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Caldecott Tunnel Landscaping Project

This Webpage Will Close April 2016

The Caldecott Landscaping Project is a follow-up project to the construction of the Caldecott Fourth Bore Tunnel.

Currently the project is in the final days of the construction phase. A three - year plant establishment period will begin in mid-2016. The contractor will be responsible for maintaining the plantings during the plant establishment period. After this period, Caltrans will maintain the landscaped areas.

What does the project entail?

The project entails replacing trees and plants that were impacted by the Caldecott Project and implementing environmental mitigation measures.

Project details
  • Caltrans is committed to ensuring that the mitigation planting fulfills the Environmental Document’s 5:1 ration for replacing Oak trees and 3:1 ratio for replacing other native trees with a caliper of six inches or larger.
  • Caltrans will plant 950 native trees and 60 non-natives trees. Species include Maple, Oak, Bay, Toyon, and others. Additionally, over 6,300 shrubs will be planted.
  • For more information, contact Public Affairs Officer RocQuel Johnson at (510) 286-4948
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Rock Blanket installation
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