DRISI Transportation System Information

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DRISI - Transportation System Information (TSI) collects and analyzes report statistics related to the fiscal status, physical and geometric extent, performance, and designation of the State's roadway systems. We then research and provide ways in which our customers can access, display, and use these statistics.

We have several offices devoted to TSI and the services we provide. The Office of Data Services and Technology (ODST) and the Office of Highway System Information and Performance (OHSIP) are located at 1120 N Street. The Office of Planning, Policy and Program Development (OPPPD) is located at 13th/O Streets.

Transportation System Information
Offices and Services

  • California Road System (CRS) Maps
    FHWA Approved Road System Maps - The California Road System (CRS) Maps display functional classification which is used in determining Federal funding to maintain the roads in each state and jurisdiction.
  • Caltrans Web Map Gallery
    Interactive web maps of California-focused transportation themes and supporting information
  • Caltrans Earth
    Web-based data access viewing tools through Google Earth. Software has been discontinued and Geospatial Enterprise Operations Branch is working on new web services for the future.
  • Caltrans Fact Booklet (CFB)
    A popular data booklet, the CFB contains a selection of data from many divisions in the Department.
  • Data Library
    System Information Data Library
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Answers to questions we are asked most frequently.
  • Functional Classification
    A key item in transportation data, streets and highways are grouped into classes according to the service they provide. The CRS Maps display the FHWA approved functional classification in each jurisdiction.
  • GIS Data Library
    Downloadable GIS data created by Caltrans in zipped shapefile format
  • Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) Program
    FHWA program since the 80's, the data reported has had a direct impact on funding, planning, performance measurement, and public assessibility to a vast amount of highway related data.
  • National Highway System (NHS)
    The NHS is composed of approximately 160,000 miles of rural and urban roads nationwide and is needed to help classify the roads throughout the system. Classifications are shown on the CRS Maps.
  • Public Road Data & HPMS Data Library
    Statistical Information derived from the Highway Performance Monitoring System.
  • Research Deployment Support
    Communication and sharing transportation research results within Caltrans and with the larger transportation community.

Statewide Alerts and Other Information