Welcome to Caltrans District 4

Interstate 680 Roadway Rehabilitation

Northern 680

Construction for Northern Area from Diablo Road to north of Rudgear Road:
. Crack and seat existing concrete slabs and overlay with rubberized asphalt.
. Replace freeway barriers.
. Repair/Repave on/off ramps and freeway shoulders.
. Replace some bridge approach slabs, bridge hinges, and repair bridge deck surfaces.
. Re-stripe southbound HOV lane from Rudgear Road to Livorna Road.

Construction for Southern Area from Alcosta Boulevard north to Diablo Road:
. Replace failed freeway mainline concrete slabs.
. Grind and repave HOV lanes.
. Repair/Repave on/off ramps.
. Repair/Repave freeway shoulders.
. Diamond grind all concrete paving for a smooth riding surface.

Crack, Seat and Overlay Pavement
From Diablo Road north to Rudgear Road:
. Existing concrete pavement will be mechanically cracked across all freeway lanes.
. Seating ensures the best possible foundation for asphalt overlay.
. Mainline and shoulders will then be paved with rubberized asphalt.

"Green" Project
. We're using rubberized asphalt derived from tires destined for the land fill.
. The demolished concrete can be recycled and crushed for future use as base material.
. Existing trees will preserved and protected to the maximum extent possible.
. Areas under new guardrail will treated with landscape fabric and concrete to eliminate weed growth. This will eliminate the need to use herbicides for fire control.
. All environmentally sensitive areas and ornamental landscaped areas will be marked and protected.
All areas subject to erosion during construction will be treated to eliminate sediment from reaching storm drains and waterways.