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 The Four "TEA Pots"

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 Transportation Enhancement Activities Program (TEA)

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California will receive about $60 million per year for six years, starting in 1997. This is divided into four shares:

  1. Regional
  2. Conservation Lands
  3. Caltrans
  4. Statewide Environmental Enhancement


Here’s a little bit about each program. A flowchart in Canvas 5.0 shows the four tea pots. You can click on these links to go to the respective guidelines for that share:

TEA Shares


Which pot of TEA funding should we apply for?

The Regional Share

Regional Transportation Planning Agencies receive 75 percent of TEA funds. All may choose when and how they will select projects. Funds are divided by formula between counties. Most counties will have two cycles of funding. Some rural counties may "punt" the TEA program, exchanging TEA dollars for other transportation dollars (these decisions are being made now for the first two years of TEA funding.) All programming decisions for TEA are to be made in public forums.

Contact your Regional Transportation Planning Agency if your project is within a single Region. (In northern California, Sacramento Area Council of Governments [SACOG] includes Sacramento, Yolo, Sutter and Yuba counties. In the Bay Area, Metropolitan Transportation Commission includes San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Napa, Sonoma and Marin counties. [Contact each congestion management agency in the Bay Area, as well.] The rest are single-county Regional Transportation Planning Agencies, usually, the County Transportation Commission.)


The Statewide Environmental Enhancement Share

These projects will receive $20 or $30 million of federal funds. This is not to be confused with the State-funded Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation (EEM) program. Funds will be available for the Resources Agency to select projects in two rounds, beginning in 2002.

Statewide Environmental Enhancement Projects may be proposed by state agencies (except Caltrans), federal agencies and regional, local and other (private/non-profit, and Caltrans) agencies with a state agency partner. The Resources Agency will develop guidance.


The Conservation Lands Share

This pot of TEA will receive $11 million plus dollars from failed TEA projects programmed before 1998 and from rural county exchanges. These are acquisitions of scenic lands having high habitat conservation value. Sites must enhance transportation mitigation bank lands. Conservation Lands projects may be brought forward from Caltrans and a public resources or private non-profit agency. The Resources Agency and Caltrans will approve these projects. Contact Howard Reynolds at 916-654-2477.


The Caltrans Share

Caltrans will program stand-alone TEA projects and enhancements to its own normal transportation projects. Caltrans may fund projects by local agencies, however, the Caltrans share will not supplant regional TEA dollars on a given project. Contact Howard Reynolds at 916-654-2477.


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