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Steering Committee

Meet your Steering Committee!

The Steering Committee consists of four Mentor positions, four Protégé positions, and the Advocate Representative.

The Steering Committee will include a Chair, a Co-Chair, and a Secretary. The Chair and Secretary are voted by the Steering Committee members. The Co-Chair is selected by the Chair. The Advocate Representative is appointed by the Advocate and only votes in the case of a tie.


The Chair conducts all meetings and has the power to appoint Sub-Committee Chairs subject to the approval of the Steering Committee. The Chair is accountable for all Program-related business. The Co-Chair has all rights of the Chair in the absence of the Chair at any Steering Committee Meeting.


The Secretary is the guardian of the Program’s records. The Secretary is responsible for reviewing and recommending meeting minutes for approval; maintaining a current register of the post office address of each member; all official Program correspondence and notices; ensuring that a copy of the current Calmentor Program Guidelines are available at all meetings; and reviewing the annual report.

Election and Tenure

Steering Committee members are appointed for a 2-year term commencing on the date of the quarterly Calmentor meeting at which the appointment was confirmed. Initial Steering Committee members are appointed by the Program Advocate.

Any active Protégé or Mentor of the Program is eligible to be a member of the Steering Committee. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms.

Removal and Replacement

Any Steering Committee member may initiate the removal or replacement of an elected or appointed member if it serves the best interests of the Program. Upon the approval of a majority of the Steering Committee members the member will be removed and replacement actions taken.

A member may be removed and replaced for any of the following reasons:

· Resignation · Three consecutive absences at regularly scheduled meetings · Disruptive and/or abusive behavior · Non-observance of the mission, objectives and guidelines of the program


The membership will be notified when a vacancy on the Steering Committee occurs. Members will have one month to submit their application for consideration by the Steering Committee. The applicant with the majority vote of the general membership will be selected to fill the vacancy.

Steering Committee Rules


The Steering Committee meets quarterly with the general membership. Additional meetings with only the Steering Committee Members may be requested by the Chair.


Notice and distribution of the quarterly meeting agenda will be provided to the general membership no less than 10 days prior to the meeting. Notices for additional meetings will be provided to the Steering Committee Members no less than 7 days prior to the meeting.


A majority of the Steering Committee members constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Steering Committee. If less than a majority is present, a majority of those present may adjourn the meeting.


An action of the Steering Committee quorum constitutes an action of the Steering Committee unless the act of a greater number is required by the guidelines.

Action by Written Consent

Any action of the Steering Committee may be taken without a meeting if a consent in writing, setting forth the action so taken, is approved by two-thirds of the members.


There is no compensation for non-Caltrans District 4 Steering Committee members; membership is strictly voluntary.

Major duties of the Calmentor Program Steering Committee include:

  • Establishing and ensuring achievement of annual Calmentor goals and objectives;
  • Setting Calmentor policies and procedures;
  • Evaluating Calmentor performance;
  • Serving as an advisory body to Caltrans;
  • Creating subcommittees as necessary;
  • Facilitating at least four quarterly membership meetings annually including the annual awards celebration event;
  • Initiating and approving revisions to the Calmentor Program Guidelines,
  • Approving protégé and mentor firm applications for membership;
  • Providing input on content found on the Calmentor website;
  • Facilitating pairings between mentor firms and protégé firms;
  • Reviewing and approving mentor and protégé firm memoranda of understanding (MOUs);
  • Recruiting new members;
  • Authorizing MOU extension requests or reassignments;
  • Mediating disagreements between mentor firms and protégé firms engaged in a pairing;
  • Identifying sponsors for Calmentor meetings and events;
  • Preparing and approving the Calmentor Program Headquarters Quarterly and Annual Caltrans;
  • Other duties not expressly precluded or prohibited. 

While there currently are no openings on the Steering Committee, please see the visit the following link for more information about the application: Steering Committee Member Candidate Statement