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I-680 Mococo OH Bridge Rehabilitation Project

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Construction for the Southbound Interstate 680 Mococo Overhead Rehabilitation project includes a seismic retrofit of the southbound Marina Vista/Waterfront Drive off-ramp and bridge over Marina Vista Road/Waterfront Drive. The southbound off-ramp will be replaced, and a one-lane emergency access route will be built to connect southbound I-680 with northbound I-680. This access route will be used for emergency vehicles if an earthquake results in a closure of southbound I-680.

Construction will begin in Summer 2014 and continue through Winter 2015. Activities include performing a seismic retrofit of the southbound structure over Marina Vista and Waterfront Roads and  replacing the southbound Mococo off-ramp. 

There will be a full closure of the southbound off-ramp from April/May 2015 to October 2015.  During this closure, southbound traffic will be detoured to the I-680 Arthur Road interchange.