX Transportation

ID Vortex Construction Company

Independent Structures Inc

Infiniti Engineering Builders

Insituform Technologies Inc

Inspection Engineering Construction Inc

Integrated Water Services, Inc.

Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc

Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc

International Surfacing Systems

International Surfacing Systems

Interstate Grading and Paving Inc

Interstate Improvement Inc

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J A Gonsalves And Son Construction Inc

J and M Land Restoration, Inc.

J C Randolph Inc

J D Pasquetti Engineering Inc

J F L Electric Inc

J F Pacific Liners Inc

J F Shea Construction Inc

J F Shea Construction, Inc.

J Fletcher Creamer and Son Inc

J Francis Company

J J Nguyen Inc

J M A Construction Company

J MC Loughlin Engineering Co Inc

J McLoughlin Engineering Co -*** Do not

J McLoughlin Engineering Co., Inc.

J McLoughlin Engr Co Inc

J R Altmen General Engineering

J S Barr Company

J S Brar Company

J T S Construction

J. F. Shea Co., Inc.

Jabre Constructing

Jeffco Painting & Coating, Inc.

Jeffco Painting and Coating Inc

Jennison Enterprises, Inc.

JFL Electric, Inc

Jim Freethy Excavating Inc

Jimmies Tree Service

JM Slover, INC

John Madonna Construction

John Madonna Construction Company Inc

John Madonna Construction Company Inc

John N Petersen Inc

John S Meek Company, Inc

Johnson Mechanical Contractors Inc

Jurin Construction Inc

Jurin Construction Inc

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K A S Equipment & Rental Inc

K A S Equipment & Rental Inc.

K L M Construction Inc

K L M Construction Inc

K M F Construction

K W Emerson Inc

Kajima Engineering and Construction

Kanaan Construction Inc.

Kapel Construction Inc

Kapel Construction Inc

Kasler Corporation

Kaveh Engineering and Construction Inc

Kaveh Engineering and Construction Inc.

Ken's Water Tender Inc

Kernen Construction

Kickin Enterprises

Kiewit /FCI/ Manson A Joint Venture

Kiewit Infrastructure West Co

Kiewit Marmolejo J.V.

Kiewit Pacific Co.

Kiewit Pacific Company

Kiewit/FCI Manson A Joint Venture

Kingsborough Atlas Tree Surgery Inc

Kinsman Construction Inc

Kirkland & Jones, Inc.

Klamath Pacific Corp

Knife River Construction

Knife River Construction

Knife River Construction

Koch & Koch, Inc

Koch Excavating Inc

KUDSK Construction Inc

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L A Thompson Construction

L A Thompson Construction, Inc.

L A Thompson Engineering

L B Civil Construction Incorporated

L B Civil Construction Incorporated

L H Engineering Co. Inc

L T Engineering

L. A. Signal , Inc.

L.A. Signal, Inc.

Ladd and Associates

Larranaga Construction Inc

Larry Thompson Construction Co

Las Vegas Paving Corporation

Lasting Images Landscape

Latco Construction Inc

Layne Christensen Company

Lee Wilson Electric Company

Lee's Paving Inc

Legg Inc

Lehigh Construction Company

Ley Construction

Lightning Fence Co

Lightning Fence Company Inc

Lincoln Pacific Builders Inc

Linear Options Inc

Linear Options, Inc


Lockwood General Engineering Inc

Lone Star Landscape Inc

Lorang Brothers Construction

Los Angeles Engineering Inc

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M Ahmadi Construction & Engineering

M And M Electric Co

M B Services Home Safety First

M Bumgarner Inc

M C Alyea Construction

M C M Construction, Inc.

M C M Security Paving J V

M D S Construction

M G E Underground Inc

M J Menefee Const. Inc

M K M Construction Inc

M K M General Engineering Contractor

Macro Z Technology Company

Madco Electric Inc

Maggiora And Ghilotti Inc


Manhole Adjusting Contractors Inc

Manhole Adjusting Inc

Manson Construction Co

Manuel Bros Inc

Marina Landscape Co.

Martin Brothers Construction Inc

Martin General Engineering Inc

Martin General Engineering, Inc.

Mascon Inc. - Argonaut Constructors

Mass X Inc

Matich Corporation

Matich Corporation

Maverick Asphalt Inc

Maverick Asphalt, Inc.

Maverick Electric, Inc.

Mayan Construction

Mc Cutcheon Construction Co

Mc Guire And Hester General Contractors

Mc Kenna General Engineering Inc

McGuire and Hester

McGuire Pacific Constructors

MCI Engineering, Inc

MCK Services

MCK Services Inc

MDS Engineering & Construction Inc

Mendez Concrete Inc

Mendocino Construction Services Inc

Mendocino Construction Services Inc.

Mepco Services Inc

Mercer Fraser Company

Metrocell Construction Inc



Meyers Earthwork Inc

MGP Construction

MIB Enterprises Inc

Michael J. Sullivan Communications

Michels Pipeline Construction

Midori Landscape Inc

Midstate Barrier, Inc

Midstate Barrier, Inc.

Mike Brown Electric Co

Miller Equipment Co

Millers Custom Work Inc

Millers Custom Work Inc.

Millsco Construction Inc

Mitchell Engineering

Modern Alloys, Inc.

Modern Alloys, Inc.

Modern Continental and Roadway, JV

Monterey Peninsula Engineering

Moore Electrical Contracting Inc.

Morrison Knudsen Corporation

Morrison Knudsen Corporation

MS Navarro Engineering

MSJS Management Services, Inc.

Muehlhan Certified Coatings Inc

Murphy Industrial Coatings Inc

Myers & Sons Construction, LP

Myers and Roadway JV

Myers and Sons Construction LP

Myers and Sons Hi- Way Safety, Inc

Myers and Sons/RL Wadsworth Joint Ventur

Myers-Rasmussen A JV

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N Y Blastco Inc

Native Landscape Inc

Natures Image Inc

Natures Image Inc.


Nehemiah Construction Inc

Nehemiah Construction Inc

Nehemiah Construction Inc

NET Electric

NEWest Construction Company

Newport Grading Inc

No Fault Asphalt, Inc

Norcal General Construction Corporation

Nordic Industries Inc

North Bay Construction Inc

North Bay Construction Inc

North Bay Construction, Inc.

Northern California Paving

Northern Industrial Electric

Northwest Paving

Northwest Paving

Norwood Constuction

Nye and Nelson Inc

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O C Jones & C C Myers A Joint Venture

O C Jones and Sons and Shasta Constructo

O C Jones And Sons Inc

O C Jones and Sons Inc & MCM Const. a JV

O Donnell Construction Inc

O Grady Paving Inc

O K Mittry and Sons

O'Grady Paving, Inc.

O'Keefe Engineering

Odyssey Landscape Co., Inc


Olivas Valdez Inc

Olivas Valdez Inc

Olivas Valdez, Inc

Oliver De Silva, Inc

Oliver DeSilva Inc

Olsen Construction Co.

On Grade Contracting

Orange County Striping Service Inc

Ortiz Asphalt Paving Company

Ortiz Enterprises, Inc.

Our Valley Fence Company


Outback DVBE Inc

Owens Const

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P & D Landscape Management Services

P K B Construction Inc

P N P Construction Inc

P N P Construction Inc

P P C Construction Inc

P T M Engineering Service Inc.

P T M Engineering Services

P T M General Engineering Services Inc.

P T M General Engineering Services, Inc

P T M General Engineering Services, Inc

Pacific Coast Drilling

Pacific Coast Markings

Pacific Earthscape

Pacific Earthscape

Pacific Electric Contracting Inc

Pacific Electrical Contractors Inc

Pacific Parks Landscaping Inc

Pacific Restoration Group Inc.

Pacific Restoration Group, Inc.

Pacific Restoration Group, Inc.

Pacific States Environmental Contractors

Pacific Striping Inc

Pagni Construction Inc

Papich Construction Co., Inc

Par Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Parc Environmental

Parker Landscape Development Inc

Parnum Paving Inc

Parnum Paving, Inc.

Parsons Bros Rockeries California Inc

Patriot General Engineering Inc

Paul Gardner Corporation

Pave Tech Inc

Pavement Coatings CO

Pavement Coatings Co

Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc.

Pavex Construction Company

Pavex Construction Division

Pavex Construction Division

Pavex Construction Divison

Pavex Myers JV

Penhall Company

Penhall Company

Penhall Company

Penhall Company

Penhall Company

Penhall Company

Penhall Company

Penhall Company

Penhall Company

Perera Construction & Design Inc

Performance Excavators Inc

Perse Construction Company

Pete and Sons Construction Inc

Peterson Chase Construction, Inc.

Peterson Chase General Engineering

Peterson Chase General Engineering Const

Peterson Chase General Engineering Const

Peterson-Chase Inc

Petil Construction and Engineering, Inc.

PIPEnology Inc.

PK Construction

PK Construction

PKB Construction, Inc.

Powell Constructors

Powell Constructors, Inc.

Powell Constructors, Inc.

Prism Engineering Inc

Prism Engineering Inc

Pro Tech Electric

Professional Construction Services

Professional Construction Services

Professional Construction Services

Professional Construction Services

Professional Construction Services

Professional Construction Servics

Proven Management Inc

Proven Management Inc

Prowest Engineering Inc

Pyramid Resources, Inc

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Q & D Construction Inc

Q and D Construction Co

Q and D Construction Co

Qualcon Contractors Inc

Quality Fence Company Inc

Quimu Contracting Inc

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R & L Brosamer Inc

R & L Brosamer Inc

R & L Brosamer Inc

R & L Brosamer Inc

R & L Brosamer R E Serrano Inc A Joint V

R A Francis Inc

R A Nemetz Construction Co Inc

R A O Construction Co Inc

R Brown Construction Company Inc.

R Burke Corp

R Burke Corporation

R Burke Corporation

R E Hazard Contracting Co

R E M Construction Incorporated

R E Serrano Inc

R G W Construction Inc

R G W Construction Inc Barry

R G W Construction, Inc.

R G W Vanguard A Joint Venture

R I C Construction Co Inc

R J Berry Jr Inc

R J Bullard Construction Inc

R J Noble Company

R J Noble Company

R M Harris Co Inc

R M Harris Company, Inc.

R N R Constructioon Inc

R P I Coating Inc

R. P. Rice Construction Inc

Rakan Inc

Raminha Construction Inc

Rao Construction Co Inc

Raymor Electric Company Inc

RBT Electric

Re Com Development Company

Redgwick Construction Co

Redgwick Construction Company

Redwood Empire Aggregates

Redwood Engineering Construction

Rege Construction Inc

Reliable Tree Experts

Reliance Engineering Inc

Reliance Surety Company

Republic Electric

Republic Intelligent Transportation Serv

Republic Intelligent Transportation Serv

Republic Intelligent Transportation Serv

Restoration Resources

Reyco Erosion Control

Reyco Erosion Control

Reyco Smith & Reynolds Erosion Control,

Reyco, Smith & Reynolds Erosion Control,

Reyman Brothers Construction Inc

Richard A Heaps Electrical Contractor In

Rio Jordan Construction, Inc.

Rising Sun Company

Riverside Construction Company

Riverside Construction Co. Inc

Road and Highway Builders LLC

Road and Highway Builders of California

Road and Highway Builders of California,

Roadway Electrical Works, Inc.

Roadway Engineering Works, Inc

Robert A Bothman Inc

Robert J Frank Construction Inc

Rock Bottom, Inc.

Rockwood General Contractors Inc

Rolfe Construction

Ron Hale Consruction Inc

Rosendin Electric Inc

Rosendin Electric Inc

Roy Allan Slurry Seal Inc

Royal Electric Company

Royal Electric Company

RSB Group Inc

RSB Group Inc

RSB Group Inc

RSB Group Inc

RSB Group Inc.

RSM2 Contractors, Inc.

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S & B Engineering Inc

S A K Construction of CA LP

S H E Engineering & Cosntruction Inc


S L S Construction Inc

S P Pazargad Engineering Construction

S P Pazargad Engineering Construction In

S W Allen Construction Inc

S. T. Rhoades Construction Inc.

SAFWAY Services L P

Sanchez Grading

Santa Margarita Construction Corp

Sausal Corporation

Security Paving Company Inc

Security Paving Company Inc

Security Paving Company, Inc

Security Paving Company, Inc

Select Electric Inc

Sema Construction Inc

Sema Construction Inc

SGC Construction

Sharp Engineering and Construction Inc

Shasta Constructors Inc

Shasta Constructors, Inc

Shimmick Construction Company Inc

Shimmick Construction Company Inc

Shimmick/Myers and Sons JV

Shiva Construction

Sidiqqi Inc.

Siemens Industry Inc

Sierra Equipment Rental Inc

Sierra Landscape Company

Sierra Nevada Construction Inc

Sierra Nevada Construction, Inc

SIM Engineering

Sim J Harris Company

Sim J Harris Inc

Siteworks Construction Inc

Skanska USA Civil West California Dist.

Slater Inc

Smart Tech Group Inc

Smith And Reynolds Erosion Control, Inc

Smith Electric Const

Socal Engineers, Inc

Soil Engineering Construction

Solex Electronics Inc

Solex Energies

Solex Energies

Sonoma Engineering Inc

South Bay Timber

South Shores Residential & Commercial

South Shores Residential & Commercial

Southland Construction

Southland Construction

Southwest General Engineering Inc

Souza Construction Inc

Spates Excavation & Equipment Rental, In

Specialty Construction Inc

SPIESS Construction Co Inc

Sposeto Engineering, Inc

St Francis Electric Inc

St Francis Electric

Standard Engineering

Statewide Safety

Stealhead Constructors Inc.

Steelhead Constructors Inc

Steiny And Company Inc

Steiny And Company Inc

Steiny And Company, Inc.

Sterndahl Enterprises Inc

Steve Manning Construction

Steve Manning Construction , Inc

Steve P Rados Inc

Steven R Rogers General Engineering &

Stevens Construction Inc

Stevens Creek Quarry, Inc.

Steward Engineering Inc

Stewart Engineering Inc

Stimpel Wiebelhaus Associates

STL Landscape, Inc.

Stockbridge General Contracting, Inc

Stoloski & Gonzalez

Stolosky and Gonzalez Inc

Studebaker Brown Electric Inc

Studebaker Brown Electric, Inc

Studebaker Brown Electrical Contracting

Suarez & Munoz Construction Inc

Sudhakar Company Inc

Sudhakar Company International

Sukut Construction Inc

Sully Miller Contracting

Sully Miller Contracting Co.

Sully Miller Contracting Co.

Sully Miller Contracting Co.

Sully Miller Contracting Co.

Sully Miller Contractor

Summer Construction Inc

Summer Construction, Inc

Summer Construction, Inc

Summit Electrical

Sunpeak Construction Inc

Superior DVBE Inc

Superior Traffic Services

Surface Preparation Technologies Inc

Synergy Project Management Inc

Synergy Project Management Inc

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T & G Construction, Inc

T and G Construction Inc

T and L Landscaping

T B Penick and Sons Inc

T D S Engineering

T D S Engineering

T D S Engineering

T L Peterson Inc

T L Peterson, Inc

T L Peterson, Inc.

T M Engineering

T T Polich & Associates

Taber Construction Company

Taber Construction Inc.

Taft Electric Company

Takehara Landscape Inc


Taylor Backhoe Service Inc

Team Ghilotti Inc

Techcom International Corporation

Techno Coatings, Inc.

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction

Teichert/Flatiron West, A Joint Venture

Teichert/MCM A Joint Venture

Tennyson Electric, Inc.

Terno Inc

Terra Cal Construction Inc

Terra Cal Construction, Inc.

Terry Hansen


The Richards Group

Thomas A Cook Ticon Construction Inc

Three Pac Construction

Thunder Mountain Enterprises Inc

Tidewater Contractors, Inc.

Tiffany Group Inc

Tim Paxins Pacific Excavation Inc


Tom Mayo Construction Inc

Tom's Septic Construction

Top Grade Construction Inc

Top Hat Energy

Toro Enterprises Inc

Toro Enterprises Inc

Traffic Development Services Inc

Traffic Development Services, Inc

Traffic Solutions, Inc.

Transportation Agency for Monterey Count

Treehenge Construction Inc

Tri County Incorporated

Tri Valley Landscape

Tricon Aquatics

Tricon Construction Inc.,

Tropical Creations, Inc.

TRS Consultant

Truesdell Corporation of California, Inc

Tullis & Heller Inc.

Tullis And Associates Inc

Tullis Inc. and Northstate Asphalt Inc.

Tullis, Inc.

Tutor Saliba Koch Tidewater JV

Tutor-Saliba Corporation

Tutor-Saliba Corporation

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Ulico Casualty Co

Union Asphalt Inc

Union Engineering Company Inc

Union Engineering Company, Inc

Union Engineering Company, Inc

Unique Performance Construction Inc

United Building Contractors Inc

United Diversified

United Engineering and Construction Inc

United Shotcrete Incorporated

Update Construction

USS CAL Builders Inc

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V A P Construction Inc

V A P Construction Inc

Valentine Corporation

Valentine Corporation

Valley Crest Landscape Development, Inc.

Valley Slurry Seal Company

Valley Slurry Seal Company, Inc.

ValleyCrest Landscape Development, Inc.

Van Meter Logging Inc

Van Meter Logging Inc

Vance Corporation

Vanguard Construction

Velarde Concrete Construction

Velarde Concrete Construction Co

Victory Engineers Inc.

Victory Engineers, Inc

Viking Construction Company Inc

Viking Construction Company Inc

Viking D S A Joint Venture

Viking/Stimpel A Joint A Venture

Vinciguerra Construction

Vintage Paving Co Inc


VSS Emultech

VSS International

VSS International Inc

VT Electric, Inc

Vulcan Materials Company Western Divisio

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W Bradley Electric Inc

W H Lindeman And Sons Inc

W Jaxon Baker Inc

W Jaxon Baker Inc and Shasta Constructor

W Jaxon Baker Inc.

WABO Landscape & Construction, Inc

Wahlund Construction Co

Washington Group International Inc/

Watkin & Bortolussi Inc / Forster & Kroe

Watkin And Bortolussi Inc

Watkin and Bortolussi Inc

Watkin and Bortolussi, Inc.

Wenham Construction

Wesson Construction

West Bay Builders Inc

West Coast Bridge Inc

West Coast Painting & Blasting Inc.

West Coast Paving and Chip Sealing

West Coast Paving and Chip Sealing, Inc

West Coast Storm Inc

West Coast Storm, Inc.

West Construction

Westcoast Public Works Inc

Western Engineering Contractors Inc

Western Rim Constructors Inc

Western States Surfacing Inc

Western Structures

Wheeler Paving Inc

Whillock Contracting Inc

Whitaker Construction Group Inc

Whitaker Contractors Inc

Whitaker Contractors, Inc

Whitehawk Construction

Wier Construction Corporation

William Kanayan Construction

William Kanayan Construction

William P Young Construction Inc

William P Young Inc

Windsor Fuel Co

Windsor Fuel Co

Windsor Fuel Company

Winsor Construction Inc

Winsor Construction, Inc

Woodhams Construction Inc

Wylatti Resource Management, Inc

Wysong Construction Company

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Yeager Skanska Inc

Yerba Buena Engineering & Construction,

Yerba Buena Engineering and

Younger General Contractors Inc

Yubacon Inc

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Zondiros Corporation

Zondiros Corporation