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New Tom Lantos Tunnels Open to Traffic

The old U.S. Highway 1 -Devil's Slide section is now by-passed by the new Tom Lantos tunnels . The new northbound and southbound tunnels provide a safe, dependable highway between Pacifica and Montara. A ribbon cutting for the new Lantos Tunnels was held on March 25, 2013 with the first vehicles traveling through the new tunnels early the next morning. Following construction, Caltrans will continue to maintain the new tunnels and the new tunnel approaches.

The Future of the Old U.S. Highway 1-Deviís Slide Section

As of August 2013, Caltrans was working closely with San Mateo County in relinquishing control of the old Highway 1-Devilís Slide section to the county. The county has plans to reopen the old section as a pedestrian/bike trail in early 2014.

Devilís Slide Coast webpage - http://www.devilsslidecoast.org/about-devils-slide-coast/

Devil's Slide Tunnel Project Overview:

Project Location

The coast between Pacifica and Montara is unsurpassed in scenic beauty. Carved out of the steep cliff sides, Route 1 hugs the coastline for much of the distance between these two towns. In one part, the road crosses the aptly named Devil's Slide region, a steep, unstable geological formation. This section of road has a long history of closure due to rockslides and land slippage. One of the longest road closures happened in 1995. It lasted 158 days, and cost almost $3 million to repair.

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Caltrans Contact

If you need additional Caltrans information, please contact:

Vince Jacala
Caltrans Public Information Officer, Highway 1-Deviís Slide Tunnels Project
San Mateo County Contact

If you need additional information regarding San Mateo Countyís plans for the old Devilís Slide section, please contact:

Chris Hunter
Office of San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley