Contracts Currently Out for Bid

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The following contracts have been listed with Cal eProcure. For the most current information, please visit Cal eProcure as this list may not be all-inclusive.

Event ID Event Name End Date
01A1817 Trash Service at Six Maintenance Facilities in Humboldt County 09/26/2017 2:15PM PDT
01A1818 Trash Services in Del Norte County 09/26/2017 2:15PM PDT
02A1676 Multiple Provider, On-Call Title & Escrow Services 09/21/2017 2:15PM PDT
02A1677 Title and Escrow for Modoc County 09/28/2017 2:15PM PDT
03A2683 Trash Service at the Placerville Maintenance Station in El Dorado County 09/19/2017 2:15PM PDT
03A2686 Demolition and Clearance 09/28/2017 2:15PM PDT
03A2687 Inductive Loop Detector Repair and/or Replacement 10/03/2017 2:15PM PDT
04A5280 Caltrans Substation Maintenance and Repairs 09/19/2017 2:15PM PDT
04A5292 Trash and garbage collection, hauling and disposal services-Oakland, CA 10/03/2017 2:15PM PDT
04A5302 Title and Escrow Services 09/21/2017 2:15PM PDT
04A5316 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Maintenance and Repair 09/26/2017 2:15PM PDT
04A5325 Elevator Maintenance and Emergency Services at the Caldecott Tunnel in Alameda County 10/03/2017 2:15PM PDT
06A2392 San Joaquin kit fox Mitigation Credits- Tulare County 09/26/2017 2:15PM PDT
06A2411 Stanley Pac Pro 500-Series Security System Maintenance and Repair Fresno, CA. 10/03/2017 2:15PM PDT
07A4211 Multiple provider on-call, flooring and repair services 09/21/2017 2:15PM PDT
07A4308 On-Call Hazardous Material Survey Reports 10/10/2017 9:50PM PDT
07A4321 Debris Removal and/or Biohazard Cleanup 09/21/2017 2:15PM PDT
08A2817 Trash Disposal Services 09/21/2017 3:00AM PDT
08A2828 Trash Disposal 09/26/2017 3:00PM PDT
08A2829 On call as needed trash disposal 09/26/2017 3:00PM PDT
10A1944 Minor B - Extend Culvert 09/28/2017 2:15PM PDT
10A1945 Roadway Culverts Cleaning and Sediments Analysis Service 09/28/2017 2:15PM PDT
10A1950 On-Call Debris Removal, Disposal, and Hauling Services 09/21/2017 2:15PM PDT
10A1952 Minor B 10/05/2017 2:15PM PDT
12A1693 Furnish and Install Power Generators 09/21/2017 2:15PM PDT


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