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The purpose of the Program is to replace or rehabilitate public highway bridges over waterways, other topographical barriers, other highways, or railroads when the State and the Federal Highway Administration determine that a bridge is significantly important and qualifies under the HBP program Guidelines.

Reimbursable scopes of work include replacement, rehabilitation, painting, scour countermeasure, and preventative maintenance activities.

Programming Process:

Please refer to Chapter 6 Highway Bridge Program of Local Assistance Program Guidelines to find the application forms and also define detail eligible scopes of work and eligibility requirements. Caltrans evaluates the candidate projects for eligibility requirements and includes the successful candidate projects in the Highway Bridge Program.

The HBP Guidelines discuss the Bridge Investment Credit (BIC) delivery alternative for eligible local bridge projects. BIC FAQ's may provide further clarification.

Caltrans then produces financially constrained program lists that are forwarded to the MPOs for inclusion into the Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement program (FSTIP). Once the projects are included into the FSTIP, local agencies must request authorization to proceed according to the Local Assistance Procedures Manual to be eligible for reimbursement.

Local Agency Bridge Inventory List:

The Local Agency Bridge List is a spreadsheet that lists most structures owned by local agencies.  When reviewing the list be sure to filter out non-public highway bridges.  Select “NBI-Bridge” in the column header to review bridges potentially eligible for HBP funds.  The spreadsheet includes a detailed field definitions and user guide.


NOTE: For instructions on using these forms,
see the HB program Guidelines.



 If you have any questions regarding the HBP, please contact your District Local Assistance Engineer.

 If you have any problems downloading files or other questions, please e-mail or see the Local Programs Help Page.

Last Updated: May 28, 2019

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