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Projects - Riverside CountyI-10 Pavement Rehabilitation

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Interstate 10 (I-10) is a major east-west route for trucks delivering goods to and from California. This heavy truck traffic has damaged pavement in the project area, especially the outside lanes. Over the years, weather has also taken its toll on the road. Rehabilitating the pavement will give you a smoother, safer ride. It will also reduce the need for maintenance and provide an additional service life of at least 20 years for the outside lane and 10 years for the shoulders and ramps. In addition, improvements to the median will increase safety. Other upgrades will provide better drainage and a wider westbound off-ramp at Beaumont Avenue. 

Scope of Project:

The project in Riverside County will rehabilitate pavement where needed on I-10 and most of the on- and off-ramps from County Line Road in Calimesa to the Pennsylvania undercrossing in Beaumont. Caltrans will also make the following improvements:

bullet Widen the westbound Beaumont off-ramp to two lanes
bullet Lower the existing 6th Street off-ramp to provide more clearance for tall trucks
bullet Replace the eastbound State Route 60/eastbound I-10 connector
bullet Rehabilitate bridge decks in the project limits
bullet Replace extremely damaged slabs from the Riverside county line to west of Oak Valley Parkway
bullet Widen the County Line Road Undercrossing
bullet Widen the Middle Fork San Timoteo Creek Bridge and repair erosion damage
bullet Upgrade metal beam guardrail or replace with concrete median barrier
bullet Replace some median concrete barrier with higher barrier to reduce headlight glare
bullet Upgrade drainage facilities

Project Schedule:
bullet Begin Construction: April 1, 2009
bullet End Construction: Early 2011

Special Traffic Impact:

Lane closures will be necessary to improve I-10. However, most of the work will be done at night to keep traffic moving during the day and minimize public inconvenience.

Ramps will be closed while they are being rehabilitated. Signs will be posted in advance to let you know when a ramp is closed and where the detour is. To keep detours as short as possible, no two consecutive ramps will be closed at the same time.

Visit for weekly updates on closures and click on "News and Documents" or “CT Connect.” While there, you can sign up to receive automatic email alerts on construction closures.

Project Funding:
The anticipated construction cost is about $40 million. Funding is provided by the State Highway Operation and Protection Program.