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Caltrans' Local Assistance Training Programs

The Caltrans Division of Local Assistance has partnered with California State University Sacramento's (CSUS) College of Continuing Education and University of California, Berkeley's (UCB) Institute of Transportation Studies to provide training and technical assistance as part of the Cooperative Training Assistance Program (CTAP) and Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP). These programs provide subsidized, practical training for transportation professionals in California's cities, counties, and regional transportation agencies.

CSUS maintains the Local Assistance Training website (, where you can access information and register for upcoming Federal-Aid Series and Resident Engineer Academy courses throughout the State. CSUS also runs the LTAP program, which includes the retroreflectometer loan program, quarterly informational newsletter, distribution of technology transfer materials, and provision of information services and training.

UCB maintains the Technology Transfer Program website (, where you can access information and register for upcoming transportation-related courses that provide fundamental and advanced training in areas such as: Traffic Engineering and Operations, Traffic Signals, Traffic Control and Work Zone Safety, Infrastructure Design, Pavement Design and Maintenance, Transportation Planning, Funding and Environment, Project Development, Management and Compliance, Pedestrian Facility Design, Bicycle Transportation, Complete Streets, and Multimodal Transportation.

Caltrans will be working closely with CSUS and UCB to provide additional training in the near future. Please visit the appropriate sites to register for courses, request information, provide suggestions / feedback, etc. If you have any recommendations or needs to certain training courses, please provide those as well.


To report any difficulty experienced in accessing Caltrans programs, services or activities or any discriminations covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act or the Fair Employment and Housing Act, please contact us at (866)810-6346 Voice; 711 TTY; (916)653-3055 Fax.


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Last Updated: May 11, 2016