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Caltrans District 4 Highway Operations

Welcome to the Office of Highway Operations Web Site. Here you will find information about Traffic Congestions and HOV Lanes. OFFICE OF HIGHWAY OPERATIONS reviews and performs all traffic operational analyses, including corridor studies, interchange and intersection analyses, and also identifies and develops operational improvement projects. The Office also supports Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) through the development of lane closure charts, detour routes, and assessment of delay impacts. Highway Operations monitors freeway congestion, monitors the operations of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, and reviews and provides input on operational impacts of projects and Environmental Impact Reports (EIR's) proposed by District units and by other agencies. In addition, the Office maintains the District's Census and Inventory count data. HOV Map
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HICOMP Highway Congestion Monitoring Data

Annual Data on Traffic Performance of the Bay Area Freeway System

Managed Lanes (HOV Lanes).

Volumes, Occupancies and Violation Rates for Freeway High Occupancy Vehicle in The San Francisco Bay Area

Traffic Volumes

Traffic Volumes On The California State Highway System (CSHS)