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Highway 101 Widening Project - | Fourth Segment

Upcoming Closures of Linden and Lincoln Undercrossing Description:

The fourth and final segment of the HOV Gap Closure Project for Highway 101 in Marin County is about to get started. Construction began in July of 2007.

The project will build a continuous car-pool lane - or HOV (High-Occupancy Vehicle) lane from Third Street in San Rafael to North San Pedro Road. The other three segments of the project have either been completed, or as is the case with Segment Three, approaching completion.

In addition to the HOV lane, the project will also:
  • Reconstruct the existing west-side soundwall with sound-absorbing material;
  • Add sound-absorbing material to the existing east-side soundwall;
  • Relocate the existing SMART railroad tracks;
  • Install retaining walls;
  • Improve the Lincoln Avenue ramps;
  • Realign Los Ranchitos Road;
  • And build a 1.2-mile multi-use pathway.
The new HOV lanes were completed on April 24, 2009. Work on the multi-use path and the relocation of the railroad lines should be completed in late Spring, 2010.

Before & After Graphics:
2572_board_lincoln.pdf | 2572_board_mission.pdf