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The goal of a Corridor System Management Plan (CSMP) is to define how a travel corridor is performing, understand why it is performing that way, and recommend system management strategies to address problems within the context of a long-range planning vision. Guided by the system management pyramid (below), a CSMP seeks to incorporate operational analysis into more traditional transportation planning processes at the corridor level. This is accomplished by conducting comprehensive performance assessments, analysis and evaluations leading to recommending system management strategies for the corridor.
This pyramid represents comprehensive management strategies for a transportation system in which infrastructure expansion, although still important, is not the only strategy to address mobility and safety needs of Californians. Enabling performance-based decision making is a key objective of a CSMP, given that the basis of system management is performance data.

CSMPs are being developed throughout California for corridors within which projects are funded from the Corridor Mobility Improvement Account (created by the passage of Proposition 1B in November 2006). The intent is to eventually develop CSMPs for all major travel corridors.

With successful partnerships, a CSMP can be a backbone for developing comprehensive system management strategies for an entire region.In the San Francisco Bay Area, Caltrans is working with the regional Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to develop CSMPs in partnership with a similar regional initiative. Such partnerships with local and regional agencies are taking place statewide and are an important ingredient to success. Each CSMP is developed in concert with, and in consideration of, State, local and regional goals, including, but not limited to, local and regional mobility, transportation system connectivity, regional blueprint planning, context sensitive transportation solutions, and encouraging the use of alternative transportation modes. CSMPs provide the mechanism through which the State and its local partners can realize their unique and shared goals and objectives.

Additional information on District 4 CSMPs and other CSMP efforts statewide is available at http://www.corridormobility.org.

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