California Department of Transportation

This page contains select software written at Caltrans that is available to the public.

The Air Quality software, such as Caline4 and CO Protocol can now be found on the Environmental Air Quality home page.

CALINE4, CAlifornia LINE Source Dispersion Model, is a modeling program to assess air quality impacts near transportation facilities. It is based on the Gaussian diffusion equation and employs a mixing zone concept to characterize pollutant dispersion over the roadway. It will run on a 286 machine, with or without a math co-processor, but will take an exorbitantly long time. Best is a 386 or better machine with a math co-processor recommended. This file is 220 Kb.

The CALINE4 Manual is now available. It has been scanned from hardcopy to MS Word6.0 for Windows. Therefore, expect to find some anomilies, such as small mistakes in the text from mis-scanning, subscripts in the text not apppearing as subscripts, etc. However, most anomilies should be readily discernible in the graphic nearby. If you find something you cannot decifer, email a message to identifying the problem.  The manual is a self-extracting zipped file of 5 Mb. Uncompressed, it is 6.1 Mb for the text and over 11 Mb for the graphics.  Be sure to read the README.1ST after unzipping the file for further instructions on unzipping the text portion of the manual.  Because of the document's size, the graphics will be quite slow loading into MSWord6.0. Expect this, but please be patient.  

Culvert4 uses the Caltrans (California DOT) culvery corrosion criteria included in the California Highway Design Manual. Culvert materials addressed include Corrugated Steel Pipe, Corrugated Aluminized Steel Pipe, Corrugated Aluminum Pipe and Reinforced Concrete Pipe. It also addresses coating materials.

Culvert4 can be ordered from:

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