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Dust off your bikes and mark your calendars because May is National Bike Month

May is Bike Month 2017 provides the perfect opportunity to give Active Transportation a try.  Most trips Americans make are short:  50 percent are less than 3 miles, 40 percent are less than 2 miles, and 28 percent are less than 1 mile.  These distances are ideal for beginning commuters.  Try these events to get your blood pumping:

For more information on May is Bike month and local events, please contact your district Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator

For more information, please contact:

Paul Moore
Bicycle Facilities Unit
Division of Local Assistance, MS-1
California Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 942874
Sacramento, CA 94274-0001
Phone: (916) 653-2750

To report any difficulty experienced in accessing Caltrans programs, services or activities or any discriminations covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act or the Fair Employment and Housing Act, please contact us at (866)810-6346 Voice; 711 TTY; (916)653-3055 Fax.


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