A Consistent Weather Pattern

Many of the roads in Central California have been called some of the most dangerous in the world. Not because of poor construction, but because of poor visibility…brought on by fog.

Unlike tornadoes or thunderstorms, fog is a somewhat passive weather phenomenon. Still, it’s known to catch motorists by surprise. One minute you’re driving along at freeway speeds with a clear view of the road. The next minute you’ll find yourself barely able to see beyond the hood of your car. And the traffic ahead of you has slowed to crawl.

This dramatic change in both visibility and the slowing of traffic is what has lead to many multi-car pileups, severe injuries, and even death along Central California freeways and highways. It’s also the reason why Caltrans and the CHP have developed the Fog Pilot Program and this website, FOGUniversity.dot.ca.gov

If you’re a motorist who must endure driving the dangerous environment of foggy weather, we encourage you to fully review this website. The information contained inside could save your life.
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