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Hydroseed Treatment Overview


What Are Hydroseed Treatments?

  • Hydroseed involves spraying seed, fiber (and a variety of other materials) from a hydroseed truck onto disturbed soil areas. Hydromulch is just the same as hydroseed, but no seed is applied.

When to Use These Treatments:

  • Typically used for cut and fill slopes 2:1 (H:V) and flatter.
  • Typically used to treat disturbed areas larger than 0.5 acres. Consider using Dry Seeding to hand-seed areas less than 0.5 acres.


  • Provide soil cover for protection from rain drop inpact erosion.


  • Surface treatment only - does not improve underlying soil structure, improve soil microbiology, or restore soil nutrient reserves.
  • Surface treatment only - applications to compacted, nutrient depleted, or poorly draining soils may not provide the conditions necessary for successful vegetative cover.

Specific Hydroseed Treatments Include:

Updated 03-03-2016