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Bicycle Transportation Account


The Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) is an annual program providing state funds for city and county projects that improve safety and convenience for bicycle commuters. In accordance with the Streets and Highways Code (SHC) Section 890-892 - California Bicycle Transportation Act, projects must be designed and developed to achieve the functional commuting needs and physical safety of all bicyclists. Local agencies first establish eligibility by preparing and adopting a Bicycle Transportation Plan (BTP) that complies with SHC Section 891.2.  The BTP must be approved by the local agency’s Regional Transportation Planning Agency.


Caltrans anticipates appropriation of $7.2 million annually for projects that improve safety and convenience for bicycle commuters. SHC Section 2106 stipulates the annual BTA funding level in the approved State budget, with awards announced after enactment.  Per SHC 891.4(b), funds are allocated to cities and counties on a matching basis that requires the applicant to furnish a minimum of 10 percent of the total project cost. No applicant shall receive more than 25 percent of the total amount transferred to the BTA in a single fiscal year.


Highway User’s Tax Account (HUTA), Transportation Tax Fund


Local agencies, Regional Transportation Planning Agencies, District Local Assistance Engineers, Caltrans District Bicycle Coordinators, and Bicycle Advocacy Organizations.


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Bicycle Transportation Account provides funding for projects that improve the safety and convenience of bicycle commuters, including, but not limited to, any of the following:
  • New bikeways serving major transportation corridors
  • New bikeways removing travel barriers to potential bicycle commuters
  • Secure bicycle parking at employment centers, park-and-ride lots, rail and transit terminals, and ferry docks and landings
  • Bicycle-carrying facilities on public transit vehicles
  • Installation of traffic control devices to improve the safety and efficiency of bicycle travel
  • Elimination of hazardous conditions on existing bikeways
  • Planning
  • Improvement and maintenance of bikeways
  • Project planning
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Final design
  • Right of way acquisition
  • Construction engineering
  • Construction and/or rehabilitation
Consideration shall be given to the relative cost effectiveness of proposed projects.


The SHC Sections 890.6 and 890.8 directs Caltrans to establish guidelines for the design and operation of bikeways and SHC Section 891 requires local agencies to use that guidance where bicycle travel is permitted.

All bikeway projects shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the guidelines below:

Highway Design Manual, Chapter 1000 Bikeway Planning and Design

California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Questions about :

BTA, contact Deborah Turner (916) 653-0036

Traffic Control Devices, Dario A. Senor, Headquarters Traffic Operations (808) 503-9374


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