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Bidder's Conference and Networking Event Antioch Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project February 11, 2010

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Antioch Bridge The Antioch Bridge was designed based on criteria developed after the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake. The 9,437 ft. long bridge was open in December 1978. It connects Antioch in northeastern Contra Costa County with Sacramento County over the San Joaquin River. The bridge has one lane in each direction, with bicycle and pedestrian access. Average traffic on the bridge is about 15,000 vehicles per day. The bridge features two structural elements: the “Main Structure” and the “Slab Span Structure.”


This project will provide seismic retrofit of the Antioch Bridge on Route 160 in Contra Costa and Sacramento Counties. The final retrofit design consists of the following major activities:

  • Replace the existing TFE/Elastometric bearings with isolation bearings (Abut 1 to Pier 41).
  • Construct abutment seat extension (Pier 41).
  • Install bracing to cross frames at the bents (Pier 2 to Pier 40).
  • Install steel cross bracing between columns to stiffen the superstructure cross frames (Pier 12 to Pier 31).
  • Install a shear key at intermediate hinges (near Pier 7, 14, 25, and 32).
  • Remove the existing curtain walls and retrofit all the columns by installing steel jackets around them (Bent 42 to Abut 71).
  • Construct temporary trestles to access the piers from the Antioch shore to Pier 11.
  • Construct temporary access roads between Pier 22 to 38, and Pier 41 to Abut 71 to provide construction access for retrofit.


The CEQA and the NEPA documents have already been approved for this project. Approval must be obtained from: US Army Corps of Engineers, US Coast Guard, NOAA, Regional Water Quality Control Board Certification, California Department of Fish and Game, SWPPP, East Bay Regional Parks District, Department of Water Resource, and US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Antioch Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project Final Environmental Document (Large File 40MB) Updated


Advertise Date March 31, 2010
Approve Contract August 2010
Construction Contract Acceptance April 2013

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