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I-80 Eastbound HOV Lane Project From SR-4 to the Carquinez Bridge

This Project Has Been Completed

Project Description


80 EB HOV Fact Sheet PDF

The project will construct a 4.7 mile High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane in the eastbound direction of Interstate 80 between State Route 4 and the Carquinez Bridge.

Construction activities include:

  • Widening freeway by 6.6 meters to provide for standard 3.6 meter HOV lane and 3.0 meter outside shoulder throughout the project length.
  • Realigning the eastbound on-ramp at SR-4, eastbound on-ramps & off-ramps at Willow Ave and Cummings Skyway, and eastbound onramp at Crockett Ave due to freeway widening.
  • Constructing a new eastbound Willow Ave off-ramp structure.
  • Widening the Willow Avenue Undercrossing structure.
  • Constructing two soil nail walls along the freeway in the eastbound direction with aesthetic treatment matching the walls on the westbound side.
  • Constructing three retaining walls along the SR-4 structure, Willow Ave off-ramp, and Willow Ave on-ramp.
  • Replacing damaged freeway PCC pavement slabs.
  • Resurfacing existing asphalt concrete along freeway and ramps.
  • Relocating overhead signs, highway lighting, Traffic Operations Systems (TOS) facilities, and drainage facilities.