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Office of Local Assistance | Enhanced Services

The Enhanced Services Program is designed to improve the two principle areas of local support: project delivery and staff training. While these extra services are not required for a successful project, the program is available for local agencies that wish to expand and improve their ability to deliver transportation projects. Please see a full overview of the Enhanced Services Program.

Project Delivery

Project delivery support is available to public agencies with limited technical expertise; significant backlogged project funds, or demonstrated project delivery problems. At the request of local agencies and subject to availability of qualified staff, Caltrans will provide technical project development assistance such as:

  • Independent reviews of project development products.
  • Technical advice in the planning, design, and construction areas.
  • Project management oversight and training.

Enhanced Training

Enhanced training is targeted to meet the particular needs of agencies currently having difficulty delivering local assistance projects. This training centers on improving an agency's project development skills and reducing the overall delivery time. Please view the training schedule to see upcoming classes.

  • Training needs assessments will be made by a cooperative committee of state, regional, and local representatives to determine how training resources should be directed.
  • New statewide workshops are being developed to meet the growing training demands to promote timely project delivery.
  • On-the-job training is offered by the Districts in both formal and informal settings. Both local and state experts are recruited to perform the training when dictated.