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(1) Title VI Coordinator (23 CFR 200.9(b)(1))

The local agency shall designate a Title VI Coordinator who has a responsible position in the organization and easy access to the head of the agency. Identification of the Title VI
Coordinator shall be disseminated to the public via such methods as posting in public areas or on the agency's website.

(2) Dissemination Title VI Information (23 CFR 200.9(b)(12)

The local agency shall develop Title VI information for dissemination to the general public and, where appropriate, in languages other than English. The purpose of the information shall
be to communicate information about the public's rights under Title VI. Sample information includes, but is not limited to, posters, brochures, flyers, "frequently asked questions"
documents, web pages, and the like. Alternative formats shall be offered and made available at no cost to the requester, where applicable.

SAMPLE Caltrans Non-Discrimination Policy Statement

Caltrans and You Brochure - Your Rights Under Title VI and Related Statutes

(3) Title VI Assurances in Contract Documents and Agreements

All Local Agency Federal-aid contract documents and agreements shall incorporate Title VI Assurances in its entirety as presented in "Appendix A to Exhibit B" of the Caltrans -
Local Agency Master Agreement (Local Assistance Procedure Manual (LAPM), Exhibit 4-C)

Download SAMPLE Exhibit 4-C PDFpdf download

(4) Title VI Training for Local Agency Staff (23 CFR 200.9(b)(9))

The local agency shall provide Title VI training for its managers, supervisors, and staff with frequent public contact every two years.

Download SAMPLE of Title VI Training PPTppt ada download

(5) Data Collection (23 CFR 200.9(b)(4))

The local agency shall develop procedures for the collection of statistical data (race, color, national origin, age, sex, and disability) of participants in, and beneficiaries of,
federally funded roadway projects, e.g., citizens impacted by relocation and participants attend the public hearing during an environmental review. In addition, the local agency shall
analyze the data collected to determine the effectiveness of outreach methods to ensure that no group is excluded during the decision-making process or is not given an opportunity to
voice their opinions or concerns.

TECHICAL ASSISTANCE: Title VI Data Collectionpdf download image

(6) Title VI Implementation Program Plan (28 CFR 42.415) and 23 CFR 200.9(b)(11)

Each federal agency subject to Title VI shall develop a written plan for enforcement which sets out its priorities and procedures. This plan shall be available to the public and shall
address matters such as the method for selecting recipients for compliance reviews, the establishment of timetables and controls for such reviews, the procedure for handling
complaints, the allocation of its staff to different compliance functions, the development of guidelines, the determination as to when guidelines are not appropriate, and the
provision of civil rights training for its staff.

SAMPLE of Title VI Program Plan

TECHICAL ASSISTANCE: FHWA Title VI Program 101pdf download link

(7) Title VI Accomplishments and Goals Report (23 CFR 200.9(b)(10)

Develop a Title VI Annual Accomplishments and Goals Report for the past year, and goals for the next year. There is no need for a separate update if the accomplishment report
contains one. For instance where Title VI issues were identified and discrimination prevented, activities and efforts of the Title VI specialist and program area personnel in
monitoring Title VI, etc.

(8) Title VI Complaint Procedures (23 CFR 200.9(b)(3))

Local agency that receives federal financial assistance is required to adopt procedures that incorporate appropriate due process standards and provide for the prompt and equitable
resolution of complaints alleging discrimination on basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability.

Sample of Caltrans Title VI Complaint Process Guide in English and Spanish below.
ADA umbarella of coverage

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