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DRISI Transportation System Information

DRISI - Transportation System Information (SI) collects and analyzes report statistics related to the fiscal status, physical and geometric extent, performance, and designation of the State's roadway systems. We then research and provide ways in which our customers can access, display, and use these statistics.

We have several offices devoted to SI and the services we provide. The Office of Data Services and Technology (ODST) and the Office of Highway System Information and Performance (OHSIP) are located at the 1120 N Street. The remaining office that works with SI data, The Office of Planning, Policy and Program Development (OPPPD) is located at 13th/O Streets.

Offices and Services

  • All Services
  • Data Library
    We collect, organize and report a variety of transportation data needed by Management, Divisions, external partners and customers.
  • FHWA Section 500 Reports
    Reporting transportation related income and expenditures tot he Federal Highway Administration
  • Research Deployment Support
    Sharing Transportation Research Results, Annual Research Program Highlights Report, UC Berkeley Tech Transfer Program Project and Research Deployment Training

Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

Caltrans' focal point for GIS oversight and planning, located in the Office of Data Services and Technology.

Caltrans Earth - California Geospacial Tool

GIS Data Library - Available Geospatial Data

Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) Branch

providing important data to FHWA that affets Federal allocations to the state

HPMS Branch

California Public Road Data (PRD) - Years 2001 through 2014

HPMS Program - Federally mandated inventory system and planning tool

Highway System Engineering

Providing data for the Governor's office, State Legisltators and FHWA

Functional Classification

National Highway System

Caltrans Earth - California Geospacial Tool

California Road Systems (CRS) Maps

FHWA 2010 Urban Areas

Other Products

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Statewide Alerts and Other Information

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