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I-237 / I-880 Express Lane Project


Visit the VTA I-237 / I-880 Express Lane Project web site for complete details.

The Project

Convert existing carpool lanes to Express Lanes at State Route (SR) 237/ 880 interchange Connectors. Carpools with two or more occupants, motorcycles, transit buses and eligible hybrids will continue to use the Express Connectors free of charge. Solo drivers will be given the option of paying a toll to use the Express Connectors during commute hours.

The SR 237/I-880 Express Connectors Project is the first project in the Silicon Valley Express Lanes Program which includes the conversion of existing carpool lanes on SR 85 and U.S. 101 into Express Lanes.

The Need

The conversion of SR 237/I-880 HOV connector to high occupancy vehicle toll lane facilities will reduce congestion and promote economic growth.

Project Benefits

  • Increase efficiency of existing roadway: Existing carpool lane connectors have the available capacity to accommodate more vehicles.

  • Fast, reliable travel: Through the use of dynamic pricing, VTA can manage the amount of traffic in the express lanes and maintain free-flowing speeds even when the general purpose lanes are congested.

  • Revenue reinvested in the corridor: Revenue from tolls would maintain the facility; enhance transit and provide enforcement by the California Highway Patrol.


    The project is being developed through a partnership between FHWA, Caltrans, Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), and MTC

    Project Cost

    $3.5 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
    $4.0 million Federal Value Pricing Pilot Program (VPPP)
    $3.6 million Local Funding
    $11.1 million Total Funding


    March 2012, Open Express Lanes for services

    Oversight Project Manager: Nick Saleh, (510)286-6355