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EC Type C

What is This Treatment?

Straw is typically combined with Hydroseeding to protect slopes from erosion. Straw is fastened in place either by punching it into the soil with a sheepsfoot-roller, or by gluing it to the soil surface by covering it with Hydromulch.

When to Use This Treatment:

  • Use for excavation (cut) and embankment (fill) slopes and other disturbed soil areas.
  • Typically used to treat disturbed areas larger than 0.5 acres. Consider using Dry Seeding to hand-seed areas less than 0.5 acres.


  • Immediate protection from surface erosion due to raindrop impact.

  • Helps conserve soil moisture.
  • Conforms closely to the soil surface which may result in less erosion due to surface rilling.
  • Vegetation provided by seed provides long-term control of erosion.


  • Regional air quality requirements may constrain the blowing of straw. Consider specifying Bonded Fiber Matrix instead.

  • Applied straw may contain up to 15 pounds of weed seed per ton.

Consider Using With:

To effectively treat sites with poor soils (compacted, nutrient depleted, or poorly draining), consider combining this treatment with:


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Updated 09-04-2015