Contracts Currently Out for Bid

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The following contracts have been listed with Cal eProcure. For the most current information, please visit Cal eProcure as this list may not be all-inclusive.

Event ID Event Name End Date
01A1799 Non-Operated Bare Equipment Rental Services in Humboldt, Del Norte, Mendocino and Lake Counties 07/27/2017 2:15PM PDT
01A1802 On-call, as needed or emergency basis repair or replace damaged Metal Beam Guard Rail (MBGR) 07/27/2017 2:15PM PDT
01A1815 Maintenance, Recharging and Testing of Fire Extinguishers 08/08/2017 2:15PM PDT
03A2632 Trash Service at Chico Maintenance Station in Butte County 07/25/2017 2:15PM PDT
04A5260 Pest Control Services 07/27/2017 2:15PM PDT
05A1985 Revenue Agreement for Scrap Metal/Aluminum Removal and Recycling Services 07/27/2017 2:15PM PDT
06A2343 Security Alarm System Maint 08/02/2017 2:00PM PDT
07A4283 Drainage Structure Debris and Sediment Removal and Analysis 07/27/2017 2:15PM PDT
10A1919 Minor B - Addendum No. 1 07/25/2017 2:15PM PDT
10A1923 Minor B 07/25/2017 2:15PM PDT
11A2620 Hallmark West Mitigation Site Maintenance Carlsbad, CA 08/03/2017 2:15PM PDT
11A2622 On-Call, As-Needed Back Flow Prevention Device Testing/Certification and Repair Services 08/03/2017 2:15PM PDT
11A2627 Tree Pruning and Removal Services 08/03/2017 2:15PM PDT
11A2629 Bare Non-Operated Equipment Rental 08/01/2017 2:15PM PDT
11A2631 On-Call, Multiple Provider, Hazardous Substance Removal Service 08/08/2017 2:15PM PDT
56A0520 On-Call TOSNET Repair and Maintenance 07/27/2017 2:15PM PDT
56A0525 Bulk Fuel Cloud Computing 08/08/2017 2:15PM PDT
59A1004 On-Call Hazardous Waste Assessment, Containment, Clean-Up, Removal and Disposal Services 07/25/2017 2:15PM PDT


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