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Office of Local Assistance | Publications & Forms

Publication Last Updated File
Publications for Local Assistance CD 6/8/01 html
Local Assistance Procedures Manual 12/17/01 html
Local Assistance Program Guidelines 3/14/02 html
Local Assistance Guidebooks 5/10/01 html
Local Programs Procedures (LPPs) 3/14/02 html
Sample Boiler Plate Contract Documents 8/17/00 html
Guide to Federal-Aid Programs and Projects 2/13/02 pdf
Project Study Report (Local Rehabilitation) 2/11/98 pdf | doc
Flexible Pavement Structural Section Design Guide 5/17/99 pdf
Procedures for Administering Local Grant Projects in the STIP (April 1, 1999) 2/3/00 html | pdf
Metropolitan Transportation Commission Publications   html


Form Last Updated File
Highway Bridge Rehabilitation & Replacement (HBBR) Program 3/25/02 doc
Local Grant Procedures 9/29/99 doc
Bicycle Transportation Account Guidelines Project Application 3/15/01 doc
Safe Routes to School Program Funds Application 1/24/01 doc
Finance Letter (Federal) 6/10/98 xls
Finance Letter (State) 4/1/99 xls