California Department of Transportation


In 2008-2010 the Landscape Architecture Program sponsored a series of webinars focused upon applying recent roadside related Landscape Architecture research to real-world Caltrans projects. Benefits included project cost savings, improved project delivery, and reductions in climate change impact.

Erosion Control and Planting

Optimizing Soil Compaction

Optimizing Soil Compaction

Presented July 23, 2009

Presented by Donald H. Gray, former professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Michigan, and Monica Finn, Caltrans Biologist. This presentation explores the question: Can soil be compacted in a manner that serves both engineering requirements and plant growth needs?

Slope Stabilization Read the book: Biotechnical and Soil Bioengineering Slope Stabilization: A Practical Guide for Erosion Control - Donald H. Gray & Robin Sotir.


Soil Based Revegetation and Erosion Control

Advances in Soil-Based Revegetation and Erosion Control

Presented June 25, 2009

Presented by Michael Hogan, Soil Scientist with Integrated Environmental Restoration Services. This presentation outlines a systematic, soil-based approach to maintaining water quality.

Sediment Source Control Handbook Free Publication - Sediment Source Control Handbook.
Landform Grading

Landform/Geomorphic Grading

Presented April 21, 2009

Presented by Horst Schor and Donald H. Gray. This presentation identifies the benefits provided by manmade land forms designed to mimic those found in the natural environment.



Successful Application of Biofiltration

Presented June 25, 2008

Presented by Dennis Cadd, Doug Brown, Greg Balzer and Jack Broadbent this presentation identifies the benefits of biostrips and bioswales, quantifies the stormwater pollution prevention benefits presented by roadside vegetation, and provides guidance for biofiltration vegetation.