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Magnolia Ave

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Caltrans has teamed with the Riverside County Transportation Commission and the City of Corona to improve the interchange at I-15 and Magnolia Avenue.

Due to the high volume of commuter and commercial traffic, Magnolia Avenue is considered an important arterial access. This busy interchange plays a key role in the growth of southeast Corona and affects drivers’ daily commutes to Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. However, time along with the elements and increasing traffic volume have taken their toll. 

A two-year, $17 million improvement project is now underway to remedy this.

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The bridge will be widened to accommodate nine lanes of traffic. Signalization and traffic monitoring will be updated as part of the project.  Drainage will be improved along both of the northbound ramps of I-15.

On the Westbound side of Magnolia there will be three through traffic lanes and two left turn pockets for access to I-15 Southbound. The northbound entrance ramp will feature widened shoulders for increased safety.

The Eastbound side will boast three through lanes and a new right hand lane dedicated to the Northbound I-15 loop ramp that is being constructed as part of the improvement project.

Construction will occur in stages to maintain traffic flow and to minimize public inconvenience.  Long-term shoulder closures are needed on I-15 to complete demolition work and for delivery of construction materials.  Ramp closures may occur throughout the project, but only on an as needed basis. Motorists can expect delays and lane closures during construction.

The end result will be the modernization of a key point in Corona’s transportation infrastructure. As the region continues to grow in importance, Caltrans and its partners will be there to ensure this region’s freeways lead to the future.

To avoid delays local residents and business owners are encouraged to plan ahead and use alternate routes. Visit the website often to obtain project updates and to sign up for automatic email commuter alerts and news updates.