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I-15/215 Interchange improvement - Devore project header

15-215 interchange improvement - Devore project title banner with route shield and map of interchange

Project helpline: (855) I15-I215
 (855) 415-4215

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Project Overview and Significance

The purpose of the proposed project is to reduce congestion, reduce accidents, and improve freeway operation. The project limits on I-15 are from 2.3 miles south to 2.0 miles north of the I-15/215 interchange and on I-215 from 1 mile south to the I-15/215 interchange.

These improvements include the addition of one northbound lane and one southbound lane on I-15 between I-215 and Glen Helen Parkway, where the current freeway is three lanes in each direction. The addition of the new lanes will provide a continuous set of four lanes in each direction between State Route 60 and US Highway 395.

It is proposed to reconfigure the I-15/I-215 interchange and adjacent local interchanges to reduce traffic delays, improve the flow of goods through the region and enhance the reliability of goods headed to and from freight facilities in the Los Angeles Basin, including the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Truck bypass lanes also are proposed to help improve traffic flow along this major freight movement route. I-15 is designated a Corridor of National Significance, and this interchange is a critical bottleneck for the region. Adding truck bypass lanes will eliminate the need for slower-moving trucks to weave across heavy, faster-moving automobile traffic to enter the right lanes as they pass through the interchange.

Currently the interchange experiences 1,200 daily vehicle hours of delay at an annual cost of $3.75 million. Without the improvement project, these numbers are expected to increase by the year 2040 to 25,000 daily vehicle hours of delay at an annual cost of more than $80 million.

The interchange was named the highest short-term priority in the Interstate 15 Comprehensive Corridor Study prepared for SANBAG, Caltrans and the Southern California Association of Governments in 2005. Click here for the project fact sheet.



Project Funding

Project funding is by a combination of State, Federal, and local Measure I funds.


Project Approval

The Project Report and Environmental Document were approved on February 29, 2012. Alternative 3A was selected as the preferred alternative in the approved documents

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Alternative 3a maintains most of the existing bridge structures, provides route continuity to the south on I-15, provides a truck bypass lane in both directions on I-15 and relocates the southbound Devore Road ramps at I-215 about 1500 feet to the south, at an estimated cost of $323 M- (NOTE: pdf contains 2 pages - maps alt3a_1 & alt3a_2).

Project Schedule

On July 1, 2010 the California Transportation Commission (CTC) approved this project for Design Build. This project will be one of the ten design-build projects allocated to Caltrans. This project is awarded to Atkinson Contractors, LP based on best value. Atkinson Contractors, LP will design and build the project.  

The key project milestones are:

bullet Public circulation of the Environmental Document was from June 6, 2011 to July 7, 2011
bullet Request for Qualifications (RFQ) released on July 19, 2011
bullet Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) were received as of September 15, 2011
bullet Prequalification determination was completed in December 2011
bullet Released Draft Request for Proposal: January 25, 2012
bullet Project Approval and Environmental Document (PA&ED). Approved: February 29, 2012
bullet Begin appraisal of properties needed for the project and contacting property owners: March/April 2012
bullet Released Final Request for Proposal: April 17, 2012
bullet Receive Proposal: August 29, 2012
bullet Right of Way acquisition: Mid 2012 to Mid 2014
bullet Award Design Build Contract November 13, 2012
bullet Design and Construction Late 2012 to 2016

Project Contact

Jesus Paez, Project Director, (909) 383-8861




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