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Transit Safety and Security

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Transit Safety and Security
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Program Overview

The Safety and Security branch facilitates and coordinates with the Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES), Governor's Office of Home Land Security (OHS) to provide statewide workshops and training on transit security. This branch works with HQ units, Caltrans districts and transit providers to establish an inventory of security and emergency resources around the state. It also develops and updates the Department's transit Emergency Planning Guideline.

swine flu information from fta

    As you are well aware, the threat of Swine Flu infection in the United States appears to be rising significantly. The FTA Bus Safety and Security Program Team and the DMT Transit Safety and Security Branch feels that it is important to reach out to transit managers and individual transit employees throughout the country to provide them with information on responding to this threat. The first document below presents questions that transit managers may want to consider in developing their operational response to the swine flu threat. The second document serves as a handout for transit employees on how they can reduce their risk of swine flu infection. Answering important operational questions in regard to transit agency response to swine flu infection risk can be facilitated by coordination with local or regional emergency management personnel and by going to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at For information to help transit employees develop a personal and family emergency preparedness plan, go to the Volpe website

  • Questions for Transit Managers
  • Swine Flu Information for Employees

Resources for Bus Safety and Security Resources for Transit Operators

In addition to Caltrans transit emergency planning guideline, the Other Resources Link provides information that transit operators can use to develop safety and security plans as well as implement safety planning and training and coordinate emergency preparedness efforts.